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Inspired Cocktails That Are Perfect for Your Grammys Party

It’s undeniable that music brings people together, regardless of whether you’re a hip hop queen or prefer to sing along with the smooth sounds of John Legend. Music always puts us in a good mood and award show season gives us even more reason to celebrate with the Grammys. It’s a time to gather …

Award Shows

Favorite place to hide 😎🤔

13 Small Daily Habits To Practice Mindfulness

“Do every act of your life as though it were the very last act of your life.” – Marcus Aurelius, Meditations

You cannot change the past and you cannot …


Now even Pandora is struggling with its future

Music streaming service Pandora had a bizarre day Thursday just before announcing its latest earnings report.

Its stock moved up and down so wildly — suddenly jumping from just over $8 a share to over $9 a share — that the New York Stock Exchange forced trading in Pandora stock to come to a sudden …


Uber agrees to pay $28.5 million to end lawsuit about safety ads

Uber can't call its safety checks "industry-leading" any more.

On Thursday, Uber agreed to pay $28.5 million to 25 million riders to settle a class-action case surrounding its safety practices advertisements.

After expected lawyer's fees, that will leave riders with a whopping 82 cents each.

As part …


SoundCloud could be forced to close after $44m losses

A report casts “significant doubt on the company’s ability to continue as a going concern.”SoundCloud struck a landmark deal with Universal Music …


These Guys Sent a Sony A7s to 91,000 Feet from SF on a Weather Balloon

A group of 5 friends recently attached 5 cameras to a stratospheric weather balloon and launched it from the Presidio in San Francisco. The rig …

San Francisco Bay Area

A key inflammation marker is lower in people who meditate, research finds

Mindfulness meditation has been linked both to a whole lot of health benefits over the years, from altering cancer survivors' cells to improving …

Gravitational waves: Einstein was right - and this announcement is the scientific highlight of the decade

A century after Albert Einstein explained his General Theory of Relativity, scientists are expected to announce that they have found gravitational waves - ripples created by the collisions of black holes

Physicists and astronomers are agog. On Thursday, experimenters will report the first detection …


Bruce Springsteen fan writes tardy note for daughters after concert

There are three rules the Pipino family live by.

The first two are to be kind to everyone you meet and to help anyone you can. The third rule is that when The Boss brings the band to town, you better be there.

Bruce Springsteen came to the Times Union Center in Albany, New York, Monday night, so of …

Bruce Springsteen

Massive Protest over Uber in London: Pictures


The Weird Thing About Cat Legs

The mystery that spans every feline, from tabby house cats to Siberian tigers.

I'm standing with three scientists in a cold, long corridor that smells of hay, meat, and cat piss. We are looking into an empty, roomy cage. A hole in the cage leads to an outdoor enclosure that contains an Asian golden …


Young Entrepreneurs - Coolest Youth Startups in the United States

Youth entrepreneurship is growing rapidly in the United States and internationally. The lessons kids learn by taking an idea and going out and executing it are so important and critical to learning. The combination of experiential learning and how to apply knowledge from inside and outside the …


NASA’s Orion capsule has made it to the Kennedy Space Center

Super Guppy, with the Orion capsule carefully boxed up for transport inside its 24′-tall cargo bay. Image: NASA

Orion, the manned crew capsule …


How To Actually Convince Yourself To Start Meditating

Of course you want to meditate, butyou're too busy. You always get distracted. You don't think you're doing it right. And so on. There are about a million excuses for why you "can't" meditate, despite knowing that it might just change your life.

Studies have shown that meditation can help us deal …


The new (and much improved) ‘Bluebook’ caught in the copyright cross-hairs

[Note: Updated to clarify that it is not Harvard Law School but rather the Harvard Law Review Association that is attempting to interfere with the publication of “BabyBlue"]

War is brewing over the most boring piece of intellectual property imaginable: the “Bluebook,” the 580-page …


Rock and roll: the men who fled Alcatraz in a boat made of raincoats

It has been 53 years since the famed three-man escape from Alcatraz, the outrageous endeavour immortalised in Clint Eastwood’s 1979 movie Escape from Alcatraz. All we know for sure is that inmates Frank Morris and brothers Clarence and John Anglin launched a raft made of raincoats from Alcatraz …

Rock Music

Watch the National Zoo's cute panda cub climb his first tree

Help, Mom! I can't get down!

On Monday, the National Zoo in Washington, D.C. released a video of Bei Bei, their giant panda bear cub, climbing a tree for the first time.

In the clip, the young bear awkwardly clambers as far as he can go and then relies on his mother, Mei Xiang, to help him back …

Giant Panda

Baby Polar Bear Born at Columbus Zoo Gets a Name Selected by a Public Vote

Last year, only two polars bears were born in human care and one of them finally received her name. The newly-named cub was born on November 6th, 2015 at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium to parents Aurora and Nanuq. Rather than choosing a name amongst themselves, the zoo decided to give the public the …

Polar Bears

Details of ‘Happy Birthday’ Copyright Settlement Revealed

In a coda to one of the most notable music copyright lawsuits in years, the Warner Music Group has agreed to pay $14 million to settle claims over “Happy Birthday to You,” after a judge ruled last year that the company’s long-claimed copyright to the famous song was invalid.

Warner Music, through …


I Miss Barack Obama

As this primary season has gone along, a strange sensation has come over me: I miss Barack Obama. Now, obviously I disagree with a lot of Obama’s policy decisions. I’ve been disappointed by aspects of his presidency. I hope the next presidency is a philosophic departure.

But over the course of this …

Ted Cruz

Ocean Beach at low tide is always a dream. @ Ocean Beach, San Francisco

Kids' Creative Drawings Become Real Inventions We Can Use

Designer Dominic Wilcox asked 450 kids to draw the most imaginative inventions they could think of and later, surprisingly, made their dreams a reality. In collaboration with The Cultural Spring, Wilcox created the Inventors! project, which aims to harness and display the power of childhood …


Off the Grid Fort Mason's 2016 Lineup Is Here, Drinking Outside Soon to Follow

It's almost time for warm(ish) weather activities.

Though the winter be but mild in the Bay Area, it's still a relief to know that spring is just …

San Francisco Bay Area

These startups strive to be the sharing economy stars of meeting spaces

Underused assets: They’re what drive the sharing economy. If you have a spare bedroom (or empty vacation home), Airbnb makes it easy to rent it out. …

Sharing Economy

Tokyo’s mile-high skyscraper to be the tallest in the world

Plans show that the 5,577 feet-high Sky Mile Tower will stand in Tokyo Bay with a cluster of islands at its feet, dwarfing everything else on the city's already soaring skyline.

The tower will feature a hexagonal design, which was found to be the most wind-resistant shape, with six interconnected …


NASA’s new space tourism posters are spellbinding

2015 was a big year for the popularity of space. So perhaps you'll forgive NASA if the space agency wants to capitalize on that momentum with some stellar new artwork.

Today, Seattle design firm Invisible Creature — which has done work for clients like Nike, Seattle Weekly, Target, and many more — …


Pirate Bay Just Made it Easier to Watch Illegal Movies Online

New tech helps stream copyright-infringing videos in browsers.

Copyright fans avert your eyes, watching movies and TV online without paying for it just became a lot easier.

The Pirate Bay, which is probably still the world’s most notorious copyright-infringement service, has started using a new tool …


How Google Stole the Work of Millions of Authors

Last week publishers, copyright experts and other supporters filed amicus briefs petitioning the Supreme Court to hear the copyright-infringement case against Google brought by the Authors Guild. The court’s decision will determine how and whether the rights and livelihood of writers are protected …