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PC Monitor Lets You Monitor Your IT Systems From Your Phone, Adds Raspberry Pi, Zendesk And PagerDuty Support

PC Monitor is an Irish startup that was born of a simple idea: Why is it so hard to remotely shut down your computer? That’s what its founder and CEO Marius Mihalec asked himself in 2011. Because he wanted to build a modern and extensible service, he decided that just having remote desktop access …

Raspberry Pi

Canonical gives developers a preview of a dual-booting Ubuntu and Android future

Choice, friends, is good. Nobody likes being limited to one thing, when instead you could be picking from a plethora, or at least a pair of options. And it looks like Ubuntu is on track to deliver on its promise to offer a duo of operating systems to mobile devices in 2014, as it has released a …


Google Chrome's top 10 hidden features

From the iPad interface to quick calculations, Daniel Johnson brings you 10 of Google Chrome's best hidden features

1) Built-in task manager

Everyone knows Ctrl+Alt+Delete brings up Windows task manager. But did you know Google Chrome has its own?

Chrome treats each tab as a separate process so if …


Email Productivity Startup Yesware Makes Its First Acquisition, Buys San Francisco-Based File-Sharing Service

Yesware, an email productivity startup for salespeople, which just this fall raised an additional $13.5 million in Series B funding, has made its first acquisition. The company is acquiring the email file-sharing startup, which is also officially shutting down as of today. The entire …


Microsoft's new iOS and Android Remote Desktop apps let you control a PC from a phone

Microsoft is providing a new way for iOS and Android users to access their Windows PCs today. A new Remote Desktop app is now available for both operating systems, letting you simply connect to a Windows PC and control it. While a number of third-party solutions have existed previously, including …

Unofficial Windows 9 design concept

Manual window management is awful. Windows 8 ditched windows in favor of fullscreen apps. Traditional desktop window paradigms are powerful but …

Google Launches Web Designer, A Visual Tool For Building Interactive HTML5 Sites And Ads

Google today announced the launch of Web Designer, a new tool for building interactive HTML5 sites and ads. The company first hinted at this launch in June, but had been quiet about it ever since. Web Designer, which Google calls a “professional-quality design tool,” is now officially in public …


How to: Live a paperless life with Mac, iPad and iPhone

Remember those promises we were made, about a paperless world? Everything electronic, everything online? Since the world was failing to deliver, I decided a couple of years ago to do an experiment to find out whether it is possible to live a truly paperless life.

Two years later, the bad news is …

Three ways to add your own ebooks to almost any iOS book reading app



3 ways to add own ebooks to any iOS book reading app


Here are three ways to wirelessly add PDF and EPUB files to …


How To: Change your iPhone carrier name to ‘giffga...

Hi Everyone,

As we all know the iPhone likes to display ‘O2-UK’ as its carrier (unlike most other phones),

here's a short and simple tutorial on how to …

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Latest release

• f22f234

Release 2.0.0

gregryork released this Aug 26, 2013 · 3 commits to master since this release

This is a major new release. New …


OS X applications on Linux courtesy of Darling project

Fancy running iWork on Linux? It may one day be possible courtesy of a project to get Apple OS X programs running on Linux-based operating …


Web editor Barley opens to all as it unveils a 30-day free trial, new templates, and more

Web editor Barley has opened its doors to the public, emerging from being invite-only and allowing new customers to use its simple and gorgeous-looking interface. With today’s news comes the release of new templates and features and the roll out of a 30-day free trial customers can take advantage …

Day One Lightroom Plug-in

Update (January 16, 2014)

Current plug-in users: Make sure to update the most recent version of the plug-in. I fixed a potentially nasty bug.

This …


It's all in the wrist: How to write apps for the Pebble smartwatch

Feature Pebble didn’t invent the smartwatch, but it has done more than most to bring the product category to the attention of World+Dog, largely …


With just one click we'll setup a WordPress Sandbox for you where you can test all the features of WP-Filebase Pro. Feel free to upload files, create …


iOS Automation and Workflows with Drafts – MacStories

The latest update to Drafts – a “quick note capturing” app that I’ve covered several times on MacStories – adds a series of features aimed at increasing the possibilities of workflows automation on iOS devices. Obviously, this is something I’m interested in.

It seems like enabling users to save time …


Mozilla’s Web Literacy Standard, a framework for learning online, to launch in beta on June 26

Mozilla plans to launch the beta version of its Web Literacy Standard, a new online framework drawn up to help people read, write and participate on the Web, on June 26.

The project is an expansion of Webmaker, an initiative originally set up to help millions of people create new tools and content …

Google lets you make your own maps with Maps Engine Lite Beta

Maps are handy items, especially when made to provide specific information that would be otherwise hard to visual or utilize, such as the specific …

The Evernote Powered Blogging Platform

Flipboard 2.0 Review

Flipboard, the app which creates a magazine from your aggregated feeds, is out with a major new release. Version 2.0 makes things more personal, …