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Liver in Creamy Mushroom Sauce - The Weston A. Price Foundation

Just like some people take a multivitamin on a daily basis, I always have some liver in the fridge. Each time I experiment with new liver dishes, …

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Get better results in your business by applying these five simple tips on how to pay people.

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Imagine waking up each morning to the sound of gentle waves lapping up the shore of a white-sand beach. The warm Caribbean waters are clear, in …

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Do you care about what other people think? It’s hard not to, right? Social influence is so powerful. My sophomore year of high school, I spent 30 minutes every morning blow-drying my hair into the perfect pompadour poof. Why? Because I thought it was “cool.” I wanted to fit in; I wanted to be liked. (And 16 years later, my cousin Boris still won’t let me forget it.) My theory is that humans copy “winning behavior.” We see what we think is working for people — what brings them approval, status, success — we deem it right, it becomes attractive, and we start doing it ourselves. I thought the poof was “right,” so I started poofing. Which is why I think that if you’re in a position of leadership, you have a responsibility to behave in a way that you’re proud of… Because people are going to copy it. I see young men in particular copying winning behavior that I think is the wrong kind: the kind that says they should chase money, treat women like objects, and above all else — look cool. I’ve known these guys, and I’ve seen many of them grow up and find themselves unfulfilled. This is why I try to be an example of a more holistic and — in my opinion — a truer expression of success that is balanced: intimacy, relationships, and self-care; consuming consciously and not more than you need, and using your surplus to help others. Anyway… Now that I’m an adult, while I of course try to be aware of how I’m affecting others, I’ve stopped caring about “what people think.” Well, for the most part. Recently something happened... It all started with a big tumble. I was rushing out of my house for a 10-day speaking tour. It was winter. It was Icy. I ran out of my front door and as soon as I my foot touched my deck, I started slipping and sliding. I went airborne and ended up face-first in the gravel, my bags everywhere, and my cab driver — watching from the car — burst into laughter. But that’s wasn’t the embarrassing part. When I got up I realized I’d ripped my pants at the knee. My first thought was OH NO, this is my favorite pair of jeans. But my next thought was… Wait, people are going to think this is a “fashion rip.” That I bought these pre-ripped. Now, there are certain places where I draw the line, fashion-wise: The “fashion” hat (i.e., the fedora, the stetson, or the cabbie cap)… The tiny shirt (we get it bro, you’re swoll, but I can also see your belly button)… And… the pre-ripped jeans. So I get to the airport. And as I print my boarding pass, go through security, and walk to my gate…. I feel like everyone is looking at my ripped jeans! I want to stop each person and say “Hey! This is an actual rip. I earned this, okay! See the scuffs? See the gravel marks on my palms! I fell!” Meanwhile, I knew no one was paying attention to me or my jeans. I knew I was just being self-conscious, and that while that’s never helped me in the past… I couldn’t help it. So, what do you think… about what I think… about what other people think? (P.S. If you’re a ripped jean-er, power to you! They’re just not my style. Then again, not everyone would rock a manbun. #GottaDoYou #GameRecognizeGame)

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Tim Ferriss And The Secrets of Accelerated Learning

Five days to learn a new skill, no experience coming in, and some very high stakes—welcome to the Tim Ferriss Experiment.<p>Over the past year, bestselling author, angel investor, and all-around life hacker extraordinaire, Tim Ferriss, set out to learn thirteen very difficult skills—playing a musical …

Tim Ferriss

How Tim Ferriss Learned to Conquer His Fears |

Investor and author Tim Ferriss might just fancy himself a Mongol leader.<p>At the very least, he has a clear sense of what he wants his legacy to be: "I want to build an army of world-class learners to rival Genghis Khan's," he said in a sit-down interview with Quest Nutrition founder Tom Bilyeu, as …