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HTML vs. Plain-Text Email, Which is Better?

The battle between HTML and plain-text is an issue that a lot of businesses and marketers think about to themselves when it comes to email marketing. …

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13 Email Marketing Tips to Increase Open Rates, Click-Throughs, and Shares

Email marketing is one of the most affordable and effective ways to consistently engage customers and prospects. For every dollar spent on email marketing, brands generate nearly $41 in sales, which outperforms mobile marketing ($10.51 per dollar spent), social media ($12.71), display advertising …

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Email Marketing In 2015: The Most Popular Columns Of The Year

The most venerable discipline in online marketing, email, continued to grow and develop in 2015 — experiencing change in part because the growth of …

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7 Email Marketing Predictions For 2016

’Tis the season for predictions, so let’s get to it. Here are my top seven predictions for what will happen in the world of email marketing during …


Top 10 Ways You're Probably Using Email Wrong

Email is the technology tool everyone relies on and yet perhaps also hates (it’s the cockroach of the internet!). Love it or hate it, we could …

Growing Your Publication's Email List (The Right Way)

One of the most important assets for any publisher is their email list - if it's grown the right way.

10 Simple Tips to Grow Your Email Marketing List by 400%

Many digital marketers scramble and fight for attention every day to get their message heard on the social networks. Some of them even start …

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Digital Marketing

12 Brilliant Email Marketing Tools for the Savvy Marketer

13 Oct<p>Email remains the best digital channel for ROI. However, like everything else email can be spiced up for a better user experience and to drive …

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3 Steps to Creating a Powerful Email Marketing Campaign Through LinkedIn

Imagine you were at a networking event, and you spot someone you don’t know but would like to connect with. Maybe she runs a very successful business …


How to Easily Write Better Emails [Infographic]

Learn how to write better emails so you can build better relationships with customers and prospects.

60 Experts Reveal Top 3 Tools To Grow Your Email List

<i>“The money is in the list!”</i><p>As bloggers, we know that a quality email list is one of our most valuable assets. It allows us to engage our readers, …

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3 Steps To Email Marketing That Nurtures Leads And Closes Sales

Are you worried prospects will think your email marketing is spammy? They won’t if your focus is on them, what they need and when they need it.<p><b>Email</b> …

What's a Good Email Open Rate & Click Rate? [Benchmark Data]

Ever wonder what a good open and click rate is for email marketing? Check out this benchmark data to find out.

9 Effective Email Unsubscribe Pages

Sure, the dreaded unsubscribe is never ideal-- but here are nine examples of companies that have redefined the break up.

Boost Your Email Open Rates With This Study-Approved Trick

Do you use email marketing? Do you use Facebook marketing? Have you ever thought of putting them together to boost your email open rate?<p>If you …

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Email Marketing Checklist You Need to Follow to Build A Great List

Are you searching for a perfect email marketing checklist that can bring you more leads and subscribers? If yes, this post is for you where I’ll …

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8 Big Tests You Should Run in Your Email Marketing Program

Sometimes the big changes are the ones that make the most difference. Here are significant adjustments you can make to your email campaigns to drive …

How to Master Email Marketing in One Week

<i>The National Small Business Association estimates that more than 50% of businesses in America spend at least four hours per month on payroll. Over</i> …

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9 Essential Email Inbox Filters for Marketers

Looking to make your inbox a little more efficient? Follow these 9 filtering tips to turn your inbox into gold.

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17 Tips & Best Practices for Writing Catchy Email Subject Lines

No matter what they say, people <i>do</i> judge emails by their subject lines.In fact, <b>33% of email recipients decide whether or not to open an email based on</b> …

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Try Your Hand at A/B Testing for a Chance to Win the Email Subject Line Contest

<b>Editor's note:</b> This subject line contest is no longer accepting entries.<p><b>Editor’s Note:</b> This subject line contest is no longer accepting entries. In …

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10 Essential Tips for Creating Mobile-Friendly Emails

Each time you send an email, you should be aware that a huge portion of your subscribers are going to open your message on their phones or tablets —</i> …

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