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The Best Superfoods, from A to Z

This Is Exactly How To Store Your Groceries

Everything you need to know about where and how to store the food in your kitchen.

Thanks to Melissa’s Produce for answering our toughest food storage questions.

For more information about the shelf-life of various produce, go to Still Tasty.

For more information about meat, poultry and seafood …

Culinary Arts

[Infographic] Essential guide to essential vitamins & their food sources

There’s a reason certain vitamins and minerals are prefaced by the word “essential” — your body needs them to function properly, as this infographic …

Salads That'll Make You Love Lunch Again

The Ultimate Guide to Healthier Baking [Infographic] | Greatist

Text by Kate Morin

Graphic by Tantika Tivorat

What's your favorite healthy baking substitution? Share with us in the comments below, and don't forget to check out our full list of healthy recipe substitions!

Want to download this guide (or part of it) to print and keep on hand in the kitchen? You can


13 Different Ways to Make Hummus

There’s no arguing hummus is one of the tastiest, healthiest dips out there—and one of the easiest to make. Sure you can buy a tub at the grocery …


6 Shocking Reasons Your Salad Is a Fat Bomb

Snack Smart: What 200 Calories of Nuts Looks Like [INFOGRAPHIC]

Nuts about nuts? Before going overboard, check out this infographic, which shows the ideal 200-calorie serving size for peanuts, cashews, almonds and …

How to Measure Food Portions at ARNG Guard Your Health

Portion size guide infographic from Guard Your Health. Portion control: how to measure food portions.

A Guide to Cooking Everything From Oats to Rice

Who says you can't start resolutions before the year is over? We've compiled a list of 51 foodie resolutions to check off, including this helpful …


DIY Salad Dressing

“What do you put on your salads?” is one of my most frequently asked questions. It seems everyone is out to find the magic salad dressing they’ll use …


All Souped Up

Soup is one of the easiest and most forgiving things you can possibly cook. Plus you gotta love that the broth-based stuff keeps beautifully in your …


Tip Sheet: Tea

There are plenty of reasons to drink tea, and knowledge is power when it comes to getting the best from your own. So in this first Tip Sheet article, …

A Simple Mason Jar Salad + My Review of The Conscious Cleanse

Two weeks ago today, I started The Conscious Cleanse with two mason jars. One was filled with warm lemon water, the other with a green smoothie …

25 Three-Ingredient Smoothie Recipes [INFOGRAPHIC]

Make your a.m. routine a breeze with these healthy smoothie recipes that require just 3 ingredients each. Check out this infographic to find your …

Healthy Food Friday: Bananas {Smoothie Feature}

Can you believe April is here? My year runs alongside the school calendar, so I particularly can’t believe the school year is almost over! April …


The Ultimate Guide To Paleo

Change is hard, but it might be worth it.

So, you’re thinking about going paleo.

Maybe you want to lose weight, maybe you’re just looking to get healthier and feel better. Either way, you’re not alone. Paleo was the most googled diet in 2014, and chances are you have at least one friend who swears by …


The Surprising Thing That Makes You Eat More

Think you’re saving calories by ordering the regular rather than the large? Not necessarily

Most restaurant portions are getting laughably huge, so …

How to Cook Oatmeal Perfectly Every Time

Say goodbye to oatmeal that's too watery, too dry—or anything but amazing. is cooking up a new batch of oatmeal-related content

Sneaky Sources of Sugar

Are you accidentally loading up on the sweet stuff?

In scary news, a recent report from the CDC found that women consume an average of 13.2 percent of …

56 Different Names for Sugar

different names for sugar

The efforts food manufacturers go to in order to hide added sugar from you is downright disturbing.

It can seem like …

Forget Calories—Count These Instead to Lose Weight Fast

count more than calories

Proof that cals aren't the be all, end all for slimming down

Calorie counting may immediately come to mind if you're trying to …


The Best Protein Sources

You know a protein-rich diet can help you drop pounds—but are you reaching for the right foods?

Quick—which has more protein: an egg, or an ounce of …

10 3-Minute DIY Salad Dressings You'll LOVE

diy salad dressing

These are so simple, we're not sure you could even call them recipes.

Sure, you like the idea of homemade salad dressing. Who …

9 Easy DIY Spice Blends That Can Help You Lose Weight

DIY spice blends

Beyond-simple ways to add flavor to your favorite foods—without loading up on fat or calories.

Spices are one of the healthiest …

The Grocery List That Will Help You Drop Pounds, Build Muscle, and Gain Tons of Energy

Weight Loss Grocery List

Our four-week training plan with celebrity trainer David Kirsch begins Monday. Here are the foods he suggests you stock up on …

What Nutritionists Eat When They Only Have 5 Minutes to Prep a Meal

Hear that? It's the sound of all your healthy-eating excuses going out the window.


What Does 1 Serving of Fruit Really Look Like?

One medium grapefruit = one serving of fruit

Source: Grace Hitchcock

14 / 14

Since your elementary-school days, you learned how important it was to eat …

Christmas Tea Trees

In the world of tea, tea bags often get a bad rap. Flavor wise, some teas are worthy of that bad reputation, but in today’s market there are actually …