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The real story behind Santa Claus

<b>(CNN) —</b> Don't tell the kids, but we've got Santa Claus all wrong.<p>Countless Christmas songs tell us that Santa is basically the Judge Judy of juveniles. He decides who's been naughty or nice, and doles out presents or punishments accordingly.<p>But historians say Kris Kringle was originally created to …

Families try not to get lost in a #Christmas tree maze at the Christmas Festival in #Edinburgh, UK. Photo

Enchantingly Ethereal Underwater Portraits by Gabriele Viertel

German-born, Netherlands-based photographer Gabriele Viertel captures striking portraits of ethereal women drifting gracefully underwater. The self-taught photographer, who has immersed herself in her craft since 2011, has been featured in numerous publications like <i>Vogue Italia</i> for her gorgeous …

Scuba Diving

Futuristic Wind Turbines Take the Form of Sleek Minimalist Trees

The <i>Wind Tree</i>, developed by the French <i>New Wind</i> group, is a prototype battery of small wind turbines in the form of a minimalist tree that seamlessly blends in with urban environments. Standing 26 feet tall, plastic pods resembling leaves, with miniature turbine blades inside, hang from the tree's …

Renewable Energy

This Renovated Cave in France Cost $1.34

This cave dwelling in France was once in complete ruin—but now it's downright luxurious.<p>We've seen a lot of "before" photos in our time, but this one might take the prize for most disgusting:<p><i>All photos: Courtesy of Vocativ</i><p>Four years ago, Alexis Lamoureux and his girlfriend Lotte van Riel were …

Road Bikes

6 Easy Styling Tips to Refresh a Room

Instantly refresh your room.<p>A home makeover doesn't have to require new furniture, a trip to the hardware store, or a big budget. Here's how to style a space for an instant refresh.

Home Decorating

15 Otherworldly Places You Have to See to Believe

<b>Three Sisters Volcano, Oregon</b><p>Have you ever looked at a photo and just couldn't believe what you were seeing? Today let's check out 15 of those places. Destinations that seem like they are not of this Earth. Lakes that seem like they belong on another planet. Mountains that appear like they were …


5 Diet Fads, Debunked

Do all the diets your friends swear by actually make a difference on the scale? We asked the experts.<p><b>1) Paleo</b><p><b>The Hype:</b> Eating like a caveman—that is, yes to meats and organs (!), seafood, game, nuts, seeds, seasonal fruits and leafy greens, no to grains, legumes, dairy, and processed foods—is the …


Artist Uses Fire and Soot to Paint Elegant Illustrations

Qubec-based artist Steve Spazuk uses fire to create elegant illustrations out of soot. As he demonstrates in the video below, the fire painter manipulates the flame from a candle or a torch to mark a sheet of paper with trails of soot, which he then etches into using delicate tools like feathers, …


Before & After: This Victorian Home from 1885 Gets an Unbelievable Transformation

A married couple tackled this challenging project, and the results will blow your mind.<p>When house renovators Jeff Born and Victoria Born-Doody first laid eyes on a historic little house on Watson Avenue in St. Paul, Minnesota, they knew that they had found their next big project. The house, which …

Living Rooms

The Most Amazing Farmhouse Renovation We've Ever Seen

One industrious couple did a top-to-bottom restoration of this 106-year-old home in just a year — prepare to be amazed.<p>In a year, Lisa and Mark Hellman did a top-to-bottom restoration of this 106-year-old home in upstate New York — and the results are breathtaking.

Home Improvement

New Hand-Cut Layered Glass Sculptures of Ocean Waves by Ben Young

Sydney-based artist Ben Young, whose gorgeous, handcrafted glass sculptures of ocean waves brought him to the forefront of Australia's budding glass art scene, recently unveiled a new collection of aquatic pieces to be displayed at the Sculpture Objects Functional Art + Design (SOFA) Fair in …


Five Voodoo Haunts in the Caribbean

Vengeful gods, terrifying sorcerers, and death-dealing demons populate the legends and beliefs of the Caribbean, deriving from a potent blend of voodoo, Catholicism, and folklore.<p><b>1.</b> <b>Port-au-Prince, Haiti</b><p>In the home of voodoo, the god of death, Gede, is said to stand at the crossroads to the …

Million-Dollar Florida Home Built on Wrong Lot

Don't even try to beat this couple's building nightmare story.<p><i>Daytona Beach News-Journal</i><p>If you're looking for a new real estate nightmare, this should do it: A couple found out that their custom five-bedroom, five-and-a-half bathroom home with ocean views was built on the wrong lot. Mark and Brenda …

Real Estate

9 Outrageous Homes For Rent

Looking for a unique vacation?<p>Looking for a unique vacation? For your next getaway stay in one of these over-the-top rentals.

Real Estate

17 Beautiful Blue-and-White Rooms to Inspire You

Ahh, our all-time favorite color combo.<p>See why the classic color combination is a constant designer favorite.

Interior Design

Undersea Mysteries Mapped by Satellite Gravity Sensors

Space missions reveal hidden hills and buried rifts in the ocean depths.<p>Ancient rifts hide under seafloor sediments along with thousands of uncharted underwater mountains, satellite images revealed on Thursday.<p>Most of the world's deep ocean remains poorly charted, as the fruitless search for the …

Scientists Have Found A Crystal That Can Let You Breathe Underwater

It’s a great scientific irony that water is full of oxygen yet none of it is breathable to humans. But that might be about to change, thanks to a research team in Denmark and a bizarre crystal they’ve discovered.<p>Carrying the catchy label of [{(bpbp)Co2II(NO3)}2(NH2bdc)](NO3)2 * 2H2O, and what we’re …

85+ Stunning Designer Dining Rooms

Create the ultimate entertaining space with these gorgeous ideas.<p>We're putting the spotlight on elegant chandeliers, mahogany tables and more. Want extra inspiration for other areas in your home? Our living room and bathroom galleries are full of ideas.

Interior Design

How to Carve a Pumpkin Like a Pro

Marc Evan and Chris Soria of Brooklyn's Maniac Pumpkin Carvers teach us how to create a ghoulish masterpiece.<p><b>Surprising but also not surprising: There is a</b> company in America that carves pumpkins for money. But not happy-face jack-o'-lanterns. Marc Evan and Chris Soria of Brooklyn's Maniac Pumpkin …


#bike and #coffee Henri Cartier-Bresson - France - Paris 1957 Velódrome D'Hiver Six-Day Races

Complex organic molecule found in interstellar space

<b>Scientists have found the beginnings of life-bearing chemistry at the centre of the galaxy.</b><p>Iso-propyl cyanide has been detected in a star-forming cloud 27,000 light-years from Earth.<p>Its branched carbon structure is closer to the complex organic molecules of life than any previous finding from …