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Quitting sugar "changed my brain"

Michael Grothaus quit sugar, soon regretted it, but came through after a week or so.

By the end of Day 4, I would have sold my dog for a brownie. The fogginess and lack of focus at one point got so bad, I was worried I wouldn’t be able to concentrate on the stories I needed to file that week. I …

The Brain

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Your chance to get your hands on some great Sanuk goodies with Pinterest #SanukPinToWin

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SurfAid was …

Water Sports

How Giving Up Refined Sugar Changed My Brain

Consuming refined sugar can impact mood, decision-making, and memory. Here’s how good it can be to give it up.

I have a love-hate relationship with food. I love it; it generally hates me. Matter of fact, I love food so much that until a few years ago, I was extremely overweight. So overweight that I …

Brain Fitness

Make A High Stride Rate Work For You

Over and over, top runners maintain consistently high stride rates—and so should you.

Running speed is a function of two very simple things: the …


Four Ways to Enjoy Long Runs

They shouldn't be boring – and they don't have to be solitary.

Indeed, extending the distance you normally cover triggers several lasting changes in your body, says 2:24 marathoner and running coach Kevin Beck. Capillaries in your muscle fibers increase in number, which enables more energizing …


5 Common Aches From the First Week of Cross Country

Are you hurting after the first few days of training? Here’s how to keep pains from developing into injuries.

Shin Pain (aka, shin splints)

Where it hurts: Along the inside of your shins—the large bone on the front of your lower leg (tibia).

What usually causes it: Increasing training too …


6 Reasons Why Short Sprints Are More Effective Than Long Runs

If you're not doing high intensity interval training sprints, you're not doing it right.

Unless you're training for a long distance race, chances are you run to exercise, burn calories, and stay fit. But, what if we told you there was a way to accomplish all of that, and a lot more, while running a …


The Meaning of Science by Tim Lewens review – can scientific knowledge be objective?

The physicist Richard Feynman once remarked that “philosophy of science is about as useful to scientists as ornithology is to birds”. Some of his colleagues have not been so kind. When Stephen Hawking pronounced philosophy dead in 2011, it was only the fame of the coroner that made it news.

Good …


The Red-Baiting of Lena Horne

At the height of her career, the beautiful young performer accidentally stumbled into a power struggle between Hollywood communists and McCarthyites.

She was a goddess with a honey-sweet voice. “I remember once seeing her on a train,” says the jazz scholar and author Stanley Crouch. “She had a …

Political History

Hills. Fartleks. Beer.

Is it possible to be one's own marathon coach? Well, why not?

Either way, the plan would include the usual familiar stuff—the gradual buildup, the tempo runs, long runs, easy days, taper. And either way, I could reliably depend on the plan to get me to the starting line healthy, fit, and ready to …

Interval Training

Race Prep Like the Pros

Sarah Lavender Smith August 25, 2015 LIKE TWEET COMMENTS 0

Pro tips on what to do—and avoid—in the month before a goal race

You spent the past few …


9 Gripping Debuts

Book Reviews

The Terrible Teens

What’s wrong with them?

C57BL/6J mice are black, with pink ears and long pink tails. Inbred for the purposes of experimentation, they exhibit a number of infelicitous traits, including a susceptibility to obesity, a taste for morphine, and a tendency to nibble off their cage mates’ hair. They’re …


Charitable Giving as Part of Wealth Management

For many high-net-worth families, charitable giving is a key strategy in an overall wealth management plan. But, of course, giving isn’t just about …


How To Plate Food Like A 3-Star Michelin Chef

Tracey Torres has cooked in some of the best kitchens in the world. Now she shares trade secrets on how to plate food like a pro.

Take a trip to Daniel or Eleven Madison Park, and you won’t just be blown away by the flavors of the food. The plating itself is an abstract work of art. Now that the …


Full Circle: How To Run A Better Track Workout

Try sandwiching short hill repeats between track intervals to get more out of your workout. Photo: www.shutterstock.comGet more bang for your buck by


The 7 Best Exercises for Your IT Band

Runners know all too well that any sort of sharp pain—whether it’s in the shins, knees, or ankles—can put a sudden end to training days. One of the most common running injuries is illiotibial band (IT band) syndrome, which occurs when the IT band becomes inflamed. The result: a sharp pain that …


10 Hilarious Trail-Running Bloggers You Should Be Following

Yitka Winn May 26, 2015 LIKE TWEET COMMENTS 5

They say that laughter is the best medicine—get a healthy dose of it with these charmingly witty …


The Secret of Marathon Pacing

Another commonly prescribed marathon pacing workout is what professional coach Greg McMillan calls a "fast finish long run." As the name suggests, …


Age Is Irrelevant When It Comes to Fitness

Last February, 59-year-old Ned Overend, aka “The Lung,” aka “Deadly Nedly,” won the first National Fatbike Championships, held in Ogden, Utah. Fat Bike Nats isn’t exactly the Tour de France, but it’s no charity ride, either. Overend had to compete against a field of much younger pros, including …


Running saved my life

At the start of this year, I was in the depths of the worst depression I have ever experienced. My public face was a mask of success, confidence and happiness, but, privately, I was defeated. The long-term relationship that I had hoped would last the rest of my life and lead to children had ended, …


Are Minor Leaguers Paid Legal Wages?

For generations, minor-league baseball has been seen as the scrappier, sometimes seedier, counterpart to its big-league sibling. Games are often cloaked in strange and sometimes awkward theme nights. Some of the mascots are ragged or downright bizarre. The ballparks are smaller, and filled with …

Sports Law

When the Levees Broke

The little-seen Low and Behold is the best film about Hurricane Katrina for the way it achieves artfulness without exploiting tragedy.

When it comes to films and TV shows about Hurricane Katrina, a few in particular tend to stick out. Most notably, Benh Zeitlin’s Oscar-nominated film Beasts of the …


The Philosophy of Star Trek: The Kobayashi Maru, No-Win Scenarios, And Ethical Leadership

Starfleet’s no-win scenario training exercise tests ethical decision-making and leadership. Part of that ethical leadership is recognizing the limits of your powers, and deciding what to do in the face of those limits.

The Kobayashi Maru is a training simulation in which Starfleet cadets encounter a …

Star Trek

Reading To Kids Does Good to Their Brains Biologically, Research Finds

In college I learned an important fact that came to be a driving force in my classroom as well as in my parenting. It’s good enough to share. Are you …


5 brain technologies that will shape our future

The race to decipher the workings of the human brain, and build new economies around it, is on. Today’s great entrepreneurs – people such as Paul …


Podcast #131: What Ancient Philosophers Can Teach You About Using Your Smartphone

The day for many Americans goes something like this: wake-up; check phone for texts, emails, and Instagram updates; eat while surfing the web on the …


The Late Show Video - Global Citizen Festival: We Did It!

Thanks to your world-changing tweets, Stephen's twitter invasion of Norway was a success! Prime Minister Erna Solberg responded to #EducationFjorAll …

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Why the Most Popular Hiking Memoirs Don’t Go the Distance

When I was eighteen, I bought a copy of Bill Bryson’s “A Walk in the Woods,” which remains, if my conversations with strangers are any indication, the only book anyone has ever read about the Appalachian Trail. It was summer. My friend Andy and I had driven across the country and ended up in the …

A Highly Accurate Cartoon About How Parenthood Changes Everyone

Last year, cartoonist Sage Stossel used her art to describe all the feelings she experienced as a new mom. Her newest cartoon essay tackles a recent hot-button topic for moms and dads -- parental happiness.

Sage Stossel

"I adore my son, but (like parents everywhere) I discovered that the transition …