By CODAworx | Illuminating our environments: design + art projects which transform, enhance and create spaces utilizing the medium of light.

Crafting Light: Custom Lighting Design by Adam Jackson Pollock and Fire Farm

“I started recognizing light as a medium in and of itself,” recalls artist Adam Jackson Pollock, whose career in custom lighting design grew out of …

Product Design

Illuminated through Art

I am excited to introduce this remarkable issue of <b>CODAmagazine Light As Art V</b> illuminating an extraordinary selection of design + art projects from …


AwaOdori 3000

Overview<p>A mobile multimedia performance with Awa Odori dancers (Tokushima/ Japan) wearing traditional costumes equipped with sound-to-light LED …

Music Production

Gumball 3000 & The DMC DeLorean

Overview<p>Gumball 3000: In a cross-country race where Lamborghinis and Ferraris are a dime a dozen, our client wanted to drive a car that would make …


Photosynthesis at the Conservatory of Flowers

Overview<p>The Photosynthesis project — a collaboration between Obscura, Illuminate (instigators of the Bay Lights), and San Francisco’s Conservatory of …


Absolut Miami - Citron Flavor Launch

Overview<p>Commission for two, interactive, phosphorescent murals that would allow the public to interact playfully with the ABSOLUT brand.


“O.T. 923” by Stefan Reiss . . . A member of the Royal British Society of Sculptors, Stefan Reiss' work is a research into the fields of drawing, painting, sculpture, installation, projection and performance. By developing specific works for different mediums he unfolds a complexity of contextual relations, materials and practices, tracing back to the basis of all his works: the straight line. The site-specific, spatial artwork “O.T. 923” combines a physical, sculptural installation and a contemplative video projection, which can be experienced with the whole body and all senses. A multiplicity of strings create a geometrical form, whereas the projection contains a vivid choreography of fields with 26 different colours over time. The basis of “O.T. 923” is an archive of digital drawings, only consisting of straight lines, and a colour table, transferring the Latin alphabet. “O.T. 923” refers to the strings theory as one of two theories to close the gap between the general theory of relativity and the quantum theory. With its playful approach and without any illustration, string theory was the starting point for this sculptural intervention of defining space and interspace, surface and volume, projection and absence of light. @stefanreiss_ Learn more: . . . . #CODAworx #CODAmagazine #lightasart #publicart #lightart #stefanreiss #artmatters #artwatchers #germanartist #stringtheory #lumenmatrixexhibition #videoprojection #artinstallation #lumenprize #artandtech


Overview<p>GRID - Audio-Visual Live Performance & Light Art Installation GRID combines electronic live music, kinetic movement and light animation. 50 …

Modern Art

Plaza at Boston’s Prudential Center/888 Boylston by Mikyoung Kim Design . . . Located in the heart of Back Bay Boston, this plaza completes the sustainable mixed-use building that stands as the highest performing office building in New England. The planters are designed to rise out of fluid paving bands and are sculpted to create multiple seating opportunities within the plaza while the custom wind vanes feature color changing lights that are programmed to a weather sensor, transforming the plaza into a living wind diagram. @mikyoungkimdesign Learn more: . . . . #CODAworx #CODAmagazine #lightasart #publicart #lightart #placemakingart #landscapedesign #bostonart #publicartboston #artanddesign #commissionedart #commissionartist #commissionedartmatters

“Ethereal Bodies” by Cliff Garten . . . Commissioned by the San Francisco Arts Commission for the Zuckerberg General Hospital and Trauma Center in San Francisco, “Ethereal Bodies 8” creates a dynamic pivot point, activating the south entrance of the hospital and mediating arrivals and departures from the entry area. The ensemble of sculptures gathers sunlight by day and interacts prismatically with the programmable LED lights that illuminate the sculptures by night. The sculptures are further integrated into the site activities through motion sensors that change the sculpture’s colors as cars circle the roundabout. The sculptures’ anthropomorphic quality is complimented by their lightness and open structure. The transparency of the forms allows them to separate and recombine depending upon the viewer’s position offering a cinematic quality when viewed from a vehicle circling the entry drive. @cliffgartenstudio Learn more: . . . . #CODAworx #CODAmagazine #lightasart #publicart #lightart #placemakingart #cliffgarten #cliffgartenstudio #commissionedart #commissionartist #commissionedartmatters #sanfranciscoartscommission

Blue Sun

Overview<p>Blue Sun is a 3-meter (outer diameter) glowing blue tetrahedral loop that cantilevers outwards from the corner of the Alex Hotel, Perth WA. …



“My sculpture <i>Dandelions</i> was chosen by CODAworx as one of the hundred most interesting sculptures in public space in 2013. Due to this, I was invited …

Burj Khalifa

Polygonum 2.0

Overview<p>Polygonum 2.0 by Belgian artist Tom Dekyvere is a large geometrical rhizome construction of rope and reflective triangles lit with …

Modern Art

Juicy Lights

Overview<p>Juicy Lights, 6 large, stylized, stainless steel bunches of grapes (8 ft) hang from cables over the Ten Kate market in Amsterdam. The bunch …


"frequencies (light quanta)" by Nicolas Bernier

“Tower of Memory” by Warren Langley . . . The large light sculpture is a towering icon which transforms itself from day to night. Its post industrial appearance references the industrial precinct in which it is located and further contributes to the industrial archaeology of the site. The work provides a memory of the foundry chimney, no longer present and upon whose site it sits. Using the assumption that the pixel is akin to a 21st century molecule, the lighting effect in the large tower reveals itself as line drawings from distance which “pixilate” as the viewer approaches. Using the phenomena of colour mixing, the internal array of linear LED lighting creates a different hue in each of the penetrations (pixels) in the steel surface of the tower according to their positioning with the respect to the coloured light source. See more: . . . . #CODAworx #CODAmagazine #lightasart #publicart #warrenlangley #outdoorsculpture #lightart #pixelart #perthart #placemakingart #aussieartist #ArmatureDesignSupport

Viva Tree

Overview<p>"Viva Tree" is a light-based sculpture that is created from a series of helix type forms suspended from a ceiling plate shaped by four …


In Girum

Overview<p>"In Girum" is the first of a series of generative audiovisual installations by Pandelis Diamantides that reflects on our currently …


Dandelions Dubai

Overview<p>In November I designed and created fourteen Dandelion’s that are located next to the highest building in the world – Burj Khalifa. They are …

Burj Khalifa


Overview<p>Location: Yonsei Univ. International Campus, 162-1, Songdo-dong, Yeonsu-gu, Incheon, Korea Area: 680m2 Floor: marble, wood flooring Wall: …

South Korea

"WE" by Andy Arkley

Foundation Nightclub

Overview<p>Creating a series of glass lighting that would be part of a larger collective installation for new hot nightclub of Seattle. The original …



Overview<p>Neon, TTL Logic computer, acrylic mirrors stainless steel, concrete & tempered glass. 16'Lx8'Wx8'H


Jellyfish 3060

Overview<p>Inspired by ethereal jellyfish, five of these fixtures now hang together in the Bahamas. The design required a tall centerpiece that looked …


Telus Garden

Overview<p>TELUS garden has transformed an entire city block in the heart of downtown Vancouver. Its innovative design and master plan were created by …

Business (Canada)


Overview<p>Country Club Station, Metro - Central Mesa Light Rail Extension, Mesa, AZ 2015 Mesaflora, Light Rail Station sculpture, 30' x 10' x 24' …


Toronto Centre for the Arts

Overview<p>To adapt to changes in the live theatre market, the 1800-seat Toronto Centre for the Arts has been divided into two venues: a 300-seat black …


River of Light by Creatmosphere

Overview<p>River of Light is a multi-site light and sound installation that reflects on the ‘river and water use’ as a global issue through the local …


Ballroom Luminoso

Overview<p>Sponsored by PASA and the City of San Antonio, Ballroom Luminoso attempts to revitalize a depressed public space and transform the urban …

San Antonio