Vulgariser les émotions

By Cogni'Junior | what are emotions ? how and with what to explain them ?

Why Identity and Emotion are Central To Motivating the Teen Brain

<b>By Emmeline Zhao</b>For years, common experience and studies have prescribed that humans learn best in their earliest years of life – when the brain is …


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Vice-Versa : la vie mouvementée d’un cerveau humain

L’équipe de Cogni’Junior comprenant quelques mordus de dessins animés, nous ne résistons pas à l’envie de partager notre impression sur le dernier …

Pixar and the Brain Scientists - Los Angeles Review of Books

WHAT EXACTLY is that thing we call “mind?” In an open letter to <i>Scientific American</i> on June 17, five brain scientists, including Antonio Damasio and …


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Like a lot of TV viewers these days, we binge-watch our favorite shows on Netflix, consuming two, three, or more episodes—sometimes entire seasons—at …


Emodiversity: A Mix of Emotions Is Healthiest? - Neuroskeptic

By Neuroskeptic | October 13, 2014 4:17 pm<p>“Emodiversity” – a life containing a balance of different emotions – is good for you. So say psychologists …