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Pressure Profiling: the Key to Perfect Extraction

Specialty coffee is an innovative industry. It seems like there’s a new way to improve our coffee every year—if not every month! Recently, the focus …


Full City Roasts: An Endangered Species?

I just returned from a trip to Northern California and Western Washington to see friends and family. We were in our old hometown of Boulder, Colorado …


‘What You Put in the Frame Determines the Photo’

Here’s an inspiring 5-minute video in which renowned street photographer Joel Meyerowitz talks about his approach and mindset to making …

Street Photography

Inside the Dusty World of Vintage Spirit Collectors

Raiding the liquor cabinet is a minefield for young adults of a certain age. The shiny bottle of sambuca looks promising next to triple sec, and the layer of dust on the bottles in the back seems to indicate “steer clear.”

But the dusty bottle may have been the best choice. Despite a recent warning …


B&W ISO Showdown: Leica M Monochrom (Typ 246) vs. M Monochrom (M9) vs. M (Typ 240)

During my testing of the new Leica M Monochrom (Typ 246) in NYC and New Orleans, I was blown away by the camera’s high ISO ability, so I wanted to …


Chobani’s Founder Sees Opportunity in a Coffee Insurgent

Having shaken up the yogurt world, Hamdi Ulukaya, the founder of Chobani, now has his sights on a much tougher target — coffee.

Mr. Ulukaya has taken a stake in La Colombe Coffee Roasters, one of the many coffee brands that have sprung up over the last 10 years to cater to the tastes of coffee …


Fujifilm X100T Shooter’s Report Part II: Exploring performance, image quality and WiFi functionality

In part II of his Fuji X100T Shooter's Report, reviewer Eamon Hickey dives deeper into the functionality and performance of this classic street …


Elliott The Leica Monochrom (Typ 246) April 2015

Are Personal Projects Worth It? Why David Burnett, Ami Vitale & David duChemin Say Yes

How important are personal photography projects to distinguishing your voice? And will a project on the side help catch the eye of your dream client? …


Street Photography Camera Review - Fujifilm X100T

I’m going to approach this review from a different perspective than my review of the X100S, I’m going to look at this camera from a Street …


Review: Fujifilm X100T

The Fujifilm X100 was the iconic camera that started it all for Fujifilm’s X-series. Two years later the Japanese camera company came out with the …


Epson's new 'EcoTank' printers sound great, but ...

By now, you know that many printer manufacturers sell you cheap printers and then make you buy expensive ink cartridges, right? So at first glance, …


Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 IV Review


How to Properly Clean Your Lenses, Filters, Mirror and Sensor

If you're like me, the thought of touching, let alone fully cleaning your precious glass or even worse, your sensor, strikes fear into your heart. …


Lighting on a Budget - 2 Speed Lights

Most amateur photographers assume that they need to buy a ton of expensive gear in order to compete or reach the level of most professional …

There are no absolutes: erosion and hope in the photographic industry

Is an image good? Bad? Ugly? Beautiful? Art? Everybody has an opinion, and those are based on the expectations formed by the biases created as a …


The Sad Truth About Facebook

Everything in life comes and goes. Sadly, photographers using Facebook to promote their work is coming to an end. It wasn’t that long ago when …


Primer: How to Get a ‘Film Look’ with DSLR Footage

Want to give your DSLR footage a cinematic look? DSLR filmmaking enthusiast Jake Coppinger made this 11-minute video tutorial to teach you how you …


Sony's RX100 IV is still the point-and-shoot to beat

Does the world need another point-and-shoot camera? Sony seems to think so. Despite an influx of smartphones that have put sophisticated imaging features in people's pockets, the company is still keen on improving its flagship compact shooter, the RX100. The latest model, introduced last month, …


How Mr. Coffee Inventor Convinced Joe DiMaggio to Be Pitchman

Here's how Joltin' Joe became Mr. Coffee.

The creator of the famed coffee machines died Saturday at age 91, but one of his favorite stories was how he …


6 Excellent Film Rangefinders For The Beginning Photographer

Getting into analog photography can be an exciting proposition; maybe you find the medium more delightful, or you just want to learn more about the …


This Is Where Your Coffee Comes From

Farmers sift coffee cherries at a plantation, Lambari, Brazil, 2010.Courtesy of Steve McCurry/Phaidon A cup of coffee prepared quickly and consumed …

Steve McCurry

Coffee Culture in Western Michigan: The Next Big Thing is Already Here

Western Michigan’s microroasters and specialty cafés just might be United States specialty-coffee industry’s biggest trendsetters

By Jeremy Martin


11 of the Most Interesting Lenses in the History of Photography

For almost two centuries, the science and art of photography has allowed people to capture the world around them through carefully crafted lenses. …

Historical Photography

A Brief History of the Canon Canonet Rangefinder

In January of 1961, Canon introduced the Canonet, a consumer-friendly 35mm film rangefinder camera aimed at the average person. Over fifty years and …


Better Food Photos With Natural Light

Photographer Jenny Woodward recently uploaded a fantastic instructional video to Vimeo on how to get better food photos with window light. The even …

Food Photography