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Making Fantastic 4 Fantastic | ComiConverse

The Fantastic 4 has never succeeded on the big screen. ComiConverse Contributor Dewayne Edwards explains why the characters should join the MCU.

Review: Trinity #6

Trinity #6 <i>wrapped up the series’ opening</i> Better Together <i>arc. In his last issue before giving way to another wordsmith, writer Francis Manapul was</i> …


Review: Superman #17

Superman #17 <i>offered readers a change of pace. Accompanied by artist Sebastian Fiumara, storytellers Peter J. Tomasi and Patrick Gleason told the tale</i> …

Game Review: Fire Emblem Heroes

<i>Bringing together characters from previous games in the series, can Fire Emblem Heroes make the jump to mobile and free-to-play? ComiConverse</i> …

Game Review: Resident Evil 7 Biohazard

<i>Resident Evil 7 is a survival horror game available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Alan Stock revvs up his chainsaw for this ComiConverse …

Resident Evil

Review: Batman #16

<i>Batman #16 is the first issue in the newest Tom King story-arc, “I am Bane”. This arc threads together the previous two major arcs (I am Suicide and</i> …


Film Review: John Wick: Chapter 2

Review: New Super-Man #8

New Super-Man #8 <i>wrapped up a busy Wednesday for the Superbooks with</i> Training Day: Part Two<i>. Writer Gene Luen Yang once again teamed up with penciller</i> …


Justice League Dark Review

<i>The DC animated universe continues to grow. The latest installment, Justice League Dark, was released on DVD and Blu Ray February 7th (already</i> …

Review: Superwoman #7

Superwoman #7 <i>completed the series’ opening arc on Wednesday, bringing the</i> Who Killed Superwoman? <i>storyline to a conclusion perhaps as shocking as the</i> …

Film Review: La La Land

La La Land<i>, the movie with the most hype this Oscar season, was released in the U.K. Film critic Jordan Samuel brings the official ComiConverse</i> …

La La Land

Review: Superman #16

Superman #16 <i>wrapped up the</i> Multiplicity <i>arc in an issue combining a variety of talents: Peter J. Tomasi and Patrick Gleason crafted the story, Tony S.</i> …


Review: Action Comics #972

Action Comics #972 <i>brought the lengthy</i> Men of Steel <i>story arc to a close on Wednesday. Writer Dan Jurgens was joined by penciller Stephen Segovia for</i> …

Ten Original Video Games To Look Forward To In 2017

<i>As with every year there has been some debate over whether 2016 was a “good” year for gaming. Regardless of where you fall on this, it’s hard to deny</i> …


Batman #14 Review

<i>Batman #14 is the start for the newest story arc in Tom King’s Batman run. Rooftops Part 1 continues to build on the relationship between Batman and</i> …


Review: Superman #15

Superman #15 <i>brought fans of the Man of Steel the second chapter of the ambitious</i> Multiplicity <i>arc. Scripted by Peter J. Tomasi and Patrick Gleason,</i> …

Review: Supergirl #5

Supergirl #5 <i>arrived last Wednesday, continuing writer Steve Orlando’s and artist Brian Ching’s</i> Reign of the Cyborg Supermen <i>story arc. In the latest</i> …

Review: Action Comics #971

Action Comics #971 <i>continued the</i> Men of Steel <i>storyline in last Wednesday’s installment. Writer Dan Jurgens and penciller Stephen Segovia teamed up to</i> …

Review: Superwoman #6

Superwoman #6<i>, released this past week, kicked the series into high gear. Creator Phil Jimenez contributed the script and the layouts to the chapter</i> …