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The Real-Life Diet of an Ultramarathoner Who Stays Away from Carbs

Professional athletes don't get to the top by accident. It takes superhuman levels of time, dedication, and focus—and that includes paying attention to what they put in their bellies. In this series, GQ takes a look at what pro athletes in different sports eat on a daily basis to perform at their


11 must-see San Francisco destinations that most people don't know about

One of the coolest things about Google Maps is that it lets you explore a destination before you even visit.

In case you've been considering a sojourn to California, we've picked out some hidden gems of San Francisco.

Even if you don't make trip to the West Coast, you can live vicariously by scoping …

Northern California

The Secret of Marathon Pacing

Have you ever started a marathon too fast, running the second half slower than the first? You're not alone. Nearly every runner has let pre-race …


Pope Francis Ushers in Era of Vatican Austerity

The pontificate of Pope Francis with his emphasis on poverty has resulted in a new tone of austerity in Vatican circles, with clerics avoiding any …

Pope Francis

How to Run Up Mountains: Advice from Patrick Smyth and Andy Wacker

Moving to Colorado has allowed me to run the most gorgeous trails in the Front Range:

A photo posted by Jason Fitzgerald (@jasonfitz1) on Jul 31, 2015 …


Why Most Runners Don't Lose Weight

Always Doing the Same Run

The human body is an incredibly efficient organism; it will always find the best way to do a task using the least amount of …


What Ultra-Marathons Do to Our Bodies

Ultra-runners are different from you and me. They run more. But a new study of these racers, who compete in events longer than marathons, joins other recent science in finding that they also tend to be older and have some different health concerns than most of us might expect, suggesting that some …


A Zen Master Explains Death and the Life-Force to a Child and Outlines the Three Essential Principles of Zen Mind

“Zen practice … requires great faith, great courage, and great questioning.”

If death is so enormous a mystery that we remain unable to wrap our grownup minds around it, despite comfort from our great poets and consolation from our great philosophers, how are tiny humans to make sense of it all? …


Running Injuries: 5 Steps to Recover Like a Champion

An injured runner is like a feral animal. Our instincts tell us to move, to flee, to run like we have for so long. But, we know that we must stay still and heal before we can go back to doing what it is we love. The trail beckons, but we have to resist.

Injuries are physical. We pull muscles, we …


How Walking in Nature Changes the Brain

A walk in the park may soothe the mind and, in the process, change the workings of our brains in ways that improve our mental health, according to an interesting new study of the physical effects on the brain of visiting nature.

Most of us today live in cities and spend far less time outside in …

Scientific Research

Why You Need to Change Your Mantra (if You Want to Run to Your Potential)


They are one of the best mental tricks you can use as a runner. I actually wrote about it in a recent post on 9 mental strategies for Runners …


What and When to Eat Before Exercise

Now that you know why you should eat before a workout, we’ll tell you what to eat before a workout. The basic rule of a preworkout snack or …

Healthy Eating

A Smarter Way to Increase Running Mileage

Photo: Shutterstock.comHave you heard of the 10 Percent Rule for increasing your weekly running mileage?Most runners have. It’s a nearly universally …


Poverty's most insidious damage is to a child's brain

An alarming 22 percent of U.S. children live in poverty, which can have long-lasting negative consequences on brain development, emotional health and …


10 Reasons I Love Being American & Catholic

Those readers with a pulse have noticed much media focus on what it means to be both American and Christian. Is America ‘still’ a Christian nation? …


The Most Common Running Form Mistakes

There is a lot of chatter surrounding proper running form in today’s running world, which makes it very difficult to discern which approach is …


Tips for those starting running after 40

Rodrigo Martinez was inspired by reading about the ultra-endurance of a tribe of Mexican Indians in “Born to Run.” Gary Van Deurse was bored by …

Healthy Eating

Tesla’s New ‘Ludicrous Speed’ Might Make Your Brain Explode

Ludicrous speed, GO!

For the environmentally conscious daredevils out there, Tesla is offering to boost the acceleration of its flagship sedan.

CEO Elon Musk announced Friday a new “Ludicrous Speed” upgrade for the company’s top-end Model S. With the new feature, the vehicle can go from 0 to 60 miles …


This Buddhist Monk Has Unlocked The Secret To Happiness, And It May Help Us Save The Environment

Matthieu Ricard has lived many lives.

As a young student in Paris during the late 1960s, he was writing his dissertation in biochemistry at the prestigious Institute Pasteur. Five years later, guided by an inner stirring to explore a deeper side of life, he was living Darjeeling, India, where he had …


What's the difference between pushing hard and overtraining?

Your body will tell you if you're overdoing it — you just have to listen.


How to Improve Running Performance with Cycling

Triathlete Linsey Corbin explains why riding a bike is good for runners and shares her favorite cycling workouts.

What inspired you to start riding?
I came from a running background and after several injuries I was looking for a new way to maintain fitness in the summer of 2005. My parents were going …


The Science behind Yoga and Stress

What does bending your body into yoga poses do to your brain chemistry and nerve connections?

There are two functional parts of the brain that play a …


Captivating Geometric GIFs by Florian de Looij

Florian de Looij first sat down with a copy of Photoshop when he was 12 years old and apparently he never got up. The Netherlands-based designer has …

GIF Animations

The philosophy of phones: why it might not matter that you can't stop checking yours

A new paper on phantom phone vibration syndrome suggests that we rethink our negative approach to technology and its effects on us. Anyone there? …


Six Plyometric Exercises For Runners

Switch Lunge

Begin in the lunge position with one foot out in front and the other behind your body. Both knees should be bent at 90-degree angles. …


The Best Form Of Cardio Just Keeps Getting Better

It turns out that one of your favorite schoolyard games doubles as one of the best cardio workouts.

A jump rope weighs next to nothing and can fit in your pocket, and when you start using it, you can burn approximately the same number of calories you would when running an 8-minute mile. It is …


How to beat your parkrun personal best

Avid parkrunner Chas Newkey-Burden suggests 11 hints and tricks that can help propel you through a 5km run at record pace

Every Saturday, as many as 70,000 runners line up at parkruns – free, timed 5k runs in parks across Britain and beyond.

For many, the weekly quest is to improve their personal …

Lunch DIY: Why you should ditch the supermarket sandwich

Getty Images

3 of 4

If you normally buy: Soup

Why DIY? Freshly made soups are often thickened with double cream, says nutritionist Dr Alice Sykes. …


Best and Worst of Neuroscience and Neurology – June 2015

Significant numbers of interesting findings in both theoretical neurobiology and in more practical applications aimed at studying various brain …

Life Sciences

How I Fixed My Running Form

The first step is getting some spatulas.

Which brings me to my daughter. While on a recent run together I noticed her upper body was completely out of whack. Her left shoulder dropped downward and she swung her arms across her body. I recalled that my husband sometimes runs with a similarly awkward …