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Bassuk receives American Horticultural Society teaching award

Cornell Horticulture

Nina Bassuk, professor in the Horticulture Section and director of Cornell’s Urban Horticulture Institute has been honored with …

Five staff members recognized with excellence awards

With the praises of eight professors in her nomination, Saundra Anderson, administrative assistant for the Department of Neurobiology and Behavior in …


Weill Cornell Investigators Discover a New Pathway that Prevents Chronic Inflammation in the Gut | Weill Cornell Newsroom | Weill Cornell Medical College

Investigators Show How Immune Cells are "Educated" Not to Attack Beneficial Bacteria

New York (April 23, 2015) — An international research team led by …


The art of seeing: Course gathers new data on old masters

Particle accelerators, X-ray fluorescence and other scientific means are adding to art historians’, curators’ and conservators’ specialized knowledge …


Stem cell technology could lead to ailing heart mending itself

For the first time, scientists can efficiently generate large numbers of rare cells in the network that pushes the heart's chambers to consistently …

Stem Cells

Clinical test validates precision medicine for cancer

Much of precision medicine and cancer care focuses on targeting the genomes of specific tumors or metastases. A Weill Cornell Medical College …


Why Do Former High-School Athletes Make More Money?

Research hasn’t yet borne out whether sports breed go-getters or whether they attract kids with a knack for navigating the professional world.

This project was a slam dunk, that one was a home run, and it’s just the way the ball bounces—the last thing the business world needs to catalogue its …


A Flu That's Infecting Thousands Of Dogs Could Move To Humans Next

The newest outbreak of canine influenza has almost reached epidemic proportions; last month, more than 1,000 dogs in the Chicago area were infected, …

Dog Flu

To hunt and eat, bats listen for signals in prey mating calls

When it’s time for a meal of katydids, bats use their ears. When hunting and eating male katydids, different bat species locate their prey by …


Cornell researchers selected for Europa science teams | Cornell Chronicle

For a future NASA mission to probe Jupiter’s mysterious icy, oceanic moon Europa, three Cornell researchers have joined teams to develop three of …

Scientific Research

Symposium spotlights cutting-edge fiber science

At the Cornell Institute of Fashion and Fiber Innovation spring symposium May 18, faculty, staff and students demonstrated cutting-edge fiber and …

Wearable Tech

Production of broccoli on East Coast proves viable

Picked by hand on West Coast farms, chilled to 32 degrees within five hours and packed on ice for a road trip east, broccoli is a finicky crop to …


Better mouse model enables colon cancer research

Engineers at Cornell and clinicians at Weill Cornell Medical College have created a comprehensive mouse model of exactly how colorectal tumors behave …


Where a Higher Minimum Wage Hurts the Poor

The City of Los Angeles has just passed legislation to raise the minimum wage to $15 by 2020, following in the footsteps of other West Coast cities, …


ROTC grads receive commissions, begin military careers

We often see students walking across campus in military uniforms, on their way to Reserve Officer Training Corps classes. For freshmen and sophomores …


College Scholars study climate change, local food

When Irene Li ’15 isn’t hunkered down surveying the latest research on the local food movement and social change, she’s in a Boston kitchen, meeting …

College & University

Lehman Fund makes 10 awards for China study

• Integrating Eastern and Western Medicine to Address Iron Deficiency In Rural Chinese Women. Project director: Laura Pompano, doctoral candidate in …


Here's How Planet Hunters Are Going to Find the Next Earth

Earth Science

Sunset at Mars' Gusev Crater -- "An Ancient Habitat for Life?"

The "Pot of Gold" rock outcrop in Gusev Crater that Spirit Mars Rover examined in late 2005 revealed high concentrations of carbonate, which …


First marathon on Mars

On Tuesday, March 24, 2015, NASA’s Mars rover Opportunity completed its first Red Planet marathon – 26.219 miles – with a finish time of roughly 11 …


Future Spacecraft could be Oriented with Photonic Laser Technology

Research engineers have successfully propelled a 450 g spacecraft simulator with pure laser light using Photonic Laser Thruster (PLT) technology.

A …


Look At This: Drowned Out

Project Credits

Interview and reporting by Chris Joyce/NPR and Bill McQuay/Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Produced by Tyler Fisher, Becky Lettenberger, Wes Lindamood, Claire O'Neill

Video: Perpetual Ocean, NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center Scientific Visualization Studio

Music: Heliograph and Cylinder Two …

Music Blogs

East Hill Notes: Cornell senior grateful for Ithacans

Per Cornell Commencement Weekend tradition, today’s East Hill Notes are written by a soon-to-be graduating Cornell senior. Kent Esslinger is a


Ithaca first-graders record songs in recording studio

The following is a republished press release … to submit community announcements to The Voice, contact us at …

Audio Quality

Symposium explores broadening Cornell's global curriculum

Faculty, students and administrators discussed global experiences, opportunities and challenges on campus and abroad at a recent symposium on …


Symposium spotlights cutting-edge fiber science

At the Cornell Institute of Fashion and Fiber Innovation (CIFFI) spring symposium May 18 in Clark Hall, Cornell fiber scientist Juan Hinestroza …

Wearable Tech

With Its First Startup Awards, Cornell Tech Turns Class Projects Into Companies

Cornell Tech is introducing a new way for its master’s students to transform their ideas into real companies — those students can now compete in the Startup Awards, with winners receiving $40,000 in seed funding, as well as a year of free co-working space in The New York Times building.

At a campus …


The Plan to Hunt for Alien Life on the Most Promising Moon in the Solar System

Nestled within Saturn’s ring system, a tiny, pearly moon shines brighter than almost anything else in our solar system. If alien life is out there, that lonely snowball could be the first place we find it.

“Everything that we measure about Enceladus tilts in the direction of habitability,” …


Earth - The shark that glows in the dark

Swell sharks generally keep a low profile, squeezing between rocky crevices to keep out of the way of predators.

Living up to 500m (1,640ft) beneath …

Earth Science

Federal agencies turn to citizen scientists

Knowledge is power, and with it comes options and opportunities to make better decisions. In the case of our environment, knowledge has fueled …