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By CNN Money | There's a new hacker story every day. In the fast paced world we live in, how safe are you really?

A hacker stole our $3,500 tax refund

For newlyweds Eric and Lauren Oxford, two teachers living on meager salaries in Massachusetts, their expected $3,500 tax refund meant everything.

They've been saving up diligently since 2013. Combined with their summertime lump pay, they'd have just enough to start shopping for their first home …

Tax Fraud

Nearly 1 million new malware threats released every day

Companies are struggling to fend off cyber attacks as hackers get faster, sneakier and more creative.

New reports from the Internet security teams at Symantec and Verizon provide an alarming picture of how difficult it's becoming for computer users to stay safe online.

Last year was a big one for …


How hackers spied on Asia for a decade

A group of hackers with suspected ties to Beijing has spent the past decade targeting governments, journalists and companies across Asia, according to cybercrime experts.

The activities of the group -- dubbed APT30 -- were detailed in a report published Monday by FireEye, a U.S.-based provider of …


Ex-NSA director: China has hacked 'every major corporation' in U.S.

The Chinese government -- seeking to steal valuable secrets -- has hacked into the computers at every major American company, according to the nation's former spy director.

Mike McConnell, who served as director of national intelligence under President George W. Bush, made the comments during a …


Premera health insurance hack hits 11 million people

A large American insurer said Tuesday that hackers broke into its computer systems last year, exposing the data of 11 million people.Premera Blue Cross, based in the Pacific Northwest, said hackers "may have" accessed millions of health profiles that included Social Security numbers, birthdays, …


FBI looking into whether ex-CIA and FBI officials' info was hacked

The FBI and Department of Homeland Security are looking into an Internet post made this week that claims to have revealed the home addresses of current and former top CIA, FBI and DHS officials.

An unidentified person -- or group -- uploaded the list to, a website that allows for …


You got hacked. Cybersecurity stocks soar

Companies keep getting hacked. And that's music to the ears of the executives and investors in cybersecurity companies.

February has been a phenomenal month for the overall stock market. The S&P 500 is up about 6%. But companies that help mitigate the damage from major attacks have done even …


The NSA failed to hack your phone

OK, so the U.S. National Security Agency may have attempted to hack your mobile phone. But relax! It looks like it failed to pull off the attack successfully.

Gemalto, the world's largest manufacturer of SIM cards, said it believes it was jointly hacked by U.S. and U.K. spy agencies.

At the time of …

National Security Agency

Sony Pictures - 10 worst hacks of all time - CNNMoney

Sony Pictures' epic hack is perhaps the worst of all time.

An unrelenting stream of embarrassing memos, hacked employee data and corporate secrets were exposed by hackers. All because a group of hackers, allegedly with ties to North Korea, wanted Sony to cancel its screening of The Interview, a …


Hackers are stealing your tax refund

The recent slew of massive hacks are costing you money -- your U.S. government tax refund.

Last year alone, hackers stole more than 6.5 million Social Security numbers. The number of SSNs stolen this year might be significantly higher, given the recent Anthem hack of 80 million customers. (The …


SIM cards hacked by U.S. and U.K. spies - report

A new privacy scare has surfaced for cellphone users around the world.

A report by The Intercept claims spy agencies from the U.S. and U.K. jointly hacked into the world's largest manufacturer of SIM cards in order to monitor mobile phones around the world.

The Intercept was co-founded by Glenn …

National Security Agency

Super-sneaky malware found in companies worldwide

A shadowy hacking group has infected computers at companies, universities and governments worldwide with the sneakiest malware ever.

That's according to a report Monday by Internet security company Kaspersky, which described a hacking campaign "that exceeds anything we have ever seen before." The …


Automakers don't protect you enough from car hackers, senator says - Feb. 9, 2015

Car makers are not doing enough to protect your safety and privacy from hackers, according to a new report from Senator Ed Markey.

We don't yet live in a world where hackers can crash your car. But computer engineers widely agree we're heading in that direction by connecting our cars to the Internet.


Iran hacked an American casino, U.S. says

It's been a year since American billionaire Sheldon Adelson's casino company was hacked. Now the blame is officially being placed on Iran.

For the first time, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper said the Iranian government was behind a damaging cyberattack on the Sands Las Vegas …

Middle East

Bitcoin fallacy led to Silk Road founder's conviction

Despite all the hype, Bitcoin isn't anonymous. It's electronic cash. And like anything digital, it leaves a trail of bits.The latest example? The guilty verdict in the trial of Ross Ulbricht, the kingpin behind the online drug bazaar Silk Road.His attorney took a stunningly odd approach to his …

Silk Road

Hackers stole from 100 banks and rigged ATMs to spew cash

Hackers have stolen approximately $1 billion in what could be one of the largest bank heists ever, according to a new report from the Internet security firm Kaspersky Lab.

Kaspersky said Sunday it has uncovered how hackers surreptitiously installed spying software on bank computers, eventually …


Hundreds of ISIS social media accounts shut down

Hundreds of social media accounts apparently linked to terrorist group ISIS have been shut down.

Hacking group Anonymous claimed responsibility for targeting nearly 800 Twitter accounts, 12 Facebook pages and over 50 email addresses because of their links with ISIS.

Twitter did not respond to a …

Social Media

What we know about the bank hacking ring - and who's behind it

It looks like a few Russian hackers have just pulled off the biggest bank heist ever.

The numbers are shocking: hundreds of millions of dollars were stolen from 100 banks in 30 countries. The exact amount is unknown at this point. On top of that, the banks could lose possibly hundreds of millions …


Top executives freak out about hackers - Jan. 22, 2015

Cybercrime is now the top risk banks face, Barclays CEO Antony Jenkins said Thursday.

In the light of the recent attack on Sony (SNE), fighting hackers is the top priority, not just for Barclays (BCS) but for any bank or big business, he told CNN at the World Economic Forum.

Jenkins told CNN's …

World Economic Forum

Anthem probe looking at China as possible source of hack

Anthem's computer experts, and private contractors the company has hired to investigate the hack, are convinced the breach of their systems came from China, according to government and private sector people involved in the investigation.

FBI investigators aren't ready to make that conclusion, …


Insurance giant Anthem hit by massive data breach

Hackers have stolen information on tens of millions of Anthem Inc. customers, in a massive data breach that ranks among the largest in corporate history.The information stolen from the insurance giant includes names, birthdays, medical IDs, social security numbers, street addresses, e-mail …


AT&T texts can be faked to hack you - Jan. 23, 2015

There's a problem with the way AT&T sends out customer alerts via text message: They're too easy to mimic.

With little effort, a scammer could send you alerts that look just like the real thing. Click on a link and the hacker will grab your login credentials -- or fool you into giving up your credit …


Apple's new security feature not good enough

After the celebrity iCloud hack last year, Apple promised to better protect customer accounts.

So Apple expanded a security feature called two-step verification for users who wanted it. Under this feature, if you want to log into your iCloud account from a new device, you'll need your phone.

That's …


Hackers tweet 'I am not Charlie' from French newspaper account - Jan. 21, 2015

Hackers forced their way into the Twitter account of France's "Le Monde" newspaper on Wednesday and posted "Je ne suis pas Charlie."

The message -- "I am not Charlie" -- was a corruption of "I am Charlie," the unity cry that spread in the wake of the attack on Charlie Hebdo, a satirical French …


Meet the vigilante who hacks jihadists

Anonymous isn't doing anything new by hacking Islamic extremist websites. A mysterious figure known as "The Jester" has been at it for five years.

Jester has single-handedly taken down dozens of websites that, he deems, support jihadist propaganda and recruitment efforts. He stopped counting at …


Obama proposal: Hacked companies have 30 days to fess up

In a State of the Union preview, President Obama on Monday demanded quicker confessions from companies that lose your data as well as better privacy for students.

One proposed law would give a company 30 days to let you know if your personal information -- such as your address or Social Security …


Take down any website for $3

The hacking group that claims it took down the Xbox and PlayStation networks on Christmas can now help you take down any website for the low, low price of $2.99.

Lizard Squad on Tuesday launched its "Lizard Stresser" website, which offers denial of service attacks to paying customers.

Denial of …


Is the government spying on you? Find out - Nov. 20, 2014

Uber is misogynistic, says targeted journalist

Are you concerned that the government is spying on you? A consortium of human rights activists claim a new app called Detekt will alert you if spies are watching.

Detekt works like an antivirus scan. Run it on your computer, and it tells you if the …

National Security Agency

Hackers recreate fingerprints using public photos

A German hacking group claims that it can recreate your fingerprints from the other side of the world.

At a cybersecurity convention in Hamburg last week, the "Chaos Computer Club" demonstrated how it can mimic a fingerprint just by analyzing photographs.

Fingerprints have been recreated from smudges …