CODAmagazine: Healing Art II

By CODAworx | The creative process as a healing force: design + art projects intended to help us repair, soothe, and reflect amidst our surroundings.

The Creative Process as a Healing Force

Welcome to the June issue of <i>CODAmagazine</i>, where we share the best in design + art projects from all over the world. The magazine is published twelve …


Looking Up: The Art of Daniel Goldstein

It’s hard to say which is more remarkable: a chance meeting with your idol in New York City, or that you’re a fifteen-year-old kid and your idol …


Sound Installation for UW Hospital


Joe Gitterman's 2015 "The Healing Knot" at Norwalk Hospital, CT #CODAmagazine #teaser #CODAartist #healingart #stainlesssteel #art #design #sculpture

Project: Zev Yaroslavsky Family Center

Overview<p>A new 212,000 sf, five-story Family Support Center in San Fernando Valley, California consolidates seven Los Angeles County family services …

Los Angeles

Project: LYNX CLUB Business &amp; Beauty

Overview<p>Interior 1-2 floors in space style. Consisting of a lobby, bar and five halls with pools to 2 floors, damp steam rooms, a recreation area, …


Project: Prosthetic Skins

Overview<p>The purpose of this project/research was to develop a cosmetic skin for a volunteer amputee with an existing prosthesis. Each skin was …

Product Design

Project: Jerry house

Overview<p>Jerry House is the holiday home at Cha Am Beach of Mr. and Mrs. Sahawat who have four sons. In 2011, they asked Onion to turn their seaside …


Project: American Family Children's Hospital Diagnostic Imaging Pavilion

Overview<p>UW Hospital selected me to work with them in decorating a new Diagnostic Imaging Pavilion in their American Family Children's Hospital. They …

Children's Hospital

Project: Davids Knot in Flames

This sculpture was created as a tribute to my son David Antar, who passed away October 28, 2013. It was carved from a 1,500 pound block of Greek …


Project: Crime scene at 11th and Atkinson

Overview<p>This sculpture is meant to be a narrative of the shooting and murder of two young men hanging out on a street corner in Milwaukee on a day …



Overview<p>This installation in a military healthcare facility for Air Force and Naval Air personnel references flight with seventeen lightweight …


Karen Schmidt Sculpture’s St. Jude in Healing Garden

Artist Karen Schmidt was commissioned to sculpt St. Jude after the Healing Garden was completed. She met with the building and design committee to …

Good News

Project: Nephrology at Children's Health

Overview<p>A 24,000 sq ft pediatric nephrology department on two floors of a large hospital complex, is designed to be a warm, inviting space with …



Overview<p>“THE INFINITE GREEN” is an example of a „green sculpture” which is a combination of steel and wood construction, soil and vegetating plants. …


Project: Sanctuary

Overview<p>Size of work:14' 11" total height, 10' 7" in structure height, 44" foundation height, 8' 8" height of openings. The materials consist of …

Stainless Steel

Project: National Immigration Law Center

Overview<p>National Immigration Law Center recently expanded/relocated. Their new suite would nearly triple the square footage of their existing space …


Gail Katz-James' 2012 "Found Treasures" at the Children's Hospital of MN, Minneapolis #CODAmagazine #teaser #CODAartist #healingarts #foundtreasures #interactiveexperiences

Project: Butterfly Effect

Overview<p>The original brief for this public art commission was to create artwork that would enhance the entry lobby of a (still to be designed) new LA …


Project: Lexington Regional Health Center

Overview<p>The project consisted of a large addition to the existing hospital that houses the New OutPatient Services and New Surgery Center. This …


Project: Infinite Awareness

Overview<p>This is a memorial for three victims of a hate crime that occurred in April 2014 at the campus of the Jewish Community Center in Kansas City. …

Kansas City

Jonathan Mandell's 2014 Nemours DuPont Children's Hospital Columns #CODAmagazine #teaser #CODAartist #healingarts #mosaics #pediatrics

Project: Graces

Overview<p>As part of the class action lawsuit settlement for breast cancer patients, Eastern Health agreed to establish a 150 square foot monument to …


Project: The Lounge

Overview<p>Roughly 650 patients ages 16-26 are treated at any given time of the year at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, and thanks to a …

Pete Townshend

Project: Autism: A Visual Journal

Overview<p>Coping with the reality of my daughter’s autism diagnosis I constructed a visual record of our daily struggle. For 10 years I created one …


Elizabeth Devereaux's 2015 St. Thomas More Reconciliation Chapel in Oceanside, CA

Allison Luedtke and Victoria Hovde's 2015 "Trillium: Gathering of Light" at the Woodwinds Health East Cancer Center #CODAmagazine #teaser #CODAartist #healingart #dorseyhovdeartdesign #trilliumblossoms #crystal #glass #hope #resiliency

Project: We Are Stardust

Overview<p>We Are Stardust is a curved, segmented art glass and steel feature located in the lobby of the Jack D. Weiler Hospital. Comprised of six …

New Orleans