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Review: Iron Fist #1

<i>Fresh on the heels of last week’s Netflix’s</i> <i>premiere of the</i> <i>Iron Fist television series, Marvel Comics unleashes Danny Rand’s latest solo series.</i> …


X-Men Franchise: Ranking the Top 5 Movies

<i>In honor Hugh Jackman’s probable final ride donning the adamantium claws in Logan this year, ComiConverse contributor Joseph Gioeli ranks the top</i> …


Review: Action Comics #976

Action Comics #976 <i>arrived this week, completing the</i> Superman: Reborn <i>story arc with a bang. The fourth and final chapter of the earth-shaking epic was</i> …

Game Review: Reigns

<i>Reigns is a simple to play strategy game with hidden depths, available now on PC, Mac, Android and iOS mobile devices. Alan Stock dons his crown and</i> …


Jason David Frank: Much More Than Mighty!

Exclusives<p>Power Ranger to Pop Culture Icon<p>Jason David Frank (JDF) was an undeniable presence at Big Apple Con (BAC) 2017. BAC certainly had their …

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Review: Darkest Dungeon | ComiConverse

Darkest Dungeon is an RPG dungeon crawler for PC, PlayStation 4 and Vita. Alan Stock brings you this review for ComiConverse.

Comic Book Movies: Are They Testing Fans?

<i>Many comic book fans, DC and Marvel alike, tend to always find a silver lining in movies that are generally considered to be a “flop”. Our Joseph</i> …


Getting To The Core Of Big Apple Con!

Exclusives<p><b>Big Apple Con (BAC)</b> 2017 may officially be over, but it will not soon be forgotten. A whirlwind of surprises surrounded this event. While …


Film Review: Beauty And The Beast (2017)

<i>Disney strikes again with another live-action remake of their classic tales with Beauty and the Beast. But does it revive nostalgia? Find out as our</i> …

Film Review: Power Rangers (2017)

<i>90’s nostalgia hits back this week, as the iconic show Power Rangers get their own big budget picture. But does it bring the Mighty Morphin teenagers</i> …


Review: Superman #19

Superman #19 <i>hit the stands on Wednesday, bringing fans the third installment of the</i> Superman: Reborn <i>crossover. The follow-up to</i> Action Comics #975</i> …


Review: Super Sons #2

Super Sons #2 <i>arrived this week, bringing readers the second installment of writer Peter J. Tomasi’s and artist Jorge Jimenez’s</i> When I Grow Up…</i> …

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Getting To The Core Of Big Apple Con!

Exclusives<p>Big Apple Con (BAC) 2017 may officially be over, but it will not soon be forgotten. A whirlwind of surprises surrounded this event. While …

Review: Trinity #7

Trinity #7 <i>was released last week, marking a changing of the guard in a very different issue for the series. Cullen Bunn took over the writing chores</i> …


Review: Supergirl: Being Super #2

Supergirl: Being Super #2 <i>was released recently, offering the second installment of the bimonthly non-continuity prestige format series by writer Mariko Tamaki and artist Joelle Jones. Picking up precisely at the point at which</i> Where Do I Begin? <i>ended,</i> Hold On! <i>follows the story of 16-year-old Midvale high school student Kara Danvers. ComiConverse’s Kryptonian correspondent, T. Kyle King, examines the latest chapter.</i><p>(<b>Warning: Some spoilers follow!</b>)<p>The apparent natural disaster that interrupted the …

Marvel’s Monsters Unleashed: Celebrating An Era

<i>The Marvel Comics event Monsters Unleashed is already underway. As a new age of monsters looms on the entertainment world horizon Marvel honors those</i> …


Review: New Super-Man #9

New Super-Man #9 <i>began a new story arc for Kong Kenan, as the superpowered Shanghai teen accompanied Lex Luthor to Metropolis. Penciller Viktor</i> …


Review: Supergirl #7

Supergirl #7 <i>declares its subject matter on an attention-grabbing cover emblazoned with the Warren Zevon-inspired banner: “Werewolves of Krypton!”</i> …

Review: Superman #18

Superman #18 <i>saw the light of day on Wednesday, beginning the highly anticipated</i> Superman: Reborn <i>crossover. The storyline’s first installment was</i> …

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Review: Batman #17

Comic Book Movie: Making Fantastic 4 Fantastic

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