CODAmagazine: Motion and Mobility

By CODAworx | Moving, changing, and ever-altering art: projects that are kinetic, suspended, time-based, or performance-driven.

Motion and Mobility

Welcome to the April issue of <i>CODAmagazine</i>, where we share the best design + art projects from all over the world. The magazine is published once a …


Drawing Machine

Overview<p>For a two-story corporate office lobby atrium, Skyline Art Services and artist Mike Szabo planned and installed a free-hanging pendulum that …


Balancing Sculptures

Overview<p>Exhibition of 28 sculptures by Polish artist Jerzy Kedziora at the most luxury hotel in the world - Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi, UAE …

Abu Dhabi

Rain Oculus

Overview<p>Large water vortex forms inside a 70-foot diameter acrylic bowl that functions as a dynamic skylight for a retail concourse at the Marina Bay …

Marina Bay Sands

Rain Oculus -- CODAworx

Performance Lake at Wynn Macau

Overview<p>Performance Lake at Wynn Macau, with its commanding presence and vibrantly kinetic expressions, provides joyful and fascinating entertainment …

Asia Travel


Overview<p>“Arbor” is a permanent suspended artwork for the John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York. 692 found timepieces, varied in size, …

Data Visualization


Overview<p>Commissioned by City of Boynton Beach Art in Public Places as part of their International Kinetic Art Exhibit & Symposium, …

Modern Art

shinjuen nursing home

Overview<p>concept : dancing bubbles It is a designated facility providing nursing care services for the elderly. In the lounge area, colorful bubbles …


Kinetic Wind and Light Sculpture UNION

Overview<p>UNION #2 ; A group of 6 wind driven kinetic wing sculptures, commissioned by the City of Orlando and permanently installed 2013 in the …



Wonder: Patterns for a Virtual Reality Environment

Overview<p>"Wonder: Patterns for a Virtual Reality Environment" is a fifteen-minute art exhibition in 3D consisting of six explorable artworks. Although …

Virtual Reality

Gemeni II by Richard Warrington is a suspended #sculpture at the CBC College in WA that has been standing strong since 1982. #art #atrium

The CAVE -- CODAworx


Overview<p>The piece consists of two sculptures standing in different locations within the same building. The upper parts of the structures are similar …


Kinetic Bonfire

Overview<p>Kinetic Bonfire is a bicycle powered sculpture that requires participants to ride bicycles in order to generate power to drive the sculpture …

Modern Art

Passing Storms

Overview<p>Designed for the Oregon State Hospital in Junction City, a psychiatric hospital, Passing Storms portrays the changing weather as metaphor for …


HydroLogic -- CODAworx

Barn Restoration Art

Overview<p>A barn office studio Phoenixville, PA This was a private commission in a restored barn space converted into a studio office. Featuring a …


The Dance - Fire and Wind MAY 2007

Overview<p>The project was created as a permanent art piece. Its purpose is both aesthetic and meaningful. This mobile is 13’ long and revolves in a 24’ …


Thinking Globally in Human Scale

Overview<p>Inspired by the five disciplines in the academic building: Anthropology, History, Political Science, Sociology, and Geography, the artwork …


Vortex by Dave Head is a kinetic art installation that beautifies Nashville's airport. #kineticart #art #mobile #glass #skylight

River Harp

Overview<p>The artwork converts a cable stay bridge as a giant harp to play music to the local river spirit Nøkken, who lures folks to drowning with his …


River Harp -- CODAworx


Overview<p>Rafael Lozano-Hemmer’s OPEN AIR, commissioned by the Association for Public Art, was an interactive light experience that transformed …


Cor-Ten Cattails

Overview<p>Made of 328 10ft Cor-Ten steel blades set upright 8 inches apart, the “Cor-Ten Cattails” were designed for an Arts & Crafts inspired home in …



Overview<p>“Centrifuge” is a monumental abstract sculpture conceived with elegance and grace for the City of Burnsville and the Burnsville Foundation. …


Magic Carpets

Overview<p>Magic Carpets 2014, Miguel Chevalier Generative and interactive virtual-reality installation Music Michel Redolfi Heritage Days, Church of …


Rain GFS

Overview<p>I was hired for this commission because of similar work the designer saw at Art Prize 2011 where I won third prize for the original "Rain." …