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Vintage! Audi Front UW 220 from the 1930s | Drive it!

Saw these two beauties parked next to each other at a services today #classics #vwbus

NSU Sport Prinz

NSU introduced the small NSU Prinz in the mid 1950s as basic transportation for the masses. the company was dominant in the two-wheeled market, and has been featured many times in this blog. Like many, they wanted to compete with the VW Beetle, and appeal to people moving up from motorcycles and sidecars. Today we would call it a microcar, but it was just a small economical car at the time. In the late 1950s, NSU saw the possibility of a more upscale model. Italian Franco Scaglione of the …

BMW E30 M3 Vs Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.3-16! - Head 2 Head Episode 12

Beauty and the Bratwurst

Porsche napkins, Porsche water, a Porsche Super 90 Cabriolet on display, an RS2 parked at the entrance, and yet, this was not a white tablecloth gathering at the country club exclusively for the well-heeled. It was an open house for a shop in Allentown, PA. Specialty Cars is a small shop in a nondescript industrial park, and, when closed, does not really hint at the jewels that regularly flow through the doors. On this day, it was clear. In the driveway, and on the streets surrounding the …

The Vintage Audi That Collectors Want, But Can’t Have

Here’s a way to guarantee you stand out: Buy an Audi 100.<p>Not the newer one, the one made in the 1980s. You want the one with the bigger silver Audi …

Onlinemotor Audi 80 vintage Oldtimer

Rometsch Roadster

Friedrich Rometsch was a German coachbuilder based in the Halensee section of Berlin. The company was founded in the 1920s when classic coachbuilding was still in its heyday. The basic idea was to select a chassis (usually complete with drivetrain), and then marry it to a custom made body from your selected coachbuilder. Of course, only the well heeled client could afford this process, but the end result was a unique vehicle (or one of few).<p>Fast forward to the postwar period, and Rometsch …

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Uber Sedan

On the heels of the Neue Klasse sedans, BMW saw the need for a larger sedan that would comfortably seat 5, and yet would be performance oriented. They began working on the E3 series in 1965, The 2500/2800 CS machines were already available in the late 1960s, but they were coupes. The first of the sedans appeared in 1968 with an L designation for long wheelbase. In many ways, this was the first 7 series. The machines used twin Zeniths and generated 170+ HP and 185 ft/lbs of torque. They shared …



Shades of grey.

Shades of grey..


Porsche Everyday

This should be your next vehicle on #comediansincarsgettingcoffee the ol Zundapp Janus @JerrySeinfeld

How to have the best transport vehicle at the track day Step 1: #SingleCab

Zilveren legende.





happinessbythekilowatts: Not your usual 356....

happinessbythekilowatts:<p>Not your usual 356.<p><i>MotorClassica 2015, Melbourne Australia</i><p><i>Flickr - Facebook Photography Page - My Photos on Tumblr</i><p>(via …