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Police shootings not up, news coverage is

It feels like every week, a name is added to the list: another man, often black and unarmed, has died at the hands of police.

Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Tamir Rice, Jason Harrison, Walter Scott, Eric Harris, Freddie Gray, to name a few.

The headlines make it feel as if the country is experiencing an …


Baltimore man dies one week after arrest

More than a week after Freddie Gray was arrested in Baltimore, and a day since he died, authorities are still scrambling to find out exactly what happened and why.

"I'll tell you what I do know, and right now there's still a lot of questions I don't know. I know that when Mr. Gray was placed inside …


Police caught on camera: The good and the bad

Americans are zoning in -- and weighing in -- every week on what cops are up to. They've had to, because cameras are everywhere -- in phones, on dashboards and on officers' uniforms.

And with social media at everyone's fingertips, Ferguson, Staten Island and North Charleston have gone from hidden …


Does more money make you happier at work?

It's not every day that a CEO voluntarily slashes his salary by 90% after reading an academic article.

Yet in the case of Dan Price, founder of Gravity Payments, that's exactly how it happened. After reading a study showing that for workers earning under $75,000 there's a strong connection between …

Job Satisfaction

Who gave this reserve cop a gun? (Opinion)

Robert Bates, 73, shot and killed a man while playing cops and robbers with real police.

Bates was a reserve deputy sheriff, which allowed him to "work full time jobs in the community and volunteer ... time in a myriad of events such as the Special Olympics and Tulsa State Fair," according to the …


Gupta: Time for medical marijuana revolution

I see signs of a revolution everywhere.

I see it in the op-ed pages of the newspapers, and on the state ballots in nearly half the country. I see it in politicians who once preferred to play it safe with this explosive issue but are now willing to stake their political futures on it. I see the …


Opinion: Could your plane be hacked?

Imagine this: A terrorist hacks into a commercial airplane from the ground, takes over the controls from the pilots and flies the plane into the ground. It sounds like the plot of some "Die Hard" reboot, but it's actually one of the possible scenarios outlined in a new Government Accountability …


Opinion: Risky reliance on Russia space tech

The United States has gained much from its position as a space-faring nation. Indeed, U.S. access to space has provided incredible benefit to U.S. national security, defense and the economic well-being of the nation. And in order to effectively confront current and future conflicts, combat …


Opinion: How did gyrocopter land at Capitol?

Just before writing this column, I reached into the depths of my wallet, and in between the pilot licenses, I slid out a postage stamp-size certificate issued by the Federal Aviation Administration.

The certificate documents my successful completion of the DC Special Flight Rules Area, or SFRA, …


The big gay wedding cake quiz

1. A restaurant in Nevada has a sign on its window, "No shirt, no shoes, no service." A person in a wheelchair comes into the restaurant with no shirt. The restaurant refuses him service.


LEGAL! A restaurant can refuse service based on a dress code, as long as it applies the same …

Gender Equality

Borger: Can Hillary Clinton escape her fame?

It is not hard to imagine the conversations inside the Hillary Clinton camp prelaunch: How do we take the best known woman in the world and make her seem like less of a big shot?

How can the people in Iowa and New Hampshire get to know the "real Hillary," the Midwestern Methodist? (As a friend told …

New Hampshire

Opinion: The shame of Aaron Hernandez

We want our killers to be kind. To walk into court and show remorse, tell us that they are really nice people who only did it because they feared for their lives, or they were temporarily insane. Even though those things may not be true, too often they are accepted as legitimate excuses for …

Aaron Hernandez

Perry: RFK Jr.'s strange remarks on autism

Recently, Robert Kennedy Jr. was in Sacramento, California, to campaign against Senate Bill 227, which makes it harder for parents to opt out of vaccinations. In his remarks at an anti-vaccination movie screening, he decided to compare "vaccine-induced" autism to the Holocaust. He said, "They get …


Ghitis: What jihadis plan for women

There is a special kind of hell reserved for the women who fall into the clutches of today's Jihadi fighters.

We are all familiar with the brutality of ISIS, the self-anointed Islamic State, or Boko Haram, the Nigerian terrorists who have pledged allegiance to ISIS.

This new wave of violent Islamist …

Women's News

Opinion: Why we're obsessed with happiness

As humans, we're consumed by questions of happiness. We have been at least since we started writing literature, about 5,000 years ago.

As individuals, we typically start to think about happiness as adolescents, when we come to self-consciousness.

Happiness enters our consciousness anxiously. It …


Lombard: Are travel selfies narcissistic?

With spring breaks concluding or starting -- depending on where you live in the world -- everyone seems to be taking travel photos. No longer are these photos shared days or weeks after a trip, but instead, they are often shared from the very tourist site they're taken from.

Instead of living in the …

North America Travel

Opinion: Who enables spring break rapes?

The viral video of an alleged gang rape in Panama City Beach, Florida, during spring break has everyone talking about the apparent crassness of onlookers who stood by as the alleged incident unfolded.

Predictably -- and appropriately -- there is a lot of hand-wringing about both crowd indifference …

Spring Break

Mo. guardsmen: Ferguson protesters the 'enemy'

As the Missouri National Guard prepared to deploy to help quell riots in Ferguson, Missouri, that raged sporadically last year, the guard used highly militarized words such as "enemy forces" and "adversaries" to refer to protesters, according to documents obtained by CNN.

The guard came to Ferguson …


In North Charleston, a price is being paid

Jeffrey Spell felt embarrassed the flowers were cheap lilies left over in the grocery store from Easter. He carried them solemnly into the park where Walter Scott was shot and killed by a police officer a week ago.

Once there were trailers here, on each side of the asphalt. I can still see the …


How easy is it to confuse a gun for a Taser?

On the surface, the mix-up seems incomprehensible: How can a volunteer sheriff's deputy accidentally fire a handgun instead of a Taser, killing a man?

That's apparently what happened in Tulsa, Oklahoma, when a 73-year-old reserve deputy, Robert Bates, killed Eric Harris. Bates said he meant to use …


Deputy charged in Tulsa shooting

The Tulsa County deputy who shot and killed a man instead of using his Taser now faces a manslaughter charge.

Video shows Reserve Deputy Robert Bates announcing he is going to deploy his Taser after an undercover weapons sting on April 2, but then shooting Eric Courtney Harris in the back with a …


New audio captures aftermath of South Carolina shooting -

Story highlights

In the first recording, an unidentified officer talks to Slager about what might happen
• The second audio captures a phone call between Slager and someone CNN believes is his wife

(CNN)Two pieces of audio recorded in the immediate aftermath of a deadly police shooting in South Carolina …

South Carolina

Did police use excessive force? A look at 3 cases -

Story highlights

In three cases, critics accuse police of using too much force
• Lawyers for police say they acted appropriately and were physically threatened

(CNN)A man dies in police custody after a dog allegedly mauls him. A mentally ill man is shot dead after his family calls police asking for …


Lessons learned from Ferguson to S. Carolina

The shootings' main similarity is that the officer was white and the victim was black and unarmed. Outside of that, the highly publicized police shootings in Ferguson and North Charleston bear only mild resemblance.

So what's changed between the shooting death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, …

Ferguson, MO

South Carolina police shooting victim: Who was Walter Scott? -

Story highlights

Walter Scott owed over $18,000 in back child support payments, documents show
• Walter Scott had four children and served in the Coast Guard, his brother says
• He was shot in the back and killed by a North Charleston police officer

(CNN)The world learned his name after he was killed by a …

Walter Scott

What we know about Michael Thomas Slager

Officer Michael Slager's five-year career with the North Charleston Police Department in South Carolina ended after he resorted to deadly force following a routine traffic stop.

Slager, 33, has been fired, officials said Wednesday. His wife is eight months' pregnant and the city will continue paying …


S.C. cop shoots unarmed man: A timeline

The stark video of a South Carolina officer gunning down an apparently unarmed black man as he ran away with his back to police has prompted an equally fast-moving reaction by officials and the public alike.

The video is being dissected frame by frame by authorities and media outlets, all in an …


South Carolina shooting: Witness speaks

Feidin Santana, the man who recorded a South Carolina police officer fatally shooting a fleeing, unarmed man, told CNN on Thursday night he was told by another cop to stop using his phone to capture the incident.

"One of the officers told me to stop, but it was because I (said) to them that what …

South Carolina

What did officer drop after shooting man?

The officer charged with murder in the shooting death of an unarmed black man in South Carolina has been fired as anger continues to build around his case.

A video shows Officer Michael Slager, who is white, firing eight shots at 50-year-old Walter Scott as Scott has his back to him and is running …

Walter Scott

Love: What Walter Scott's death reminds us

On Tuesday, a white police officer in North Charleston, South Carolina, was charged with murder for shooting an unarmed black man in the back. Officer Michael Slager was arrested after raw video surfaced showing him firing numerous shots at Walter Scott as Scott ran away from a traffic stop.

The …

Walter Scott