All About Catamarans

What is a catamaran? By design, catamarans are stable platforms for work and play. The two widely spaced hulls offer tremendous stability under sail, and because catamarans don’t heel — that is tip as the breeze builds — they have great appeal to those prone to seasickness and to non-sailors who are made uncomfortable by the motion of a monohull sailboat crashing through the waves.

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All About Catamarans


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    The Basics

    Why Cruise a Catamaran?

    Why Cruise a Catamaran?

    These experienced monohull cruisers made the jump to a 46-foot cruising cat, and they're never going back. Here's why.


    Boat Handling

    When it comes to learning how to sail a catamaran, there are techniques that are definitely worth mastering, starting with reducing sail, or reefing, earlier than you would on a monohull sailboat. Cruising World's online archives include advice from seasoned catamaran sailors on topics that range from sailhandling and docking to living aboard and buying a catamaran to place in charter.

    Cruising Cats

    Set Sail

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