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The tallest man in history

The short life of the "Giant of Illinois"

On Feb. 22, 1918, a perfectly normal 8.7-pound boy was born to Harold and Addie Wadlow of Alton, Illinois.

By his first birthday, Robert Wadlow weighed 45 pounds and stood 3 feet, 3.5 inches.

He kept growing, towering over his father at age eight. At 13 years …

Historical Photography

Pomelo and Basil Cocktail

It seems like every time I go to the grocery store lately I come home with a new citrusy treasure. This past week I was greeted by a pile of big yellow pomelos. If you've never tried a pomelo, look for the big—we're talking six to eight inches around—fruit that resembles a grapefruit. The surprise …


How Do Fireflies Glow? Mystery Solved After 60 Years

Scientists have sussed out the chemical secret of these bright summertime beetles—and it may someday improve human health, a new study says.

Think of the firefly abdomen like a black box of bioluminescence.

For around 60 years, scientists have known what basic ingredients go into the box—things like …


This 32-year-old quit his job to spend over 6 months walking from the Netherlands to New York City

Arjen Ulrich in Kobbefjord, near Nuuk, Greenland.

In March, Arjen Ulrich left his hometown of Alkmaar, the Netherlands, and headed to New York City — on foot.

"For many years I've thought about going for a long-distance walk," Ulrich, 32, says. "I'm not sure how that came to mind, but walking gives a …


This One is Cool..

Toronto taxi drivers are suing Uber in a $300 million class action lawsuit

n Uber supporter's pin is seen during a rally in front of city hall in Toronto May 6, 2015.

TORONTO (Reuters) - Toronto taxi drivers are launching a class-action lawsuit against ride-sharing company Uber Technologies Inc, seeking more than C$400 million ($307.27 million) in damages and an injunction …


America's 21 Most Beautiful Campsites


First-ever legal drone delivery takes place in the U.S.

In a U.S.-first, drones made a delivery Friday with the blessing of regulators.

As part of a project called "Let’s Fly Wisely," medication was delivered to a free clinic run by Remote Area Medical and the Health Wagon in Wise County, Virginia. The stunt was intended to draw attention to the …


Meet Maye Musk, the glamorous model mother of billionaire Elon Musk

Photography by Matt Monath, hair by Mia Santiago, makeup by Shar Sinclair, and styling by Brandon Hosley.

Wearing a sleek black top draped over her shoulders, Maye Musk strolled over to the green screen that was set up in a Queens backyard, which had been turned into a makeshift photo studio that …

Elon Musk

The 50-30-20 Rule

Lately I’ve been trying a promising new method for managing my time. It’s similar to timeboxing, except that instead of allocating a certain amount …

6 bed and breakfasts for a relaxing getaway at a secluded beach

Looking for that ahhhhh feeling on your beach vacation? Avoid the crowds and experience true relaxation while sampling local food and hospitality by staying at a bed and breakfast.

The right B&B can give you a homey, one-of-a-kind experience that you just can't get at bigger properties. Many bed and …

Water Sports

A space rock worth $5.4 trillion is flying by Earth this weekend — here's how to watch

Photograph of a different asteroid, 253 Mathilde.

Asteroids might not look like much on the outside, but you shouldn't judge a book by its cover.

Underneath the surface of some asteroids is a treasure trove of a type of mineral, called platinum, that is rare on Earth but extremely lucrative — 1,000 …


Perfectly Timed Photos That Make Dogs Look Like Giants

Sometimes, all it takes for a little dog's size to match his big personality is a change of perspective.

View post on imgur.com

View post on …


Stream Weavers: Inside the Airstream Factory

It's the height of summer and we felt the urge for a road trip, so we drove to Ohio to visit one of the country's most iconic symbols of the great …


How dogs see the world compared to humans

Most people know that dogs don’t see as well as humans, but there are a lot of misconceptions floating around about the way they see the world. But now a small web app, first uncovered by The Next Web, can show you how the world looks through your pooch’s eyes.

Dogs, contrary to popular belief, do …


This amazing video of the Magnus effect in action will make you love science even more

Science can just be so cool. If you want further evidence of this, you should watch an incredible new video of a basketball being dropped from the …

Sports Science

Top five local swimming holes

The third time someone kicked sand on my girlfriend's back on Speedboat Beach, I decided I'd had enough. Enough of the hot sand. Enough of the …

Water Sports

Drone firing handgun appears in video

A video of a home-made drone firing what appears to be a pistol has been posted onto YouTube.

The video, which cannot be independently verified by the Guardian, appears to show a small calibre handgun strapped to quadcopter with an elongated frame. The author of the video has not replied to requests …


How To Delete Your iTunes Library

I’ve been using iTunes to manage my music library since it was first released in 2001. I’ve always been a music collector, and now I’m a professional …


The epic North American road trip you should take before you die

Driving directly across the country is for unimaginative wimps.

True adventurers go as far as humanly possible and "do America" from corner to corner—Alaska included, requiring a very (very very) long leg through Canada.

If you're feeling the pull of the open road, here’s how you take advantage of …

Road Trips

Neil Young pulls his albums from Apple Music ’cause they sound soooo bad

Canadian singer-songwriter and musician turned high-fidelity music spokesman, Neil Young, announced that he’s fed up with music streaming service. Sure, there’s a lot less money in streaming than selling albums, but Young revealed to fans that he’s pulling his albums from Apple Music and other …

Apple Music

Uber should be suspended in California and fined $7.3 million, judge says

Uber — plagued by problems with regulators, drivers and taxi unions around the world — took a big blow in its home state Wednesday when an administrative judge recommended that the ride-sharing giant be fined $7.3 million and be suspended from operating in California.

In her decision, chief …


6 Modern Pendant Lights with Pops of Color

Adding a colorful ceiling light into an interior helps to bring personality to the space. Pendant lighting also encourages people to look upward, making rooms feel more expansive. These six lights can complement colorful interiors or create a bold focal point in a neutral room.

Interior Design

10 Elegant Homes You Simply Must Rent in Paris


NASA's New Horizons Probe Phones Home After Historic Pluto Flyby

LAUREL, Md. — Signals from a spacecraft 3 billion miles away swept over Earth on Tuesday, confirming that NASA's New Horizons probe survived its history-making Pluto flyby.

The radio signals were received by a Deep Space Network antenna in Spain four and a half hours after they were sent out from …


5 Modern Prefabs in the Woods

As these five prefabs in the forest prove, modular construction is an ingenious solution for introducing modern homes into the wild.


Is it Time to Leave Midcentury Modern Behind?

Mid-Century Modern

Brave 11-Year-Old Who Stood Up To Bullies In YouTube Video Gets Invited To White House

This is one way to show the haters who’s boss.

Logan Fairbanks recently posted a YouTube video of himself confronting cyberbullies that went viral, now the 11-year-old has been personally invited to visit the White House, ABC News reported.

The invite came via Twitter, on Saturday, from Valerie …


Tesla's CTO envisions a future in which low cost batteries change everything

The cost of lithium-ion batteries will quickly plummet, and that will transform transportation and electricity use, says JB Straubel.

Tesla’s CTO JB Straubel predicts that low cost batteries will transform transportation and access to electricity over the next decade. In a wide ranging talk at a …