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Get ready for more hacks in 2018

No really, get ready. Do these security basics now, because online criminals are going to get even more aggressive next year.<p>After the year we've had, do you need any more convincing that your personal information is constantly being exposed to hackers?<p>It wasn't just the Equifax hack, which leaked …


NHS DMARC Fail Leaves Patients Exposed to Phishing

NHS DMARC Fail Leaves Patients Exposed to PhishingSome 98% of UK healthcare organizations, including nearly all NHS domains, are unprotected by the …

Uber data breach “raises huge concerns”, says UK data watchdog

The fallout from Uber’s disclosure yesterday of a massive data breach affecting 57 million users and drivers that it concealed for a year continues: The UK’s data protection watchdog has put out a strongly worded statement saying the company’s announcement “raises huge concerns around its data …


Uber concealed huge data breach

<b>Uber concealed a hack that affected 57 million customers and drivers, the company has confirmed.</b><p>The 2016 breach was hidden by the ride-sharing firm which paid hackers $100,000 (£75,000) to delete the data.<p>The company's former chief executive Travis Kalanick knew about the breach over a year ago, …


Why cybersecurity workers are some of the hardest to retain

Cybersecurity workers are in high demand, and the security industry may face a shortage of close to two million qualified personnel by 2022. That’s concerning giving the increasing number of cyber attacks we’re witnessing. But what’s more concerning is that, according to recent research I …

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Just one day after its release, iOS 11.1 hacked by security researchers

The bugs were found in Apple's Safari web browser.<p>A day after iOS 11.1 was released, security researchers have already broken the software.<p>News of …


Dell web address grabbed by third party

<b>A web address used by recovery software on Dell PCs was taken over by a third-party after a contractor apparently failed to renew it.</b><p>Dell's software checks in with the domain periodically, so whoever snapped it up could use it to distribute malware.<p>Security expert and author Brian Krebs - who first …


NHS 'could have prevented' WannaCry ransomware attack

<b>NHS trusts were left vulnerable in a major ransomware attack in May because cyber-security recommendations were not followed, a government report has said.</b><p>More than a third of trusts in England were disrupted by the WannaCry ransomware, according to the National Audit Office (NAO).<p>At least 6,900 …


Wi-fi security flaw 'puts devices at risk of hacks'

<b>The wi-fi connections of businesses and homes around the world are at risk, according to researchers who have revealed a major flaw dubbed Krack.</b><p>It concerns an authentication system which is widely used to secure wireless connections.<p>Experts said it could leave "the majority" of connections at risk …

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Adobe patches Flash bug used for planting spying tools

<b>Adobe has patched a new Flash security flaw that was being used by attackers to install spying tools on victims' computers.</b><p>The security bug was delivered using malicious Flash files embedded in Microsoft Word documents, sent as an email attachment to targets.<p>When the document was opened, the FinSpy …

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Adobe Flash Player users urged to disable software after it lets criminals infect computers

A “critical” security issue in Adobe Flash Player is putting computer users at risk.<p>The vulnerability is being exploited by a group called …

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Executive interview: David Mahon, CSO, CenturyLink

David Mahon, chief security officer of CenturyLink, discusses why cyber security is actually the business strategy


London issues call to arms to cyber security community

Cyber security community called on to help educate capital’s small businesses about cyber crime and give them practical advice


Cyber security a business necessity

Cyber security is a business necessity, according to the T-Mobile security chief in Poland


Millions of Pornhub users tricked into downloading malware on their PCs in the UK and US

The large-scale malvertising attack was active for more than a year, exposing millions of potential victims in the US, Canada, the UK<p>A large-scale …

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Equifax data hack affected 694,000 UK customers

<b>The beleaguered credit reference agency Equifax has now admitted that 694,000 customers in the UK had their data stolen between May and July this year.</b><p>The firm's original estimate of its UK cyber-theft victims, made last month, was fewer, at nearly 400,000.<p>Equifax now says that it will contact its …


Uber, Facebook Messenger Top List of Riskiest Apps in the Enterprise

Uber, Facebook Messenger Top List of Riskiest Apps in the Enterprise<b>Corporate IT departments tend to be a nervous bunch when it comes to shadow IT</b> …

Yahoo 2013 data breach hit 'all three billion accounts'

<b>Yahoo has said that all of its three billion user accounts were affected in a hacking attack dating back to 2013.</b><p>The company, which was taken over by Verizon earlier this year, said an investigation had shown the breach went much further than originally thought.<p>The stolen data did not include …

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Poor Password Policy, Lack of 2FA Led to Deloitte Breach

The exploited admin account had just a single password and lacked two-step authentication.Another day, another major company hacked—this time …


Deloitte Hack Exposes Confidential Email for World's Largest Companies—Report

<b>Accountancy giant Deloitte has been the victim of a cyber-attack that has compromised its global clients’ confidential emails and intellectual</b> …

C-Level Execs and Ex-Employees Pose Greatest Cybersecurity Risk

Hackerpocalypse. That is the term used by Cybersecurity Ventures to describe the onslaught of cyber-crime that cost $3 trillion globally in 2015 and …

Alert over booby-trapped security software

<b>A security company has issued a warning after its software was compromised by malicious hackers.</b><p>Piriform told users a booby-trapped version of its CCleaner software had been made available in August and September.<p>Millions of people use the CCleaner program to remove unwanted junk from Android …

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The Equifax Breach and 5 Years of Missed Warning Signs

Reports that Equifax’s chief information officer along with their chief security officer were retiring should alleviate few concerns and not divert scrutiny from the company’s risk governance standards. While this is not the largest data breach in history, it is quite possibly the most damaging. …


Researchers claim new security bypass could threaten 400M Windows devices

Researchers claim proof of concept method allows any known malware to bypass most common security solutions.

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Equifax hack puts data of 400,000 UK customers at risk

US credit rating firm’s announcement comes after UK authorities order it to alert British clients of cybersecurity breach<p>About 400,000 people in the UK may have had their information stolen following a cybersecurity breach at the credit monitoring firm Equifax.<p>The US company said an investigation …

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2 top Equifax execs retire in wake of massive data breach

Equifax Inc. announced Friday afternoon that two top technology executives had left the company and been replaced immediately, as the company …

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Three Equifax Managers Sold Stock Before Cyber Hack Revealed

Three Equifax Inc. senior executives sold shares worth almost $1.8 million in the days after the company discovered a security breach that may have …


Equifax waives credit freeze fees after facing backlash

Equifax has learned the hard way that people don't appreciate having to pay $10 for protection when it's not their fault their personal details were compromised. <i>Especially</i> if that $10 solution has its own security flaw. That's why it's now offering to waive all credit freeze fees to prevent …

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Chatbot lets you sue Equifax for up to $25,000 without a lawyer

Equifax’s security failure affected 143 million US consumers, or 44 percent of the US population. To add insult to injury, Equifax waited over a month before revealing the security breach it had suffered. If you’re one of the millions affected by the breach, a chatbot can now help you sue Equifax …