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Red Hat’s Paul Cormier: Containers are Here to Stay

Many have asked if containers are here to stay. For Paul Cormier, Red Hat’s executive vice president of engineering this is a simple question to …

Red Hat

State of the Software Supply Chain


See Nexus Repository Manager 3.0 in Action

Why DevOps Success Requires More Than X-Ray Vision

For high performance DevOps teams wanting to achieve greater levels of velocity, a new era of superpowers is needed to design in quality from the …

Agile is Dead • Pragmatic Dave Thomas

DevOps model, a profile in CIO leadership, change management

CTO Alexander Pluim described his company's situation as typical: An enterprise technology system has issues, no one is sure what is going wrong, but …


The Calculus of DevOps

This is the second in a series of blogs, partnering with Lee Reid, who wrote the first installment “The Simple Math of DevOps” and Sanjeev Sharma …


Embracing a DevOps Culture, Part 2

In Part 1 of this series, we discussed the fact that more organizations are looking to embrace the “DevOps culture.” However, unlike ITIL, …


Walmart OneOps Won’t Be One-Upped

One of the biggest names in retail also is kind of a big deal in DevOps. Walmart has developed its own platform, OneOps, designed to streamline …


Leading the Transformation

About the Book<p>Software is becoming more and more important across a broad range of industries, yet most technology executives struggle to deliver …

Safely Removing the Last Roadblock to Continuous Delivery

Verizon DBIR 2016 shows we haven't learned how to improve security

The 2016 Verizon DBIR skimps on data breach analysis and instead focuses on common issues, such as phishing, vulnerability management and access …


Implementing a DevOps Strategy across multiple locations & product teams

Over the last 18 months, a change has begun within the Ticketmaster International Team. Barriers are being broken down between the engineering and …


How One Jira Ticket Made My Employer $1MM/Month: 7 Metrics that Actually Matter

“You only get what you measure, so be careful what you measure.”<p>I spent the first half of my career consulting with all kinds of businesses on how to …

Stephen Williams

Agile Best Practice: Executable Specifications

With a test-driven development (TDD) approach, part of the overall Agile Model Driven Development (AMDD) approach, your tests effectively become …


How to live inside a docker container?

This is a story of how I learned to stop worrying and love the bomb. Well, it’s just about as iconic. Lone developer turns to Docker to set up a …


9 hidden talents of devops ninjas

Devops is all about culture, with groups of teams working in concert toward a common goal. But as opposed to some workplace cultures, there are …


Managed services killed DevOps

DevOps, as we know it, is dead. Perhaps not many people agree with me, but the age of DevOps is just about over. Then again, perhaps this won’t come as a surprise to some.<p>While certain industries somehow manage to survive for years — decades, perhaps — without needing to make fundamental changes, …


Your Open Source Program Office

My talk at the Linux Foundation Collab Summit 2016 (March 30, 2016). I suggest that mid to large size tech companies need an Open Source Program Office to manage their involvement with Open Source.<p><p>...

Open Source

Are Docker Users Migrating to Ansible and Away from Puppet and Chef?

Docker is a natural addition to the DevOps tooling movement, occupying mindshare with orchestration technologies like Chef and Puppet. Visit the the …

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Digital Influencer Jez Humble: DevOps For 'Big Hairy Enterprises'

For this week’s Digital Influencer column I interviewed Jez Humble, who burst onto the DevOps scene in 2010 with his award-winning book, <i>Continuous Delivery: Reliable Software Releases through Build, Test, and Deployment Automation</i>, coauthored with David Farley.<p>This book proved instrumental for …


Building Microservices with WildFly Swarm and Netflix OSS on OpenShift

In this post we explore how WildFly Swarm can be used for building microservices and how to integrate Netflix Hystrix and Turbine.


npm gate – Lessons Learned Again

The recent events in the world of JavaScript developers and npm definitely caused a storm on twitter and the internet in general. If you want to find …


Microservices as an Evolutionary Architecture

Jenkins and Nexus for Micro-Service Deployments

<b>Background</b><p>It is of no doubt that Automation in general is going to be the norm – automation of any manual process in any industry. For this post, we …


How I Finally Stopped Worrying and Learnt to Love Conway’s Law • James Lewis

Go DevOps before your bosses force you to. It'll be easier that way

Tell the execs what it's all about before some other klutz gets there firstSome people are making very bold claims about what DevOps can deliver. …