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Orphaned Raccoon Rescued By Family With Dogs Thinks She’s A Dog, Too

Last year, Nassau, Bahamas resident Rosie Kemp found a baby raccoon that had fallen out of a tree. The mother was nowhere to be found, so Kemp and …


This 13-year-old came up with a brilliant way to stop people from driving drunk or high

Drunk-driving crashes killed more than 10,000 people in the US in 2013 — about 30 people every day. Krishna Reddy wants to change that.

The 13-year-old from Wichita Falls, Texas, invented a device that can tell when a driver has consumed alcohol or used other drugs based on how dilated his or her …


San Francisco bans drones during Fleet Week with a $10,000 fine

Fly your drone at San Francisco's Fleet Week festivities, face a fine of up to $10,000.

In other words, don't fly a drone at the Fleet Week.

The San Francisco Police Department and the FAA will establish a "No Drone Zone" within five nautical miles of the center point of the city's Fleet Week air …


9 Designs Inspired by Japanese Architecture and Craft

Dwell and it readers value simplicity and quality, so it's no surprise that Japan—with its emphasis on craft and thoughtful living—is a frequent wellspring of inspiration.


22 Camping Hacks from REI Experts

After generations of sleeping outside, you tend to pick up a few tricks. Since 1938, REI employees and members have been creating and tuning pro tips …


5 Modern Homes with Striking Green Roofs

Green roofs can be a challenging proposition: they add extra weight to a house, thereby requiring a robust and expensive structure. The roof itself must be carefully protected against water leakage. However, the reward is unique: the idea that your dwelling replaces the earth it takes up and …

Sustainable Design

Long Weekend in Tulum, Mexico | Fodor's Travel

Once-sleepy Tulum has developed into a relaxed, stylish alternative to the all-inclusive excesses of Cancún. In addition to white-sand beaches and sparkling waters, the area is home to several fascinating Mayan ruins, countless cenotes (freshwater limestone pools), and excellent dining options. Of …

Central America Travel

Restored Midcentury Home in L.A. Enjoys Outdoor Access at Every Turn

A new outlook for a Buff, Straub and Hensman gem perched high above Los Angeles.

Project: Rice ResidenceArchitect: Buff, Straub and Hensman Don Dimster

Marjorie Rice, who worked for NBCNews in London before moving to Los Angeles, tackled house hunting with a professional’s intensity. “I was looking …

Los Angeles

High Camp Trailer

Leave it to the artisans in Portland, Oregon, to come up with a teardrop trailer that’s so beautiful you may just want to turn it into an outdoor guest room. But really, you need to take this thing camping.

When you head outdoors with the High Camp, you’ll need a truck, SUV, or a six-cylinder car …


5 New Spots to Eat, Drink, and Be Merry in Wine Country

Hungry? Thirsty? Try these tasty new options in Wine Country.

This cozy eatery serves Russian food along the Russian River. The buffet is tasty, …


Vinyl sales are more valuable than ad-supported streaming in 2015

According to a mid-year report released last week by the RIAA, vinyl music sales brought in almost $60 million more than ad-supported streaming services during the first half of 2015. Vinyl album and EP sales generated $221.8 million in value from January to June this year, a 52 percent …


Water on the red planet: Nasa reveals major discovery – in pictures


The complete astronomy guide of what to see during tomorrow night's rare lunar eclipse

Rob Glover

There is a rare total lunar eclipse on Sunday night that won't happen again until 2033. Learn more about how to watch here.

So while you're looking up enjoying the view, we wanted to tell you about some of the other spectacular sights that will be out that night.

Especially because when the …


20 Magical Treehouse Rentals For Giddy Grown-Ups

Why stay on the ground when you can sleep in the trees? No, not like a monkey sleeps in the trees.

One of the many classic childhood memories is …


The 12 countries you must visit - by the man who's seen them all

Adventure Travel

Airstream Trailer Renovations and Inspiration

There's something so quintessentially American about an Airstream trailer — it speaks of modern design, and summer, and the freedom of the open road. …


That ear pop. [video]


Happy Camper HC1 Travel Trailer Boasts Retro Exterior and Modern Interior

The smooth design and two-tone color scheme of Happy Camper’s HC1 may remind you of the happy camping time with a vintage camper van, but the modern …


A Man Has Built A Train For All His Adopted Stray Dogs

Family goals.

This is Eugene Bostick. He’s 80 years old and lives in Fort Worth, Texas with his brother Corky. Behind him is his dog train.

Facebook Post.

The brothers have cared for the wildlife around their home for the last 30 years. The train idea started after they began taking in and caring for …

Fort Worth

Meet the 13-year-old twins launching a fashion business in their holidays

Two 13-year-old girls from Sydney are attempting to launch a line of fashion bracelets and fulfil their dream of running a business together.

While most teenagers are busy relaxing during the school holidays, twin sisters Summer and Piper Workman have launched a crowdfunding campaign to get their …


Three 20-something entrepreneurs just launched an Airbnb for refugees

Europe is in the midst of the worst refugee crisis in decades, with over four million Syrian refugees fleeing their country's civil war and many coming to Europe for shelter.

Countries have been taking a differing approach to the crisis — Germany has been praised for welcoming refugees while Hungary …


15 for 2015: Best Garden Design Trends for Fall

What feels new and fresh for fall? We've rounded up 15 of our favorite garden design trends, from gravel gardens to indoor herb troughs:

The Minimalist Pergola

Above: "A garden without a pergola is like a room without a rug," says Alexa, who has been admiring a new generation of deceptively simple …

Fashion Trends

49 Incredible DIY Pumpkins You've Got to Try This Year

With Halloween around the corner, there are all sorts of ways to decorate your home, but nothing beats cute and colorful pumpkins. And of all the ideas out there, these 49 pumpkin designs and decorations are the best - sure to impress your neighbors, thrill your guests, and absolutely win at …


This Paper Trick Will Be Your New Favorite DIY Technique

When it comes to DIY wall art, we’re all about simple projects that make a statement. This paper-cutting technique creates a 3D effect, making it a great alternative for those of us who are origami impaired ;) What’s more, this DIY includes supplies you likely already have and takes under an hour …


11 Healthy + Hearty Bean Soup Recipes for Fall

As hot summer days give way to chilly fall nights, it’s time to trade backyard BBQs for those cozy fireside suppers. Packed full of fiber and a whole lotta nutritional value, bean soup is a healthy and hearty way to greet the season. Try one of these 11 flavorful recipes for dinner, then pack the …


Fair Use vs. Algorithms: What the Dancing Baby Did to Copyright

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) is the easiest way to get something taken off the internet. Small wonder, then, that it’s so frequently actively abused. DMCA notices are often sent over instances that are obviously fair use—in one notorious case, Lionsgate took down a remix video that …


Uber's surge pricing is good for you, Uber study says

Surge pricing is often perceived as greedy, but Uber says the practice is all about keeping customers happy.

Ride-hailing company Uber sparked outrage when it hiked fares around New York City during Hurricane Sandy three years ago. Uber’s defense? “Surge” pricing, as the company calls it, was a …