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Why Runners Should Lift: 3 Myths That Need Busting

Christye Estes

(Special to by Christye Estes)

It’s no secret that many runners don’t lift. As a strength coach (and a runner), I see it …


Is Stretching for Running Dead?

Years ago, performing a battery of static, reach-and-hold type stretches before a run was not only in fashion but was considered by many to be …


Ask the Coach: SPF and Shirts

Matt Hart August 27, 2014 LIKE TWEET COMMENTS 0

Wearable UV protection

I burn easily and run in a sun-abundant state. Do the high-SPF-rating shirts


What are the best books on mermaids?

We are going to the seaside for our holiday and the children are fascinated by mermaids. What are the best stories about mermaids?

Stories about mermaids seem to abound from all countries where there is a long shoreline.

The best-known certainly Hans Christian Andersen’s The Little Mermaid, not least …


The Best Cross-Training Options for Runners

The only way to become a better runner is to run, but the more running replaces other exercises in your fitness program, the more likely you are to …


How diet and physical activity affect brain function – Part II

- Memory enhancement

- Neuron protection and reduced neuro-inflammation, which may be one of the factors responsible for damaging the nervous system …

Brain Fitness

3 Exercises to Add Power and Balance to Your Running

It is a hotly debated topic in global coaching circles: Are runners athletes?

Clearly, engaging in a long-distance running race, be it a 5K or …


Top Marathons Around North America to Run a PR

Grandma's Marathon

June 20, 2015 Duluth, Minn. 1 of 9

Photo Credit: Jeff Frey & Associates, Courtesy of Grandma's Marathon

This big race with small town …


From Zero to Varsity: A Beginner’s Guide to Training for Cross Country

How to thrive in your first year on the cross country team.

Is this your first year running cross country? Do you want to make varsity? Or do you simply want to become a better runner?

Both goals are achievable if you approach your summer in the right way. No matter your sport background, you have …


53 Books You Won’t Be Able To Put Down

What happens next? There’s only one way to find out.

We recently asked subscribers to the BuzzFeed Books newsletter to tell us about a book we wouldn’t be able to put down. They gave us a lot to choose from, so take your pick — and get hooked.

1. Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro

This is a quiet, …


8 unique books to read at the beach

not your average fiction

Long, salty days spent lazing in the sun at the beach require proper reading material. Beach lit has long been an easy genre that populates the front windows of bookshops during the summertime, promising fun-to-read tales of lust, romance, friendship, and unbelievable drama. …


Beach Running 101: 7 Tips For Running On Sand

Here are some beach-running pointers for vacationers and coastal runners.It doesn’t take science to figure out that running on sand is more …


Shin splints after a long break

Getty Images

Corey asks: After a year-long running break, I’m back at it but experiencing crippling shin splints. I’ve tried changing shoes,

Shin Splints

Why Your Shoulders and Neck Hurt When You Run

You would expect any pain you experience while running to be located in your lower body, but that’s not always the case. Pounding the pavement can also cause discomfort in your neck and shoulders, according to Mike Reinold, D.P.T., co-founder of Champion Physical Therapy and Performance in Boston, …


The Water Book review – a compelling insight into this vital resource

Water is everywhere. And almost everywhere is water. Nasa scientists have discovered a black hole 12 billion light years from Earth around which sits a water reservoir that itself spans hundreds of light years and has 140 trillion times the water in the world’s oceans. Scientists have also found …


Treasure In Heaven

When Christians of late antiquity thought of religious giving, they went back to what for them was the beginning—to the words of Jesus. The words of …

Peter Brown

12 Common Dreams and What They Supposedly Mean

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Despite Freud’s well-documented beliefs, dream interpretation isn’t a straightforward method. In fact, the majority of modern …

Cool Stuff

Helicopter Parenting Is a Trap. It's Time to Break Free

A heightened level of parental involvement in the lives of kids obviously stems from love -- unquestionably a good thing. But by the time I stepped down as dean at Stanford in 2012 I had interacted not only with a tremendous number of parents but with students who seemed increasingly reliant upon …

Parenting Teens

The Greatest Good

Inspired to make a meaningful donation, I wondered: What is the best charitable cause in the world, and was it crazy to think I could find it?

Last winter, William MacAskill and his wife Amanda moved into a Union Square apartment that I was sharing with several friends in New York. At first, I knew …


Dive Into the 'Mysteries of the Brain' in New NBC Learn Series

The human brain is perhaps the greatest remaining mystery in the biological sciences, and despite decades (centuries, even) of research, we are only scratching the surface. But new high-tech tools and a healthy dose of funding via the Obama administration's BRAIN initiative mean neuroscience and a …

The Brain

The Dalai Lama’s Daily Routine and Information Diet

“To understand the Dalai Lama … perhaps it’s most useful to see him as a doctor of the soul.”

I think a great deal about the difference between routine and ritual as a special case of our more general and generally trying quest for balance — ripped asunder by the contrary longings for control and …


The Shawl

Stella, cold, cold, the coldness of hell. How they walked on the roads together, Rosa with Magda curled up between sore breasts, Magda wound up in …

23 Short Stories You’ll Want To Read Over And Over Again

And again and again.

We asked the BuzzFeed Community what their favorite short stories were. Here is just a small selection of stories they picked.

1. “Where Are You Going? Where Have You Been?” by Joyce Carol Oates

What it’s about: Oates gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “stranger danger” when …

Short Stories

Meet 5-Year-Old Surfer Quincy

The quickest, funniest guide to one of the most profound issues in philosophy

This is the most persuasive case for giving more money to lifesaving charities that I've read in years.And it's written from perspective of a frat …

The max factor: Take your own VO2-max test

Maximum aerobic capacity, known as VO2 max, is one of the key metrics for fitness. It shows how efficiently your body uses oxygen during …


No Vague Believer: The Specificity of the Person of Christ According to Flannery O’Connor and Benedict XVI

Damian J. Ference

The Onion, America’s favorite satirical newspaper, featured a story with the headline, “Pope to Ease Up On Jesus Talk; Pontiff …


How to add hill training into your routine

Once you understand the benefits, beginning to run inclinces will make you stronger.


Harvard neuroscientist: Meditation not only reduces stress, here’s how it changes your brain - The Washington Post

Sara Lazar, a neuroscientist at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School, was one of the first scientists to take the anecdotal claims about the benefits of meditation and mindfulness and test them in brain scans. What she found surprised her — that meditating can literally change …


The Simple Trick to Take 85 Seconds Off Your 5K Time

If you log hours on the road and track so you can slash a handful of seconds off of your race times, there's a simpler way.

Researchers in the U.K. recently discovered that the secret to speed is to treat your legs like you treat your favorite whiskeys: Put them on the rocks.

Runners who iced their …