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The best coffeemaker

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After two months surveying readers; interviewing coffee experts; researching makes, models, and reviews; and testing five finalist machines with a 10-person tasting …


ZPM Espresso and the Rage of the Jilted Crowdfunder

“Thank you all very much,” Update 57 concluded, by way of goodbye. “Working on this project was the most ambitious and meaningful undertaking any of us have ever attempted. Getting to know all of you, and working to create some seriously cool technology, was one of the most rewarding things we’ve …

Coffee Brewing

Adobe Unveils Lightroom CC: Speed Boost, RAW HDR and Pano, Face Finding, and More

Adobe today announced its latest version of Lightroom, called Lightroom CC. The update brings faster performance, some revamped tools, and a set of …


Calgarian Ben Put takes third in world barista competition

A Calgary barista has clinched third in an international competition that pits coffee experts against each other.

Ben Put, one of the three founders …


Bonavita BV1800TH Auto Drip Coffee Maker

Almost from the time the company was founded, Bonavita has made it clear they want to hear from baristas -- both home and "professional" -- about …

La Marzocco Linea Mini

In this first look's preamble, I gave a bit of history on La Marzocco and their efforts for the home market. It's important to note the famed La …

KitchenAid® Pour Over Coffee Maker

Coffee Mixology: A Primer

Espresso or drip? Alcoholic or not? Shaken, stirred, mixed, or blended? A guide to coffee cocktails from a barista who has made hundreds.

For the most part, I'm a coffee purist: black, no milk, no sugar. I appreciate a variety of preparation methods, but espresso is my favorite. By design, the …


K-Cup creator John Sylvan regrets inventing Keurig coffee pod system

The man who invented the K-Cup coffee pod almost 20 years ago says he regrets doing so, and he can't understand the popularity of the products that …


Women-Focused Ugandan Cooperative Earns 2015 SCAA Sustainability Award

Photo by the Bukonzo Joint Cooperative Union in Western Uganda

The Bukonzo Joint Cooperative Union, whose women-centered value chain development …


Elysian Coffee brews connections closer to the source

The skinny wooden table is laid with clusters of glasses, each one numbered. After 30 minutes of mute tasting punctuated by slurping, the …

Okay, New Starbucks Palace on Pike Street, What the Hell Are You?

There was probably a time when Starbucks did things small. That time was more than 30 years and 21,000 stores ago. The newest Starbucks—the Starbucks …

Coffee Beans

Macau's love of speciality coffee set to rival that of Hong Kong

It has taken just a handful of enthusiasts and a couple of years to change the habits of coffee drinkers in Macau.

Coffee Beans

Five on Food: Justin Kirkus, manager of Coffeeology

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In Defense of Terrible Coffee

Mass-brand coffee remains the dominant coffee in the U.S., even in this era of gourmet coffee. And that's okay

One June morning years ago, during a cross-country bike trip, my brothers, a couple of friends, and I sat in a diner in Sandpoint, Idaho, waiting for a drizzle to pass, eating eggs and …


Vancouver coffee shops thrive in a crowded marketplace (with video)

VANCOUVER — The first thing coffee entrepreneur Barney McKenzie does is introduce Norm.

Norm, it turns out, is a six-foot 16-year-old potted coffee …


Expanded Thoughts on Coffee as a Luxury — Medium

Expanded Thoughts on Coffee
as an Affordable Luxury

I tweeted today something that seemed to become a popular retweet:

“Let’s put something in …

Why I’m Just Not Feeling the ChefSteps Coffee Love | Espresso News and Reviews

If you are a coffee lover, you’re probably already well aware of the online coffee courses offered by Seattle’s ChefSteps. That is, unless you’ve …

Coffee Brewing

The Barista Creed, 7 Years Later — Medium

The Barista Creed,
7 Years Later

Over seven years ago I posted something to an old coffee blog proposing a Barista Creed. That post fostered a lot of …

Coffea arabica: origin distribution and evolution

The following are the types of information we may collect:

Information You Provide Us In the course of …


Getting it Right: How Not to Order Coffee

1. Don’t Espresso to go
First, the problem with ordering espresso or macchiatos to go: the demitasse-sized paper cups will have your espresso going …

Coffee Brewing

The Robotic Future of Pour-Over Coffee: Poursteady: Behind the scenes with the makers of the machine that automates (and quickens) the coffee shop pour-over experience

The crowded premium coffee shop: on the one hand, it's a lively communal living room where conservations mingle and the energy is palpable—all walks-of-life coming together in the common search for next level java. On the other hand (and often where the coffee is best), it's a hellish struggle …

Living Rooms

OXO Cold Brew Coffee Maker could be your brew

The OXO Good Grips Cold Brew Coffee Maker offers a simple way to go from grind to cup. The device steeps coffee and then releases it into a waiting …

Cold Brew

Tribe Coffee + BMW Motorrad South Africa

by Chérmelle D. Edwards

The connection between coffee and motorcycles is a natural fit; adrenaline rushes aside, both cultures attract deeply devoted fans that enjoy conversing about machines, nuances and destinations. The latest place in Cape Town to combine these two passions is at the BMW …


Grab a cup of joe at Lyon Street Cafe

Coffee lovers who are fans of Madcap Coffee in downtown Grand Rapids now have one more option when it comes to coffee shops.

Lyon Street Cafe, which …



The One Piece of Equipment You Need to Make Great Coffee

Not long ago, under the rather inflammatory headline “Down With Drip Coffee,” Slate ran a video that suggested abandoning your electric coffeemaker in …

San Francisco Bay Area

Why does Alanis Morissette use coffee as percussion?

Alanis Morissette has opted to forgo traditional percussion instruments in her latest song The Morning. Instead she – along with the famed Costa Rican …