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By Corey Shields | Ham radio collections by Corey, KB9JHU. You will find a lot of new trends and digital modes in my magazine. Amateur radio, arduino, raspberry pi, d-star, psk31, aprs, etc.. I enjoy portable ops and homebrew antenna work as well so you may find a sprinkling of that mixed in.

Bouncing Radio Off of Airplanes

Amateur radio operators are always trying some new stunt or other. It’s like they’ve got something to prove. Take Aircraft scatter for instance: the …


50 years since operation "Red Line"

It's hard to believe - especially, I am sure, for those who were involved - that it's been over <i>50 years</i> since <b>Operation Red Line.</b> <b><br>For more details</b> …

How to Make a $19 Police Scanner

<b>Please use the information in this guide responsibly.</b><p>In this guide I will be using a Newsky TV28T v2 with a RTL2832U & R820T tuner.<p>SDRSharp Quick …

21MHz. 5el. full size beam

Homebrew Buddipole with Modifications


Ham Radio Tip of the Day: Use WWV to check your rig's calibration

There’s a very simple way to check the calibration of your rig, using WWV and a laptop computer running a digital modes program. First, connect the …

Ham Radio


Star Repeater - Blog - GMSK modems for Raspberry Pi and Arduino

I received a very interesting email from Jim KI6ZUM this evening.<p>Some exciting new prototype GMSK modem boards were shown at the PapaSys luncheon in …


Universal Platform for Digital Amateur Radio

Aktuelle Software<p>S.1.01.41 (2016-02-07) UP4DAR-OS with CNAME-Auflösung<br>• C.1.00.10e (2015-06-10) Configurator für S.1.01.36 and higher (Java)<br>• P.0.02.23 …

88/365: Can you hear me now? KC3RE

hosted by OE2WNL | » KX3 GoBox 2012

KX3 GoBox 2012<p>As I was contacted by a few HAMs where to get “my” box I would like to give you a little parts-overview. Unfortunately I`m not able to …

Trackuino Shield

This is really exciting! Kyle Crockett has designed a new <b>Trackuino shield</b>. Just plug it on top of an Arduino board to turn it into an APRS tracker …


Two New Books for Your Amateur Radio Library This Spring

The ARRL has released two new books: <b>Ham Radio for Arduino and PICAXE</b> edited by Leigh L. Klotz Jr, WA5ZNU, and <b>Radio Science for the Radio Amateur</b> by …

Universal Digital Radio UDR56K-4 Transceiver ‹ SPARKY's Blog

Episode 49 - Using D-STAR Low and High Speed Data from the DCC