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No one fired at Rolling Stone. Really?

No one at Rolling Stone magazine is going to be fired: How can that be?

Rolling Stone wants the damning report by Columbia Journalism School to be a moment when the magazine begins to restore its battered reputation. But observers are asking if it can really do that without any punishment for staff …


John Oliver lands Edward Snowden interview from Russia

HBO comedian John Oliver scored his biggest coup yet: an in-depth interview in Russia with whistleblower Edward Snowden.

The comedian surprised viewers on Sunday night by revealing that he visited Russia last week and met with Snowden, who leaked a trove of documents about the American government's …

John Oliver

Major 'failures' found in Rolling Stone's 'A Rape on Campus'

An institutional failure at Rolling Stone resulted in a deeply flawed article about a purported gang rape at the University of Virginia, according to an outside review by Columbia Journalism School professors.

The review, published Sunday night, says the failures were sweeping and "may have spread …

Brian Stelter

CBS taps John Dickerson to succeed Bob Schieffer as 'Face the Nation' host

CBS named its political director, John Dickerson, as the new host of "Face the Nation" on Sunday.

The news was announced on air by broadcasting legend Bob Schieffer, who has hosted the Sunday morning political show for 24 years. He said on Wednesday that he would retire.

Dickerson has been the …

John Dickerson

NPR taps new boss for news operation - Mar. 19, 2015

NPR's newsroom has a new boss: Michael Oreskes.

Oreskes, who has been a top editor at The Associated Press for the past seven years, will become NPR's senior vice president of news and editorial director at the end of April.

His appointment was announced on Thursday following a lengthy search. NPR's …

News Industry

YouTube without ads? Yes, for a price

YouTube is officially laying the groundwork for an ad-free version of the video site. The catch is that viewers will have to pay for it.

The plan hasn't been publicly announced, but YouTube has contacted some of its best-known video creators to brief them on it.

The big question, impossible to answer …


HBO still hasn't heard from Scientology lawyers for 'Going Clear'

The Church of Scientology is notoriously litigious. But in the two weeks since HBO premiered the controversial documentary "Going Clear," there have been no legal threats from the church, according to the channel's executives.

"Facts are stubborn things," HBO CEO Richard Plepler said in an interview …


Washington Post: Treatment of jailed journalist is 'simply appalling'

With Washington Post reporter Jason Rezaian about to go on trial in Iran, the newspaper's top editor says it is "simply appalling" that Rezaian is not receiving fair access to a defense attorney.

"We call again on Iran to demonstrate its commitment to fairness, justice and to following its own law," …


HBO to Periscope: Please monitor for people who are stealing our shows

People using Periscope to illicitly stream HBO's "Game of Thrones" to their friends are now on notice — literally.

HBO on Tuesday confirmed that it has sent take down notices to the Twitter-owned live video streaming service. Periscope, in turn, has reportedly taken action against the infringing …


Politico opening up in new states - Apr. 15, 2015

Politico will arrive in several more states this year as part of what the company says is a bid to rebuild statehouse political coverage.

The Washington-based publication said Wednesday that the New York political and media site it purchased in 2013, Capital New York, will be renamed Politico New …

Brian Stelter

Reliable Sources has a new website!

For the latest Reliable Sources updates, including show clips each week, visit the new Reliable Sources website on CNN.com.

#TheDress: 73 million page views

Last week the Internet was mesmerized by the color scheme of #TheDress. On Monday, Tumblr reported just how enthralled the Internet was.According to Tumblr, the original post of #TheDress has pulled in 73 million page views since being posted on the site on Thursday.Yes that's right. Seventy. …


'Question everything,' says the creator of Netflix's 'House of Cards'

Netflix's "House of Cards" is back for a third season, and the binges are underway.

If you're avoiding spoilers, rest assured -- there are none here. As the show's creator Beau Willimon says, a twist you don't see coming is "a magical thing."

"I'm going to sound sort of corny here," Willimon said, …


Brian Williams makes first public appearance since suspension

Brian Williams emerged from seclusion this weekend to make his first public appearance since NBC News suspended him in February.

The embattled anchor turned up at a fundraiser Saturday to help save his high school alma mater, Mater Dei Prep in Middletown, New Jersey, from shuttering its doors later …

Brian Williams

'Judge Judy' extends contract with CBS until 2020

"Judge Judy" will be holding court for a few more years, thanks to a new deal from CBS.

CBS TV Distribution announced on Monday that Judge Judy Sheindlin, the fiery host of the #1 rated show in first-run syndication, will be getting a multi-year deal that will keep her court series in session until …

Judge Judy

BuzzFeed's newest traffic driver: debate about the color of a dress

There are debates on the Internet... and then there was "The Dress."

If you were online on Thursday night, you know what happened: social media services were overrun with comments about the colors of a woman's dress. Some people saw black and blue; others saw white and gold.

It was a debate …


Disney's 'DuckTales' returning to TV in 2017 - Feb. 25, 2015

"DuckTales" (oooh oooh!) is coming back to TV.

Disney Channel announced on Wednesday that the beloved late 1980s animated series will be returning to TV in 2017 with all new adventures on its teen-orientated channel, Disney XD.

Produced by Disney Television Animation, the new series will bring back …

Walt Disney Company

HBO signs up John Oliver until 2017

It looks like John Oliver is staying put.

HBO announced Tuesday that it had renewed the popular weekly news satire "Last Week Tonight with John Oliver" until 2017.

The show kicked off its second season just two weeks ago. Its third season next year and a fourth one in 2017 will consists of 35 …

John Oliver

The Bill O'Reilly controversies: Where they stand

Bill O'Reilly is used to attracting criticism for what he says on Fox News. But over the last week, O'Reilly has mostly drawn scrutiny for what he did -- or didn't do -- long before he became the top-rated host in cable news.

What started with questions about his accounts from the Falklands War has …

Bill O'Reilly

Bill O'Reilly likes a fight, and his ratings show it

Are Bill O'Reilly's ratings up because of the controversy about discrepancies in his past reporting?

It sure looks that way to me.

On Wednesday night, O'Reilly averaged 705,000 viewers ages 25 to 54 -- up more than 35% from his year-to-date average of 516,000.

In fact, according to Fox, Wednesday's …

Bill O'Reilly

Bill O'Reilly has 'full support' from Fox News chief

With its biggest star facing damaging allegations, Fox News is putting up a united front.

A spokeswoman said network executives are in Bill O'Reilly's corner, in a statement to several media outlets.

"Fox News Chairman and C.E.O. Roger Ailes and all senior management are in full support of Bill …

Bill O'Reilly

Bill O'Reilly faces new questions: His JFK story

Just as Bill O'Reilly was trying to move on from a dispute over his war stories, the Fox News host suddenly has more questions to answer.

This time, the scrutiny is being directed at an account of his investigation into John F. Kennedy's assassination.

O'Reilly's telling of it has gone like this: In …

Bill O'Reilly

Bill O'Reilly forced to clarify remarks about murdered nuns

The questions keep piling up for Bill O'Reilly, and increasingly those questions are being raised by a liberal media watchdog that has long feuded with the conservative Fox News host.

The latest round of scrutiny, over a claim by O'Reilly that he "saw nuns get shot in the back of the head" in El …

Bill O'Reilly

The O'Reilly tapes: Phone recordings raise new questions about JFK story - Mar. 1, 2015

Phone recording debunks O'Reilly's JFK story

One evening in March more than 30 years ago, Gaeton Fonzi received a call from a man whose voice and name are now instantly recognizable.

"Hi Gaeton," the caller said. "Bill O'Reilly."

The year was 1977. O'Reilly, a young television reporter in Dallas, was …


Bill O'Reilly's 'war zone' stories questioned

After a Mother Jones report on Thursday asserted that Bill O'Reilly had made false claims about his coverage of the Falklands War in 1982, the Fox News host responded furiously.

In interviews, O'Reilly said the story was a "giant piece of defamation," "a lie," and a smear. He called one of the …

International Relations

MSNBC says 'prime time lineup is solid'

Is a prime time shakeup coming at MSNBC?

Maybe, but the channel is pushing back against a report that Rachel Maddow is about to replace one of her proteges, Chris Hayes.

However, change is definitely afoot at the network, as demonstrated by Thursday's twin cancellations of "Ronan Farrow Daily" and …

Chris Hayes

CBS staffers dispute Bill O'Reilly's 'war zone' story

Bill O'Reilly's account of a 1982 riot in Argentina is being sharply contradicted by seven other journalists who were his colleagues and were also there at the time.The people all challenge O'Reilly's depiction of Buenos Aires as a "war zone" and a "combat situation." They also doubt his …

International Relations

The New York Daily News exploring sale - Feb. 26, 2015

One of New York's two always-warring tabloids might have a new owner soon.

The New York Daily News is exploring a sale, according to Mort Zuckerman, the newspaper's owner for the past 22 years.

Zuckerman said in a memo to staffers on Thursday that the tabloid was approached "a few weeks ago" about …

New York

The secret of #TheDress: Mobile viewing

What matters most about #TheDress isn't the color scheme. It's the popularity of the story.

BuzzFeed's now-famous Thursday story -- simply titled "What Colors Are The Dress?" -- now looks like it'll become the sprawling web site's most-viewed post ever.

"We've had other huge hits," BuzzFeed editor in …