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Ferguson: Man admits to shooting, police say

Jeffrey Williams admitted he fired the shots that struck two officers in Ferguson, police said, but claimed he wasn't aiming for them.

Nonetheless, the 20-year-old from the St. Louis area has been arrested for the shootings of two police officers during last week's protests in Ferguson, Missouri, a …


Opinion: Why would you want to be a cop?

Most of my students at John Jay College of Criminal Justice want to become police officers. I try to appeal to their better natures and encourage them to maintain their idealism. But sometimes when I ask, "Why do you want to be a cop?" it can seem like a warning.

Since December, two police officers …


Ferguson police deny beating shooting suspect

"Completely false."

That's how police are responding to allegations that they beat the man arrested for shooting two police officers during protests in Ferguson, Missouri, last week.

Jeffrey Williams, 20, has been charged with two counts of first-degree assault, a count of firing a weapon from a …


Man arrested in Ferguson officer shootings

A 20-year-old man from the St. Louis area has been arrested in connection with the shooting of two police officers during last week's protests in Ferguson, Missouri, a prosecutor said Sunday.

Jeffrey Williams was arrested late Saturday, and he has been charged with two counts of first-degree …

Ferguson, MO

Ferguson: Group seeks mayor recall signatures

Ferguson's police chief and other city officials are already out. Now some residents have told the Missouri city they'll try to oust the mayor, too.

Five residents Friday filed an affidavit saying they'll try to force a referendum on whether to remove Mayor James Knowles -- capping a tumultuous week …

Ferguson, MO

Tough task ahead for Ferguson's next chief

Empathy. Confidence. Passion. These are the traits the next police chief in Ferguson, Missouri, will need to shrink the ocean of distrust between community and police.

So says Cecil Smith. And maybe he should know.

Smith is the police chief in Sanford, Florida, another community rocked by racial …


Cops press probe; Ferguson mayor won't resign

Almost two days after two officers were shot and wounded at a Ferguson, Missouri, protest, investigators were still seeking breaks in the case, authorities said Friday.

"I cannot tell you an arrest is imminent, and there's certainly no one in custody," St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar told …


Brazile: Police, get friendly with community

With the ongoing protests over the shooting death by police of black teenager Tony Robinson in Madison, Wisconsin, the racist chanting of fraternity members at the University of Oklahoma, and now the inexcusable shootings of two police officers in Ferguson, Missouri, it's safe to say that the …


Ferguson security: State, county step in

With tensions running high after the shooting of two officers in Ferguson, Missouri, state and county police took over protest security in the St. Louis suburb Thursday.

St. Louis County Police and the Missouri State Highway Patrol are assuming "command of the security detail regarding protests," …


Police advocates: We worry about ambushes

Two police officers shot and wounded while standing guard outside the Ferguson, Missouri, Police Department early Thursday were deliberately targeted in what a police official called an "ambush."

Such ambush-style attacks were the leading circumstance in the surging number of shooting deaths of law …


Two officers shot outside Ferguson police dept.

Two police officers were shot in Ferguson, Missouri hours after the city's police chief resigned. CNN's Sara Sidner reports.


Ferguson city manager steps down

Ferguson City Manager John Shaw resigned Tuesday in the wake of a scathing Justice Department report.

The report blames Ferguson, Missouri, police and courts for abusive behavior that disproportionately targets African-American residents.

"Over the last several months I have done everything in my …

City Manager

Judge resigns, Ferguson cases moved

Ferguson's municipal judge has resigned and the city's court cases are getting moved after the U.S. Justice Department said the court discriminated against African-Americans.

"To help restore public trust and confidence in the Ferguson municipal court division, the Supreme Court of Missouri today …

Ferguson, MO

Madison police leaders: This won't be Ferguson

Reading the headlines out of Madison, Wisconsin, it's hard not to think about Ferguson, Missouri.

But law enforcement's response to the shooting of 19-year-old Tony Robinson will not unfold in the same chaotic, violent and distrusting way as the shooting of 18-year-old Michael Brown, Madison's top …


President Obama's remarks at #Selma50 - CNN.com

(CNN)Remarks of President Barack Obama in Selma, Alabama, as delivered:

It is a rare honor in this life to follow one of your heroes. And John Lewis is one of my heroes.

Now, I have to imagine that when a younger John Lewis woke up that morning 50 years ago and made his way to Brown Chapel, heroics …


Wisconsin man killed by officer not armed

Nineteen-year-old Tony Robinson was not armed when a Madison, Wisconsin, police officer fatally shot him, Police Chief Mike Koval said Saturday.

"We have to be clear about this," Koval said. "He was unarmed. That's going to make this all the more complicated for the investigators, the public, to …

Armed Robbery

Breaking down police statistics in the Ferguson report

The conversation gets heated when Anderson questions the St. Louis Police Officers Association's Jeff Roorda about the Ferguson report.


Ferguson mayor responds to scathing report

Ferguson Mayor James Knowles addresses some of the most biting criticism of his city in a report filed by the U.S. Department of Justice.

Ferguson, MO

Ferguson police officers quit after DOJ report

Racist emails -- like one that depicted President Obama as a chimpanzee -- resulted in three Ferguson, Missouri, city employees resigning or being fired, the city spokesman said Friday.

Police officers Capt. Rick Henke and Sgt. William Mudd resigned Thursday over the emails discovered during the …


Opinion: Ferguson's perfect storm of racism

If you were the member of a minority group and tried to create a system to control and oppress the majority, you could not have done a better job than the white leaders of Ferguson, Missouri.

Let's start with the demographics. Ferguson is small -- roughly 20,000 residents -- and is 67% black and 29% …

Race & Ethnicity

How Ferguson's tickets, fines violated rights

Loistine Hoskin cared for her old car as a sentimental possession, missing a tire while parked beside her home, until one day the city ticketed her for having a "derelict vehicle in driveway."

A tow truck took it away in 2009.

So began an odyssey with Ferguson police, municipal court and city hall …

Civil Rights

Ferguson police chief mum on federal report

Ferguson's police chief is ducking questions about his department and his future there in the wake of a scathing federal report.

"I need to have time to really analyze this report so I can comment on it," Chief Tom Jackson said Thursday in an exclusive interview with CNN.

He spoke one day after the …


Ferguson: No evidence Mike Brown had hands up

"Hands up, don't shoot" is now about more than the shooting that killed Michael Brown, but it's also not an accurate representation of the incident that sparked nationwide protests, federal investigators concluded in a report released Wednesday.

The Justice Department's investigation into Ferguson …

Mike Brown

Obama: Ferguson abuses not 'isolated'

President Obama said Friday that although he doesn't think the abuses of power in Ferguson are "typical" of America, there are individuals and possibly whole departments in American law enforcement that may struggle to prevent prejudice in their ranks.

"I don't think that is typical of what happens …

Ferguson, MO

O'Mara: Can the Ferguson PD be saved?

Early Thursday -- during the ongoing protests that continue to shake Ferguson, Missouri -- two police officers were shot. Such violence and lawlessness should never be tolerated. But the unrest during which it occurred demonstrates that the people of Ferguson have lost all confidence in their …


Document: Justice Department investigation of Darren Wilson - CNN.com

(CNN)The Justice Department formally closed its investigation of Ferguson Police officer Darren Wilson, declining to bring criminal charges for the killing of Michael Brown.

Justice Department

Justice Department on Ferguson: No Wilson charges

The Justice Department formally closed its investigation of Ferguson Police officer Darren Wilson, declining to bring criminal charges for the killing of Michael Brown.

In a report released Wednesday, prosecutors said that "Wilson's actions do not constitute prosecutable violations" of federal civil …


Obama warns cop body cameras are no 'panacea'

President Barack Obama on Monday cautioned against expecting easy answers to help ease tensions between communities and law enforcement after a task force unveiled its recommendations.

The 21st Century Policing Task Force unveiled a report recommending greater use of officer-worn body cameras, …


Mayor apologizes for wording in Tamir Rice case

Cleveland's mayor apologized Monday for the city's "poor use of words and our insensitivity" in the Tamir Rice case.

Mayor Frank Jackson told reporters the city was apologizing to the Rice family and the people of Cleveland for the wording of a legal filing last week, which said the death of Tamir, …

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