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She lost 145 pounds -- could you?

(CNN)One day, Kari Ianuale had had enough. The Nazareth, Pennsylvania, resident was embarrassed to discover that her size 24 pants no longer fit.

"I refused to go up yet another size," she said.

In July 2011, Ianuale officially began her weight loss journey, and what a journey it has been: In just …

Weight Loss

Healthy restaurant choices: How to decode the menu -

Decoding the restaurant menu: Words to avoid for healthful eating

(CNN) -- For many of us, eating out happens more often than we would like to admit. It's only natural that with our busy, can't-catch-a-break lifestyles we farm out cooking to our favorite local restaurants.

That's OK -- it's not so …


Weight loss success: 'Teacher of the Year' loses 270 -

Man loses 270 pounds, wins 'Teacher of the Year'

(CNN) -- "Gosh, I wanna be that guy again," Jeff Baxter would think when he remembered how it felt to be in shape.

The 66-year-old teacher wasn't exactly accustomed to the extra pounds he was carrying around. He had been a marathoner before what he …

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6 ways to straighten out smartphone slump with yoga

As you cradle your smartphone or lean into your laptop to read this, what's your posture like? Even if you aren't doing it right now, how much of your day is spent with your neck lurched forward, shoulders slumped and chest collapsed? All that time in "smartphone slump" not only makes you look and …


The 5 biggest breakfast myths

(Life by DailyBurn) -- The first meal of the day can have a very different meaning for different people. For some, it's grabbing a granola bar to nibble on during the morning commute; for others, it includes a big omelet with a cup of coffee at home.

Then there are the millions who forego grub in …


Theater buff loses 121 pounds, nabs lead role

(CNN) — Two years ago, Dino Mazzetti hit the lowest point of his life.

The Lake Zurich, Illinois, middle school music teacher was hovering dangerously close to 300 pounds and was feeling horrible.

Pain radiated in every joint in his body because of his weight. "I could barely bend over to tie my own …


Orthorexia: When healthy eating becomes an obsession

(<a href="" target="_blank">LIfe by DailyBurn</a>)Three years ago, after suffering from chronic abdominal pain, digestive problems …

Healthy Eating

15 best superfoods for fall

16 photos: Photos: 15 superfoods for fall

15 best superfoods for fall – The weather is getting cooler, but your produce choices are heating up. These amazing superfoods, picked by our friends at, are either hitting their peak in the garden or can easily be found in your local farmers …

Seasonal Food

Yoga poses to help you touch your toes

Dana Santas is the creator of Radius Yoga Conditioning, a yoga style designed to help athletes move, breathe and focus better. She's the yoga trainer for the Philadelphia Phillies, Pittsburgh Pirates, Tampa Bay Lightning, Orlando Magic and dozens of pros in the MLB, NHL, NBA and NFL.

(CNN)The …


Weight loss winners

13 photos: Weight loss winners

Weight loss winners – Each year TOPS, a nonprofit weight loss support organization, recognizes members who followed the club's slogan of "Taking Pounds Off Sensibly." Victoria Brazzle from Pahrump, Nevada, lost 101 pounds. Click through the gallery to see more success …

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Weight-loss success: Power walker loses 150 pounds -

Power walker loses 150 pounds

(CNN) -- In the fall of 2011, Jen Corn was the heaviest she had ever been.

At 5 feet 6 inches, Corn weighed more than 300 pounds. Her mother and aunt had just offered to pay for her to have weight-loss surgery. But Corn knew the price tag was hefty: around $15,000.

"I …

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Is diet soda really better?

(CNN) — Soda makers want to cut the number of calories you're drinking each year. At the Clinton Global Initiative on Tuesday, the big three -- Coke, Pepsi and Dr Pepper -- pledged to reduce the number of beverage calories Americans are consuming by 20% over the next decade.

The announcement doesn't …


Hate running? 25 ways to learn to love it

(CNN) — Running is boring. It's hard. It hurts. It's lonely. And it doesn't give you immediate results. Right?

While we don't think any of these are necessarily good excuses (or altogether true!), we do understand it's not always love at first run for anyone who ever decides to lace up and hit the …


Should you eat before a workout?

(Life by DailyBurn) -- Anyone who makes fitness a priority has experienced that moment when a slight tummy rumble comes along just as you head out to the gym.

But do you grab a snack to get more out of your workout? Or skip the food to avoid stomach cramps and potentially "undo" everything you're …


Weight loss success: 'Sumo wrestler' to distance runner -

From 'sumo wrestler' to distance runner

(CNN) -- Yusuke Kirimoto was always overweight.

When he visited his relatives in Japan, they would jokingly say, "the sumo wrestler is back." Their comments were meant to be funny, but Kirimoto still felt the sting.

Kirimoto and his wife Megumi had their …


Weight loss success: Dance class saved my life -

One dance class changed her life

(CNN) -- Angela Baldwin can pinpoint the day she changed the course of her life.

Her friend invited her to a dance fitness class in March 2013. Baldwin tried to think of an excuse to skip it, but couldn't come up with one so she reluctantly tagged along.

At this point, …

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Train your brain to crave healthy food

(CNN) -- It may be possible to rewire your brain so that it wants -- craves, even -- healthier foods.

How? By following a healthy diet.

We know, that wasn't the quick fix to afternoon ice cream binges you were hoping for. But this research could lead to a more sci-fi solution to the obesity …

The Brain

Meet CrossFit's Fittest Man on Earth

Picture it: A four-day competition, with two to four workouts a day that consist of running, swimming, muscle-ups, 345-pound squat cleans, handstand push-ups, rope climbs, double unders, handstand walks, 245-pound overhead squats and more, against 43 of the most in-shape competitors you know, all …


What they don't tell you about losing weight -

What they never tell you about losing a lot of weight

(CNN) -- At 27 years old, I weighed 486 pounds and decided to have gastric bypass surgery. I know what you might be thinking: "Oh, you took the easy way out."

Let me tell you, having weight loss surgery is far from easy. It involves a total …

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Why ab workouts are a waste of time

(CNN) -- You've been trying forever to get that elusive six-pack: the holy grail of fitness goals. None of the gizmos and doodads advertised online or on TV have worked, so you figure it's time to sign up for that 30-minute abs class at the gym.

Heck, what could be better for getting washboard abs …


Weight-loss success: He lost 225 pounds -

No longer lonely: He lost 225 pounds

(CNN) -- Throughout high school, Tevante Clark felt ashamed about being overweight.

It wasn't just his hefty size that depressed him, but the distance he felt growing between him and some of his closest friends. Over four years, he watched as his friends steadily …

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10 ways you're sabotaging your workout

If you've been working out for eight plus weeks and haven't started to reap the benefits yet, there's a good chance that one or more of these silent setbacks has found its way into your fitness regimen.

By being aware of bad habits and the effect they have, you can work to eliminate them from your …


6 ways to stop sciatic nerve pain with yoga -

6 ways to stop sciatica pain with yoga

(CNN) -- Sciatica is a real pain in the butt -- and, sometimes, in the leg and foot.

That's because the sciatic nerves, the longest nerves in your body, run bilaterally from the base of the spine through the deep muscles of the buttocks and all the way down the …


Weight loss success: Retired teacher loses 200 pounds -

Determined not to fail, retired teacher loses 200 pounds

(CNN) -- There are workout horror stories and then there's Kathleen Riser, who was mocked by the most unlikely of sources: a fitness trainer at the gym.

"There's another one who will break our equipment," she overheard one trainer say 2½ years …

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Need a new personal trainer? 10 signs you should switch -

10 signs you should break up with your personal trainer

(LIfe by DailyBurn) -- Choosing a personal trainer isn't as easy as walking into a gym and picking the first person you're introduced to who trains there.

A personal trainer needs to be exactly that -- personal. This is a person you'll trust to …


No pain, no gain? 5 myths about DOMS -

No pain, no gain? 5 myths about post-workout muscle soreness

(Life by DailyBurn ) -- You just crushed a really hard workout. You upped the load of your training, or you stepped out of your routine and tried a new activity. You feel great -- until you wake up the next morning, barely able to …


Fuel right! 9 triathlon nutrition rules

Six CNN viewers have been selected to be part of the 2015 Fit Nation triathlon team. They'll race alongside Dr. Sanjay Gupta in the Nautica Malibu Triathlon in September. As they train the six will share their stories about their Fit Nation experience.

A solid nutrition strategy will help your body …


21 pounds of excess skin removed after weight loss

I am a CNN Fit Nation alumna. I completed the Nautica Malibu Triathlon in 2013 with my Fit Nation teammates. But my journey to health really started more than two years ago.

My wake-up call came when I was unable to donate a kidney to my twin sister. Weighing 385 pounds, I wasn't fit even to be …

Weight Loss

Weight loss success: 'Big Ben' loses 145 pounds -

No more 'Big Ben': City leader loses 145 pounds

(CNN) -- The table was set with an unhealthy serving of his favorite foods: fried chicken, baked beans and an extra-large helping of macaroni and cheese. For some people, alcohol and cigarettes are unhealthy vices. For Ben Boukari Jr., food was his …

Big Ben