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Amazon Prime: 20 benefits every member gets

A full list of all the stuff that is (and isn't) included with your Prime subscription -- including new deals from Whole Foods.<p>Amazon Prime is best known for two things: free two-day shipping and Netflix-style video streaming. Those are decidedly worthwhile perks, especially considering the …

Tech Trends

Sous vide machine maker Sansaire to shut down

The Seattle-based startup, which debuted its sous vide device on Kickstarter, will close over the next 12 months.<p>Sansaire, a startup that created connected cooking tools for sous vide cooking, announced Wednesday it would shut down operations and end production of its newest, crowdfunded device, …


Apple HomePod: Everything you can do with Siri

Just how much can Siri do on the HomePod? It's actually quite a bit.<p>Following the release of the HomePod ($349.00 at Apple), Apple's personal assistant, Siri, has faced its fair share of criticism for what it can't do. But what about what Siri can do? Let's take a look.<p>Using the HomePod to listen …

Tech Trends

Ring's Spotlight Cam turns on LEDs when it detects activity

Latest Stories<p>Yes, Volvo will do a new V60 Cross Country<p>Enter for a chance to win* some awesome 'Black Panther' swag<p>How to handle cryptocurrency on your taxes<p>Conservatives outraged by reported #TwitterLockout<p>2019 Volvo S60 reveal set for South Carolina this summer<p>Blade Shadow tried to slay my PC, …

Smart Homes

The Nest Cam IQ Indoor is now also a Google Assistant speaker

A free software update turns your Nest Cam IQ Indoor into a Google Assistant speaker.<p>Nest on Wednesday officially added Google Assistant to its $299/£299 Nest Cam IQ Indoor. The necessary hardware is already <i>inside</i> the 1080p HD security camera, according to the smart home brand, so you simply have …

Smart Homes

Give your Amazon Echo or Dot a makeover for 30 percent off

If Alexa isn't fitting well with your decor, wrap her in a lovely sleeve of Toast. Plus: return of the $10 label-maker!<p><i>CNET's Cheapskate scours the web for great deals on PCs, phones, gadgets and much more. Questions about the Cheapskate blog? Find the answers on our FAQ page. Find more great buys</i> …


These smart displays show you the answers to your questions

Worth a thousand words<p>The Amazon Echo Show<p>Amazon Echo Spot<p>Google's smart displays<p>Lenovo Smart Display<p>JBL Link View<p>Third-party Shows<p>Lynky<p>Brilliant Control<p>Titan AI

Smart Homes

The new Wyze Cam v2 is still only $20

The best cheap Wi-Fi camera just got even better -- without a price increase. Plus: See "Black Panther" (or any other movie) for just $5.<p><i>CNET's Cheapskate scours the web for great deals on PCs, phones, gadgets and much more. Questions about the Cheapskate blog? Find the answers on our FAQ page.</i> …

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7 ways to use Alexa around the office

You know how to use Alexa at home, but what about work? Here are 7 ways to put Alexa to work… at work.<p>We typically think of smart speakers as accessories for your smart home that not only let you control your smart lights or the temperature but also help around the kitchen or stream your favorite …

Smart Homes

Apple HomePod: Every tip and trick you need to know

Curious about a specific HomePod feature? Or what about those nasty rings on wood surfaces? Read this.<p>Apple's HomePod ($349.00 at Apple) puts out amazing sound, though it locks you into Apple's so-called walled garden. If you're OK with that, odds are you already have a HomePod sitting on a shelf …

Smart Homes

CNET's LED Buying Guide makes sense of the light bulb aisle

Need a light, but you're overwhelmed by all of the options? Our handy buying guide has your back -- here are some pointers to get you started.

Light Bulbs

Ring Spotlight Cam: pros and cons, how-to, news and more - CNET

How To<p>Find out if your house is a good candidate for solar energy<p>Apple HomePod: What to do if you don't use Apple Music<p>How to prevent the Apple HomePod from staining your furniture<p>Apple HomePod: 6 tips and tricks to get the most out of Apple's smart speaker<p>Apple HomePod: 3 settings to change right …

Smart Homes

Which smart speaker should you buy?

Like a genie on your countertop, smart speakers let you speak a command and have your wish come true. You can turn on the lights, play music, set a reminder or ask a question. If that sounds appealing to you, it might be time to give in to the growing hype of this burgeoning category and buy a …

Smart Homes

Tips on picking out the perfect smart speaker

We're here to help you decide between the Amazon Echo, the Google Home, the Apple HomePod and the rest.

Amazon Echo

Set up an Apple HomePod with ease

After unboxing and plugging in Apple's HomePod smart speaker, setting up is easy. Here's how to do it, and three settings you should change right away.

Smart Speaker

Find out if your house is a good candidate for solar energy

Sun, space and location can determine if your home can be updated with solar panels.<p>Saving money and the planet though solar energy has a lot of appeal. Not every home is the ideal candidate, though. Here are some tips to help you decide if solar energy is a viable option for your home.<p>Check with …

Solar Power

Prizefight: Apple HomePod vs. Google Home Max

It's Apple's HomePod vs the Google Home Max. Who's got the sound and smarts to reign supreme! It's a Prizefight punchout for smart speaker supremacy.

Tech Trends

There's *already* a HomePod coaster to protect your fancy furniture

"Designed in Minneapolis and handcrafted by leather artisans."<p>When CNET editors issued these tweets, we weren't really being serious:<p>But just tell that to Pad & Quill, the company that's <i>already</i> selling a purpose-built leather coaster for the Apple HomePod -- just $19.95 each.<p>(Just yesterday, Apple …


How long can an Apple HomePod, Amazon Echo, Google Home infinite loop last?

Who do you think will break the chain -- Alexa, Siri or the Google Assistant? CNET is livestreaming our experiment on YouTube so you can watch along.<p>We know most people don't have an Apple HomePod, an Amazon Echo <i>and</i> a Google Home, but we do here at CNET.<p>So we decided to create an infinite loop, …

Tech Trends

Apple HomePod: What to do if you don't use Apple Music

If you use Spotify or another streaming service, you can still use the HomePod. Here's how!<p>Apple's HomePod ($349.00 at Apple) is a device built to stay within the company's walled garden. The device works flawlessly with Apple Music, and while it may appear that it doesn't work with any other …

Music Industry

These smart locks will let you ditch your keys

You don't need a key if you've got a connected deadbolt on your front door -- and your options are continuing to grow.<p>Keys are a time-tested means of access, but they won't do you much good if you leave them inside on your way out the door.<p>Today's crop of smart locks ($129.00 at think …

Home Automation

Apple acknowledges HomePod leaves white ring on wooden surfaces

Commentary: Be careful where to put your Apple smart speaker.<p><i>Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.</i><p>Where should you put your HomePod?<p>Should you give the smart speaker pride of place on a mantelpiece, right next to your favorite sports star's …


An Amazon Echo showed up at New York Fashion Week 2018

The Echo Look, Amazon's most fashion-centric smart speaker, took the photos for designer Prabal Gurung's Fall 2018 collection look book.<p>Amazon has taken its fashion-centric smart camera, the Echo Look, from the closet to the runway during this year's New York Fashion Week in a move to build …

Prabal Gurung

The Amazon Echo Look took pics of these models at NY Fashion Week

Prabal Gurung's Fall 2018 collection<p>What's the Amazon Echo Look?<p>Amazon Echo Look Book<p>Working the runway<p>Echo Look will feature fashion magazines<p>Invitation-only<p>Expanded availability... eventually<p>Fashion collaboration<p>Prev | Next<p><b>Published:</b><p>Up NextHere are the smart bulbs that work... 30<p>Latest …

Smart Homes

How to prevent the Apple HomePod from staining your furniture

Apple's HomePod speaker is leaving ring-shaped stains on some wood surfaces. Here's how to prevent it.<p>Apple's HomePod ($349.00 at Apple) entered the smart speaker space behind Amazon Alexa and Google Home ($129.00 at Dell Home), lagging behind in both features and integrations. But that's not the …

Tech Trends

Canary security cameras finally work with Alexa

IFTTT and Wink are no longer the only ways to control your Canary cameras with Amazon Alexa.<p>Canary on Tuesday introduced an Alexa skill for its home security cameras. While you could previously control the company's All-in-One and Flex cams with Alexa, it was limited to custom rules created through …

Home Security

Apple HomePod: 6 tips and tricks to get the most out of Apple's smart speaker

The HomePod is a somewhat mysterious device; nonetheless, here are some tips to put the HomePod to work.<p>Without any sort of dedicated app or interface on the HomePod itself, using it can be a bit puzzling at times.<p>But never fear, we have been using the HomePod for a few days now and continue to …


PicoBrew's Z Series appliance is for serious brewers only

PicoBrew is back with a scalable beer brewing appliance for homes and businesses.<p>PicoBrew, maker of home brewing appliances, on Tuesday introduced a new "professional-grade" model called the Z Series. Inspired by its existing all-grain Zymatic brewer, PicoBrew's Z Series has a modular, stackable …


Hey Google... do you know about ninjas?

Commentary: Google Home does an incredible job of listening to "human beings," but what about children? More specifically MY children?<p>Whenever I catch myself in the most modern of existential crises -- worrying about my place as a replaceable lump of flesh in a world where robots are writing news …

Google Home Mini