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Facebook 'dislike' button a comeback for negative thinking

(CNN) — We have all had the experience of being gagged by the "like" button on Facebook. As we scroll through our news feed, we sometimes come across stories that trigger loathing, sadness or even rage. But all we have is a like button. Sure, we can write a long message in the comment field. But …


Walls are not the solution

(CNN) — Presidential contender Donald Trump and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban have at least one idea in common. Both believe that to stem the tide of foreigners arriving in their respective countries, they must barricade their borders.

Trump wants a seamless wall on the U.S. southern border …


I'm a Republican, and I want Joe Biden to run

(CNN) — In my house, Ronald Reagan was a hero. Because of him, I became a Republican before I was old enough to vote, or even a citizen. At last count, I have three good friends running for the Republican nomination. I am supporting Jeb Bush for president. Unless Republicans end up nominating …


Trump tax plan: Great news for the wealthy

(CNN) — Earlier this September, Donald Trump, in his "typical staccato style," threw out a few preliminary ideas about tax reform. The part that drew the most attention was Trump's assertion that America's rich should pay higher taxes.

Now, we have further proof that Trump is becoming more and more …

Donald Trump

Will we love Trevor Noah?

(CNN) — America had its first--much anticipated--taste of Trevor Noah Monday night, as the South African comedian took his seat as the new host of "The Daily Show."

How'd he do?

It's clear that most of what audiences have come to love about "The Daily Show" will remain the same—the acerbic wit, the …

Trevor Noah

Grand Cayman's coral reefs must not be destroyed

(CNN) — Once upon a time, on a small island in the Caribbean, there was a picturesque harbor and lovely town overlooking clear emerald-blue waters and spectacular coral reefs. Visitors enjoyed dining at waterside restaurants, diving, snorkeling, glass bottom boat rides and even a submarine tour of …

Coral Reefs

Why beef is the new SUV

Lexingon, Texas (CNN) — This is the story of a giant pile of beef.

Well, 1.27 pounds (0.58 kilos) of brisket, to be exact.

But before I get into the business of explaining where this meat came from, and why eating this stuff has a massive, unexpected effect on climate change, I feel the need to …

Climate Change

If you ask for job flexibility, will you be punished?

(CNN) — Real flexibility -- the kind that gives you at least a measure of control over when and how you work in a week, a month, a year, and over the course of a career -- is a critical part of the solution to the problem of how to fit work and care together.

In most workplaces, however, flex …


How Colbert shamefully caved to Trump

(CNN) — Donald Trump hit "The Late Show" Tuesday night, and Stephen Colbert fans might have expected some fireworks, given that the host has mocked Trump mercilessly over the years. But that's not what happened.

Instead, we got a virtual bromance -- a disappointment and a missed opportunity. Trump …

Stephen Colbert

Bill de Blasio: The moral call for equality

(CNN) — Sometimes, history sneaks up on you. And sometimes you know it's coming.

I'm just one of the millions of New Yorkers eagerly anticipating Thursday's arrival of Pope Francis, which is sure to be one of the most extraordinary, and extraordinarily joyous, moments in the history of our city.

His …


Jeb Bush: How Catholic faith changed my life

(CNN) — Millions of American Catholics, like me, are excited that Pope Francis is making his first journey to the United States. In our Holy Father, we have a model of personal holiness and deep concern for the most vulnerable among us. He reminds us to speak out for the persecuted, advocate for …


U.N. chief: Listen to Pope Francis on climate action

(CNN) — I was honored to host His Holiness Pope Francis for a historic visit to the United Nations on the day that the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development will be adopted by some 150 world leaders. His has been a leading voice for urgent action to reduce poverty, enhance human dignity and …

Pope Francis

Saudi Arabia's troubling death sentence

(CNN) — On September 14, local media reported that an appeals court and Saudi Arabia's Supreme Court had upheld the death sentence of Ali al-Nimr for participating in protests four years ago. He was 16 at the time. Today, he awaits the execution of his sentence, which stipulates that al-Nimr should …

Saudi Arabia

Why conservatives must fight climate change

(CNN) — Pope Francis' visit to the United States has triggered an energetic debate about the morality of climate change.

In his May encyclical Laudato si, the Pope argued that virtue and faith demand an immediate response to global warming. Many conservatives reply that economic growth, best …


After Boehner, the deluge?

(CNN) — After his emotion-packed encounter with Pope Francis, House Speaker John Boehner appears to be a man who has achieved an inner peace -- but his resulting decision to step down could send disruptive ripples through our politics for some time to come.

Watching Boehner from afar Thursday, it …


Pope Francis, a man of courage and love

(CNN) — At times we underestimate the power that love has. Not just romantic love, but a love rooted in compassion, respect, understanding and hope for people you know as well as those you may never meet.

This love embraces our commonality by appreciating, first, our differences. This is the love I …

Pope Francis

Pope Francis and Donald Trump: Two kinds of power

Brian Frawley, a former Catholic priest, is a principal in the Boston office of Hay Group. His practice focuses on such areas as executive assessment, leadership development, and organizational effectiveness. The opinions expressed in this commentary are his.

(CNN)The curious connection that exists …

Donald Trump

Is Donald Trump sexist?

(CNN) — Is Donald Trump sexist? Nope, he's an equal opportunity offender.

His insult this time, quoted in an interview with Rolling Stone, was directed at GOP candidate Carly Fiorina's appearance: "Look at that face! Would anyone vote for that?"

At this point, I'm not sure why anyone is surprised. …

Donald Trump

Grim crisis within EU borders

(CNN) — Seventy-one decomposing bodies discovered in a truck on the side of an Austrian highway. Two hundred presumed drowned when their boat sunk off the Libyan coast. Fifty-two people found suffocated in the hold of another boat. This relentless catalog of death, within the space of 24 hours, is …

European News

Why ISIS wants to erase Palmyra's history

(CNN) — In "The Art of War," Sun Tzu notes that "the whole secret lies in confusing the enemy, so that he cannot fathom our real intent." ISIS is developing this logic in an obscene and seductive way, using the world's media to cultivate its barbaric image and recruit new members.

The austerely …

World History

What Curt Schilling learned after his bizarre tweet

Dean Obeidallah, a former attorney, is the host of SiriusXM's weekly program "The Dean Obeidallah Show." He is a columnist for The Daily Beast, editor of the politics blog The Dean's Report and co-director of the documentary "The Muslims Are Coming!" Follow him on Twitter: @TheDeansreport. The …


GOP needs to talk about Supreme Court

(CNN) — When the next president is sworn in on January 20, 2017, three of the Supreme Court's justices will be in their eighties. Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Anthony Kennedy and Antonin Scalia -- a liberal, a moderate, and a conservative, respectively -- have all served for at least two decades, but a …

Republican Party

Virginia Tech survivor: The gun lobby's foolish answer

(CNN) — Early Wednesday morning, Alison Parker and Adam Ward were on assignment in Moneta, Virginia -- Parker as a reporter and Ward as a cameraman. Working for WDBJ7, Roanoke's CBS affiliate, they were working on a story about the 50th anniversary of Smith Mountain Lake and interviewing Vicki …


Ashley Madison hack: Privacy becomes extinct

(CNN) — Scientists theorize that about 65 million years ago, a huge asteroid smashed into our planet, causing vast waves to course across the oceans, igniting runaway wildfires and sending plumes of ash into the air that blotted out the sun, bringing on an endless winter. The result of this event — …

Ashley Madison

The real issue behind on-air killings of journalists

(CNN) — As day follows night, the stunning killings of journalists Alison Parker and Adam Ward in Roanoke, Virginia -- a gruesome crime caught on live television -- all too quickly became grist for politicians and ideologues to argue about their favorite issues, while skipping the elephant in the …


The forgotten victims of disaster

(CNN) — Ten years ago, Hurricane Katrina made its devastating landfall on the Gulf coast of Louisiana and Mississippi. The subsequent failure of levees and emergency response systems in and around New Orleans caused a level of human death, displacement and property damage unseen in living …

New Orleans

Should media show on-air killings?

(CNN) — After two journalists in Virginia were shot dead on air Wednesday, news organizations and other media faced a decision: With dramatic video of a crime available --some of it shot by the killer himself -- were they obliged to put it on air and publish it? Some did, in a limited way, others


Is America forgetting American values?

(CNN) — Khadija Ismayilova, an Azerbaijani journalist working for the congressionally funded Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, has been sitting behind bars in Baku since December and faces up to 19 years in prison.

With the number of journalists jailed around the world surging, a case like hers …


One way to combat traffic congestion

(CNN) — Most of us who live or work in major urban areas are confronted with traffic congestion challenges every day. Recently, the Urban Mobility Scorecard estimated there is an average congestion delay of 52 hours per year per car commuter in the top 101 urban areas in the United States. This …


The spirit of being, looking 'fresh'

Sacha Jenkins is the director of "Fresh Dressed," which will premiere as a CNN Films broadcast on Thursday, September 3, at 10 p.m. ET. He is also the creative director for Mass Appeal magazine. The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of the author.

(CNN)Silver Spring, Maryland, …

New York City