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Your Family: Past, Present, and Future

I have one living grandparent—my father’s mother, who’s 88.


I visited Nana recently and went through the usual activities—talking about myself in …


Who's Your Daddy? More Infidelity Found in King Richard III Family Tree

The remains of Richard III may be locked away in a coffin to be reburied this week, but the 15th-century king's genome is still offering scientists a chance to unravel royal mysteries.

After scientists uncovered evidence of infidelity in Richard's family tree last year, they announced Wednesday …


530 years after death, Richard III honored before reburial

LONDON (AP) — Richard III was finally getting the ceremony and honor a king deserves, 530 years after his ignominious death in battle.

Hundreds of people, including some in period costume and armor, turned out in Leicestershire on Sunday to watch a procession carrying the remains of the medieval …

Richard III

Locating Vital Records in Poland Using Online Resources

Locating Vital Records in Poland Using Online Resources

Julie Roberts Szczepankiewicz

19 March 2015

Suggested U.S. resources for obtaining documents …


Read All About It: Where to Find Obituaries

Generally, major, national, and most large-city newspapers only publish obituaries for the famous, the prominent, or people considered significant. …


A Genealogist’s Guide to Old Latin Terms & Abbreviations

Introduction: Mary Harrell-Sesniak is a genealogist, author and editor with a strong technology background. In this guest blog post, Mary explains

Polish Mission promotes grants

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Cecile Jensen, co-director of the Polonica Americana Research Institute of the Polish Mission, talks to Robbe DiPietro, director …

Rare Roman headstone uncovered in England

A rare Roman tombstone discovered facedown weeks ago in England proved to be even more spectacular on Wednesday, when archaeologists turned it over.

The inscription on the front of the tombstone, discovered at a dig in Cirencester, Gloucestershire, reads: "To the spirits of the …


The Lost Letters Of The Alphabet

It's easy to think of the alphabet we recite and use as something fixed but, like almost everything in language, it changes. We call it Roman, but the Romans wouldn't have recognized our 'J,' 'U' or 'W.' Their 'I' covered the noise we usually make with 'J,' and their 'V' covered some of the sounds …

British Isles

Researching “Lost” Eastern German Provinces

Many people get confused when conducting searches for their Eastern German forebears; this is especially true if those forebears purport to have been …

Daily Mail presents story of how Kim Kardashian’s ancestors escaped from the Armenian Genocide

YEREVAN, 6 FEBRUARY, ARMENPRESS. The extraordinary escape from the 'Armenian Genocide' of Kim Kardashian's ancestors - thanks to a 'prophet' who …

Eleven fathers of Asia: 800 million modern men descended from ancient leaders - including Genghis Khan

Scientists from the University of Leicester analysed Y chromosomes from 5,000 men from 127 populations across Asia and found 11 DNA sequences that …


More GEDCOM Archaeological Discoveries

Interesting events! Yesterday, Bob Coret realized that there were two versions of GEDCOM 5.5. Bob wrote on his Google Plus account yesterday:I …

Blast from the Past

Boost Your Genealogy Research With Newspapers

Find out how to get articles about your ancestors' family history via historic, old and new newspapers.



260k+ Wyoming Newspaper Records …


These webinars are recorded and each is one hour in length - full of tips, techniques,
and demonstrations. Guaranteed to help you find more ancestor …


The Saudis Just Gave Their Answer To The Dynasty Succession Crisis

After the death of King Abdullah, the Saudi Kingdom is facing its biggest dynastic challenge in 50 years.

Abdullah's half-brother Salman, 79, will now assume the throne, with the 69-year-old Muqrin his crown prince and heir.

After that, the power passes to a select few of Saudi Arabia founder King …

Abdullah of Saudi Arabia: Family Tree



Sources: Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia; staff reports.



House of Saud

Famous Kin of Thomas Jefferson

Click on the above image to view the full sized infographic on the Crestview site.Crestleaf has an interesting infographic that helps confirm the …

Thomas Jefferson

The Accidental Revelations of Sanborn Maps

How maps created for fire insurers show the evolution of cities.

Sanborn maps are crowded with detail and color. So is their history.

Daniel A. Sanborn created these maps for one, very specific (and kind of dry) reason: to provide insurers a catalogue of city structures that could be fire risks. But …


Unlocking Scrolls Preserved in Eruption of Vesuvius, Using X-Ray Beams

Researchers have found a key that may unlock the only library of classical antiquity to survive along with its documents, raising at least a possibility of recovering vanished works of ancient Greek and Roman authors such as the lost books of Livy’s history of Rome.

The library is that of a villa in …

Languages of interwar Poland

Back in the interwar period, Poland was one of the most ethnically diverse countries in Europe. Minorities made up 31% of population. Ukrainians, …

Top Seven Free Canadian Genealogy Sites

In keeping with the number 7, as in my 7th blogiversary I celebrated yesterday at …


How Iceland's Genealogy Obsession Leads to Scientific Breakthroughs

Icelanders love keeping track of how they're related, which has made them "the world champions of human genetics.”

A commercial for an Icelandic phone company from a few years ago depicted a couple waking up after a one-night stand. They both pick up their smart phones. They both log into a …

The Oldest Time Capsule In American History Was Just Opened — Here's What's Inside

Paul Revere, Samuel Adams, and war hero William Scollay buried a time capsule in Boston more than 200 years ago, and we're finally seeing what's inside.

Museum conservators found newspapers, coins, a copper medal, a silver plaque, and other items in the capsule. One coin pulled from the capsule was …

120 years of pioneering genealogy

FamilySearch International, the Church’s worldwide Internet genealogy service and the largest such service in the world, is observing a milestone …


Genographic Project Participants Help Refine Human Family Tree

The Genographic Project recently released the most refined evolutionary tree of the human Y chromosome, which every male inherits directly from his father. The new Y tree was created in part through the help of the 300,000 male participants that have joined this one-of-a-kind project to trace their …

Why Your DNA Might Not Match Your Parents

Posted by Ancestry Team on July 3, 2014 in AncestryDNA

It’s fascinating what we can learn these days now that technology allows us to look into our …


Polish hidden Jews embrace ‘hip’ ancestry

Rediscovering Jewish roots is becoming cool for Poland’s youth, but lingering memories of the Holocaust are never far from the surface