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What Happens to the Brain When You Meditate (And How it Benefits You)

Ever since my dad tried to convince me to meditate when I was about 12, I’ve been fairly skeptical of this practice. It always seemed so vague and …


How to Make Hawaiian Sweet Rolls for the Best Thanksgiving Leftovers Sandwiches | Food & Wine

There’s nothing quite like warm, soft rolls right out of the oven, or the mouthwatering aroma of freshly baked sweet bread. This recipe was inspired by King’s Hawaiian Sweet Bread, which has been a fixture of island life since the 1950s. We wanted to create a version you can make at home. After …


Facebook "Most Used Words" App as Privacy Lesson

If you have an account on Facebook, you may have noticed posts featuring a nicely designed cloud comprised of the words your Facebook friends use most often. It's powered by an app from a company called Vonvon, and it's been getting a lot of attention this week from consumer privacy experts.

The …


18 Last-Minute Thanksgiving Recipes for When You Have *No* Time

Whether you are hosting your first Friendsgiving feast or you’re looking for a dish to bring to that family potluck, you’re going to need a few quick and easy recipes this season. From appetizers, side dishes, mains and dessert, one (or more!) of these Thanksgiving recipes will definitely become …


The psychological benefits of gratitude closely mirror those of meditation

Recently, I was watching television with my son when an ad came on for a cell phone company. The tagline for the ad said, “Get ready for Thanksgetting.”

“Wow.” My 17-year-old looked at me in disbelief. “It kind of seems like they are missing the point.”

I still am not entirely sure how we were …


Animation Showing The Mind-Boggling Scale Of The Universe

This video from Tech Insider, shows the truly mind-melting scale of the universe. Starting at a 1 femtometer proton, the animation gradually “zooms …


How the Best Chefs in the Country Cook Their Thanksgiving Turkey

This Thanksgiving, you could pull out the same old turkey recipe your family has been making for years (decades! millennia!). Or you could take cues from some of the best chefs in the country and treat the bird like they do. Besides excellent taste in poultry, what these chefs have in common are …

Turkey Recipes

Cider Smash

Sweet and effervescent cider plays off the smokiness of bourbon.

Yield: Makes 1


2 ounces bourbon
• 1/2 teaspoon fresh lemon juice
• 4 ounces chilled sparkling apple cider
• Thin red-apple slice


Pour bourbon and lemon juice into a tall Champagne glass. Top with apple cider. Garnish with …


The 'Most Used Words' Facebook app is a privacy nightmare

More than 17 million people have used a Facebook app ('Most Used Words') to find out the terms they say most often on the social network -- and have given up access to virtually all of their Facebook data to advertisers in order to do it.

A backlash is developing against the 'Most Used Words' app, …


The biggest targets of copyright takedown requests on Google are file sharing services

As the world's No.1 search engine, Google gets a lot of requests to remove links to sites that are believed to host objectionable material, such as copyrighted content. According to Google's most recent transparency report, the internet company now receives 2.2 million takedown requests every day …


5 One-Minute Meditations to Help You Achieve Peace of Mind

"People think the holidays are supposed to be the happiest time of the year, but for many of us, it's stressapalooza," says Dean Sluyter, who has taught meditation for more than 40 years and is author of

Natural Meditation: A Guide to Effortless Meditative Practice

. The good news: Meditation can …


6 Genius Tricks That Will Make Thanksgiving a Total Breeze

Everything's going to be all right. See these six genius tricks that will make Thanksgiving a total breeze.

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The Absolute Best Way to Make a Turkey Crispy

How to get the ultimate crisp without sacrificing flavor? Here's our not-so-secret …


An 80-Year-Old Prank Revealed, Hiding in the Periodic Table! – Phenomena: Curiously Krulwich

You wouldn’t know it, because it’s hiding down there at the bottom of the periodic table of elements, but it’s a prank—something a five-year-old might do—and the guy who did it was one of the greatest chemists in America. It’s pure silliness, staring right at you, right where I’ve drawn my circle, …

Periodic Table

Privacy not included: Federal law lags far behind new tech

A leaked paternity test in Florida reveals just how wide the chasm has grown -- and how vulnerable we've become

This story was co-published with the Washington Post.

Jacqueline Stokes spotted the home paternity test at her local drugstore in Florida and knew she had to try it. She had no doubts for …


What creators are saying about YouTube's help with copyright claims

Steve Oh remembers when unwarranted copyright claims first impacted digital news organization The Young Turks.

Oh, the network's COO, said several years ago The Young Turks tried to incorporate a video of a homeless man-turned-DJ from a local news station in Ohio into one of their segments. But …


This 25-year-old founded a new kind of VC that's helped college kids raise over $130 million

Startups founded by college students that turned into billion dollar companies is the tech industry's dream. Think Dell, Google, Facebook ...

Venture capitalists would like to prowl college campuses to find the projects that could be the next hit.

Unfortunately, given how many aspiring entrepreneurs …

Venture Capital

Tiny, ultracool star is super stormy

Artist’s impression of red dwarf star TVLM 513-46546. ALMA observations suggest that it has an amazingly powerful magnetic field (shown by the blue …

Red Dwarf

[Tome] | Harvard MRI Study Proves Meditation Literally Rebuilds...

A study conducted by a Harvard affiliated team out of Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) came across surprising conclusions regarding the tangible …


Hosting Your First Thanksgiving? 8 Expert Decor Tips You Need to Know Now

Whether you are taking a break from the annual travel marathon and hosting a Friendsgiving, or your family has passed the turkey baton on to you, hosting Thanksgiving is no small feat. But there’s no need to panic. We chatted all things holiday decor and T-Day with the lovely Serena Dugan from …

Home Decorating

This weekend could be huge for the future of drones

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) appears to have pushed back its review of recommendations for drone regulations to Saturday.

In October, the FAA announced the creation of a task force to draft recommendations for flight regulations and for a drone registration process. In the initial press …


Breiðamerkurjökull Ice Cave, Iceland


Rare Sighting of a "Blue Dragon" Spotted on the Shores of Australia

Depending on your tastes, this bizarre little blue creature may inspire either aww-worthy shrieks of excitement or a bit of discomforted shock, possibly a combination of both. Meet the blue dragon, one of the weirdest and most wonderful little-known animals in the world. The proper name of this …


Watch: How to Make the Ultimate Pecan Pie for Thanksgiving | Food & Wine

When it comes to building deep, delicious flavor, pecan pie has it all. The molten, molasses goodness of brown sugar, the aroma of real vanilla that permeates every room of your house and reminds you that a vanilla pod really is the fruit of a flower, and, of course, the pecans themselves. Here, in …


Failed Zano drones investigated by Trading Standards

It's not been a good week for the Torquing Group, the firm behind the Zano mini-drone. First, its Kickstarter collapsed amidst questions about its "technical, commercial and financial viability". Now the company is being investigated by Trading Standards, according to the BBC.

Torquing Group …


50 incredible hotels you should sleep in during your lifetime

You're planning an unforgettable trip, so why not choose a hotel that's equally memorable?

From ice palaces in Canada to underwater rooms in Africa, we've come up with 50 of the world's most incredible hotels that will take any vacation to the next level.

Here's our ultimate bucket list of 50 hotels …


30 Christmas Table Decorations for a Festive Holiday Feast

Designers, bloggers, and tastemakers created Christmas tablescapes that fill the entire decor spectrum — from classically traditional to totally modern.


Thanksgiving Cocktails

How did this happen? How many people are coming? Your brother is bringing his scotch slinging girlfriend? Your father can't hear, your mother runs her kitchen like an army general, great, where are the cocktails? Because at this point, you'll need them from cheese to cheesecake. Don't worry, I have …

Wine and Spirits

Luxury Family Hotels and Child-Friendly Stays

Child–friendly hotels and luxury family holidays

When you book with Smith, you simply get more:

1. The best room rates guaranteed (and no booking fees).


The future of drone delivery may be determined next week

The government is putting drones to the ultimate test next week.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has put together a task force to test drones' ability to fly safely, which will determine the operational guidelines for not only consumer drones, but also for major companies like Amazon and …


5 Airstream Rentals That Trump Traditional Hotel Rooms

The first Airstream was built in 1929, and almost 90 years later, the iconic aluminum trailer still has quite a following: Matthew McConaughey and Lenny Kravitz are proud owners, and many restaurants, shops, and hotels have invested in Airstreams as new forms of food trucks, showrooms, or guest …

European Travel