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By Cecily Mak | The art and magic of living in and among trees

5 Modern Prefabs in the Woods

As these five prefabs in the forest prove, modular construction is an ingenious solution for introducing modern homes into the wild.

Prefab Homes

7 Modern Swings and Hammocks


Escape to Bro-topia

WASHOUGAL, WASH. — People talk about chucking their jobs. They say they will leave behind the madness of the city and hit the road.

A few drinks and they’re telling you about the epic hiking trip in the Sierra Nevada they’ll take or how magical the surf is in Baja California Sur, Mexico.

But nobody …

You Have to See This Treehouse Built Inside a Studio Apartment!

A Cabin in a Loft, located in Brooklyn, New York, is one part studio apartment, one part treehouse and all parts cool. Living and working in their one-room apartment, owners and artists Terri and Adam realized they needed a little more privacy to separate their home decor business, Chiaozza, from …


Waternest 100 – Ecological Floating Habitat Recyclable Up To 98%

WaterNest 100 is an awesome, eco-friendly floating home. Designed by Giancarlo Zema for EcoFloLife, this green architecture design consists of 100sqm …


Hammock Tents Will Have You Sleeping In The Heavens

If you love sleeping under the stars but hate the discomfort of traditional tents, we have two words that will change the way you do the outdoors: Hammock. Tents.

Imagine falling asleep suspended over the rugged earth and not directly on it. Yep. Champion levels of outdoor relaxation …


Italy's Epic Treehouse Apartments Fulfill Everyone's Childhood Dreams

Treehouses used to be total kid territory, but now adults are taking them over in the coolest housing trend around.

The best example we've seen of these "adult" treehouse apartments is in Turin, Italy, where one apartment building stands out like a green thumb. Designed by architect Luciano Pia, the …


How One Startup Is Elevating Camping With A Tree House You Carry With You

After a design theft in China and amid a growing market, how the tree-tent company Tentsile is making waves in camping and ecotourism.

Alex Shirley-Smith was a tree house architect. In 2013, fed up with designing custom-made suspended abodes that bordered on the extravagant for his wealthy …


These Treehouses Are Even Better in Winter

You might think sleeping in a treehouse is tailor-made for summer (hello cool breezes and rustling of leaves), but if you go in winter you’re in for a treat. A cozy fireplace perched above the forest floor makes the experience of waking up among the branches a surreal experience. And, bonus—winter …


Awesome Tree House, Humboldt County, California!

7 Romantic Tree House Rentals for V-Day

This Valentine’s Day, skip the expensive dinner and make a unique rental choice — a tree house! Whether you’re glamping or looking for a fancy hotel, a tree house is the perfect romantic rendezvous. Surrounded by nature in a cozy little house for two: What could be better? We’re sharing seven of …

Bed and Breakfast

8 Luxury Treetop Stays To Experience

Whether it's a luxury tree house or a lodge above the forest canopy, these treetop stays all add a sense of adventure to your travel experience.


Livingstone and Victoria Falls, ZAMBIA

Victoria Falls is one of nature's great spectacles as the River Zambezi comes crashing down from sheer …


This Hotel Takes the Treehouse to the NEXT Level

You can stay in these modern tree rooms in Sweden.

If you dream of those days spent in your childhood treehouse (or wish you had one growing up), this hotel is the next best thing. At the Treehotel in Harads, Sweden, you can have your choice of staying in six different contemporary tree rooms …


Would You Live in a Treehouse?

The appeal of a treehouse is obvious to any kid, but it can seem like a daunting idea for adults. Nevertheless, cultural interest has erupted in recent years. You can vacation at a "treesort," or watch a reality show about treetop architecture, or even rent a room in a treehouse on Airbnb.

In this …


Steal This Look: A Backyard Tree Fort

Everybody needs a clubhouse. May we suggest a tree fort? In Toronto, artist William Askew designed one on stilts that we'd love to have in the backyard. Here's how to recreate the look:

(N.B.: Wondering if the inside of the fort is just as charming? Read on for Askew's interior photos.)

Above: Part …


8 Buildings Designed to Incorporate the Trees Around Them

Willow Sculptor Tom Hare Crafts an Enchanting Glowing Tree House as a Surprise for a Friend

Long time friends Tom Hare, a celebrated willow sculptor, and Zoe Lathbury have always talked about the dying Cherry tree at the back of Zoe's garden …


Benjamin Verdonck's Turned Tree House Springs Up in Belgium

Located in Ghent, Beligum, Verdonck’s piece hangs askew around the thick trunk of an old tree. From afar the tree house’s roof is partially hidden …


Tree House Retreat Made of Repurposed Materials

An artist crafts a sustainable tree house in the Puerto Rican tropics as an inventive take on the exhibition space.

Radamés Figueroa, who goes by "Juni," is an artist who set aside his brushes to live in the trees. Trained as a painter and now working with constructed environments, he seeks to …


Penda designs flexible bamboo hotel to connect guests with nature

Design collective Penda has developed a concept for a flexible, portable hotel made from rods of bamboo, designed to bring guests closer to nature (+ …


Modern Tower House Camouflages Itself Among the Trees

The sleek and modern Tower House is a vacation home that’s designed as a stairway to the treetops. It was built by Thomas Gluck, a principal of the architecture firm GLUCK+, on his family’s land in upstate New York. The cantilevered structure prominently features a bright yellow, glass-enclosed …

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The Boy Scouts of America build a sustainable tree house in #WestVirginia that rises 125 feet above the forest floor:

#TreeHouse anyone? This is #dope #Architecture