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Citizen Collaborators

Welcome to the July issue of <i>CODAmagazine</i>, where we share the best in design + art projects from all over the world. The magazine is published twelve …


Gaining STEAM: The Public Art of Jen Lewin

Before there was STEAM, there was Jen Lewin. Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math have driven Lewin’s education and work since she was a …


Waterlight Graffiti

MICRO-Double Helix

Overview<p>MICRO-Double Helix is an interactive, multi-media art installation brought to the Scottsdale Waterfront by Scottsdale Public Art for Canal …


UVA Storytelling Walls

Overview<p>Atlanta-based Stanley Beaman & Sears served as interior architect and environmental graphic designer for clinical spaces of the Battle …

I Am Indy

Overview<p>The "I AM INDY" campaign was a project of Visit Indy, Indianapolis' tourism bureau, with Indianapolis Cultural Trail, Inc., the entity that …


Liquid Crystal

Overview<p>This stand alone custom 3-sided interactive LCD public art tower feature is approx. 32 feet tall by 6 ft wide per side. Built of circular …


Overview<p>Halo has an ethereal presence and is a metaphor for an elusive reality while at the same time an interactive place for the children to gather …

Stainless Steel

The Consent

Overview<p>Temporary interactive gallery installation, 10'h x 30'w x 30'd. Corrugated plastic, stainless steel and handmade pillows. The work is one …

Stainless Steel

Light Shadow: MLK

Overview<p>Artist, musician, and architect Christopher Janney greeted students at a Cambridge, Massachusetts school as they encountered his latest …

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Pixel Flow by Claudia Paz Lighting Studio

<i>Pixel Flow</i> is an immersive interactive light and sound installation created for the people to explore emotive experiences and trigger in them …


La Brea Playground

Overview<p>Interactive Sculpture Playground. Alandele Circle Park, La Brea Apartments, LA. This is an enlarged-in-scale sculpture of a fossil-like saber …



Overview<p>How can our buildings respond to data and become informative and dynamic urban interfaces? Lightswarm is a 70-foot wide, three-story high …

Future Cities


Overview<p>eFLOW is an interactive sculpture exploring the unique capabilities of E Ink Prism™, a color-changing film developed by E Ink. The sculpture …


The Theory of Chance

Overview<p>For our project ‘The Theory of Chance’, our goal was to design a multi-layered installation utilizing the generative transformation of …


Rana Abboud's "CLAPICONIA" in Sydney, Australia #CODAmagazine #teaser #interactiveart #publicart #art #design

CIBC Just for Kids Clinic

Overview<p>This project involved the renovation of 11,000 square feet of clinical space located within the pediatric floor of St. Joseph’s Health Centre …

Bay Street


Overview<p>THE DREAM CITY, Pearl, Doha Qatar, 2015; interactive art installation; 30 tons of colored sand, plywood, 1360x860x110 cm


Neon Planes

Pop-Up Community Record Shop Listening Room

Overview<p>This project transformed a 300 SF empty public storefront at a local community radio station into a pop-up listening room and record shop. …


Shailesh Parikh's 2015 "Samir Shah" in Vandodara, India #CODAmagazine #teaser #interactiveart #art #design #architecture #CODAartist

Play with the Rays

Overview<p>The Play with the Rays project was about taking a once static space and transforming it into a place that promotes communal activity and …

Tampa Bay Rays

2016 LAB ART Show

Miami Makers Pavilion

Artists Mitchell Chan and Bradley Hindson's "Still Life" in Edmonton, Canada #CODAmagazine #teaser #interactiveart @mitchellfchan

Spoon Wall 2.0

Overview<p>The Spoon Wall 2.0 works as a temporal layer superimposed on the existing urban tissue to increase public engagement with and within the …


Pixel Flow

Overview<p>Is an immersive interactive light and sound installation created for the people to explore emotive experiences and trigger in them …


Sidewalk Harp

Minneapolis-Saint Paul

SHRINE: a Torii Gate

Overview<p>SHRINE : a Torii Gate . Kobe Biennale 2015. 300 recycled loudspeakers, Bluetooth receivers, microphone, line in, amplifiers. A 4-channel …