Jose Carlos Pires Junior

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Trident Series 65

Very often the console can be used for a dual purpose such as providing live sound reinforcement whilst at the same time being used to make a …

Music Production

Kim Newcombe and the Konig 500 GP motorcycle racer

Dennis Hanley has been so kind as to provide an update re Kim Newcombe and the Konig. A New Zealand group is producing a film on Kim. I quote from …


Fior 500

One of the unsung geniuses of motorcycle design is the Frenchman Claude Fior. This 300km/h race bike is typically unusual: check out the front suspension, a wishbone-style arrangement with a Koni shock absorber. The engine was also French, designed and built by JPX of Le Mans. It was a …

Le Mans

Buell RW750

I have to admit that I’m indifferent to most of Erik Buell’s creations. Like some, I’m not really in Buell’s target market. His greatest achievements—aside from cultivating a distinctive brand within the moribund Harley-Davidson group—have always come from his engineering prowess. So it seems …


Honda RC30

The king of the superbike hill at the end of the 1980s was Honda’s exquisite VFR750R, more commonly known as the RC30 in the USA. It was essentially a homologation special created for the World Superbike championship, and rider Fred Merkel accordingly won two titles. <i>Motorcyclist Online</i> described …


Britten: The "greatest motorcycle ever built"?

I’d never heard of the Britten motorcycle until I moved to New Zealand in 1997. But in the motorsport-mad Land of The Long White Cloud, John Britten is a household name—and rightly so. His V1000 has been described as ‘the greatest motorcycle ever built’, because Britten effectively built it in his …