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  • 🇫🇷🇫🇷 http://flip.it/GbXy.X

    Avatar - Lucy Sarah Gould
    Lucy Sarah Gould
  • Helping eBay fill it’s shopping cart with Flipboard. @shannonklarson@flipboard http://flip.it/TG5q0P

    Avatar - Chris Bowlby
    Chris Bowlby
  • Blazing a trail at Salesforce with @chrisbowlby18. http://flip.it/GZfj2J

    Avatar - Michele Calhoun
    Michele Calhoun
  • Owning the IAA Christmas lunch as only Flipboard can #Flipboard #Christmas @IAAUK http://flip.it/CoeOO6

    Avatar - Christian Cecchi
    Christian Cecchi
  • “If someone pays $100 and you give that person just $100 in value, then you just failed. You’ll never sell to that person again. someone pays $100, you need to give him or her $110 worth of value.

    Think of that extra $10 as going into some sort of karmic bank account that pays interest (as opposed to a U.S. bank account). That money grows and compounds.”

    Avatar - Megan Spillane
    The Ultimate Cheat Sheet For Selling Anything - James Altucher

    The Ultimate Cheat Sheet For Selling Anything - James Altucher

    I was a salesman snob. Like many people, I always looked down on the concept of “selling.” It seemed like something lower than me. To some extent, …

  • Spending some quality time with a docile tiger at the World Travel Market in London. It remained calm throughout my pitch. http://flip.it/iWiMfH

    Avatar - Filippo Rizzo
    Filippo Rizzo
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