2016 CODAvideo: Experience

By CODAworx | The best videos in this category will transport the viewer into the project's space and capture the fleeting moments behind experiencing a piece for the first time.

On this Week’s Magazine: Experiencing Commissioned Art

Welcome to the fourth and final of four 2016 CODAvideo: Magazine Editions. Published in <i>CODAmagazine</i>, the CODAvideo program recognizes the best videos …


SenseScape by Patten Studio

To engage seasoned tech executives and millennials alike, we needed to present an interactive environment that pushed the boundaries of Intel’s …

Marine Biology

Luminothérapie - Impulse

Project: Luminoth&eacute;rapie - Impulse

Overview<p>Impulse is an interactive work comprised of seesaws of various sizes, with lighting and sound. The seesaws, fitted with LED lights and …


Pathless Woods

Project: Pathless Woods

Overview<p>‘Pathless Woods’ is an interactive, site-specific installation, consisting of over 24 miles of multi-colored satin ribbon. The visitor is …


Kinetic Bonfire

Project: Kinetic Bonfire

Overview<p>Kinetic Bonfire is a bicycle powered sculpture that requires participants to ride bicycles in order to generate power to drive the sculpture …


From Here To There : The High Trestle Trail Bridge

Project: From Here To There : The High Trestle Trail Bridge

Overview<p>The project, entitled “From Here to There,” for the High Trestle Trail Bridge, is both a physical and symbolic connection to the fifth …

Project Management

4 Elements

Project: 4 Elements

Overview<p>4 Elements presents how a physical occurrence can be felt, touched or perceived, confronting the audience with the characteristics of each of …


Lake of Illusions

Project: Lake of Illusions

Overview<p>Where poetic storytelling meets offbeat architecture. Lake of Illusions is a permanent nighttime spectacular built at the heart of Happy …


Sidewalk Harp

Project: Sidewalk Harp

Overview<p>Sidewalk Harp in Minneapolis, MN changes a city street and it's community through light and sound.<p>Goals<p>Sidewalk Harp is a permanent, outdoor …


Lights On Tampa

Project: Lights On Tampa

Overview<p>Lights On Tampa (LOT) is a biennial program that allows residents and visitors to reimagine Tampa’s downtown through innovative and …

National Endowment for the Arts


Project: May-September

Overview<p>This proposal began with an interest in challenging the typical notion of the parking garage as an unappreciated infrastructural typology by …



Project: SenseScape

Overview<p>SenseScape is a multi-sensory interactive installation featuring Intel’s latest suite of technologies in IoT and computer vision at CES, the …

Consumer Tech


Anne Patterson<br>United States<p>Anthony Castronovo<br>United States<p>Carina Rocha<br>Portugal<p>City of Tampa<br>United States<p>ECA2<br>China<p>Jen Lewin Studio<br>United States<p>Patten …

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