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Lee Johnston Talks about Electric Victory Motorcycles and Isle of Man TT Zero - Video

Having Victory fielding not one, but two bikes in the Zero TT this year at the Isle of Man event in June is definitely one of the milestones for the …


Zero Motorcycles slices $1,350 from all 2015 price tags

When we close our eyes and open our imaginations, we see Zero Motorcycles as a small squad of bikes roaring (silently, of course) across an open, dusty plain at breakneck speed, as though an invisible army were in hot pursuit. That's because, in a way, that is what is actually happening. …


Zero Motorcycles Slashes MSRP By $1,350 Across '15 Model Line

Zero announces new, lower MSRP

Zero just announced it’s cutting the MSRP by $1,350 across the entire 2015 lineup of electric motorcycles. That figures …


Ducati, Zero, Electric HyperMotard and the CEO - Nice Story

Ducati's CEO, , went and visited one of their motorcycle dealers in Thailand. The dealer not only sells Ducati, but also recently became a Zero …


Zero Motorcycles Receives Grant from CEC

Zero Motorcycles has received a $1,009,220 dollar grant from the California Energy Commission do help drive the company's research, development and …


BMW On A Roll: Supplying Electric Vehicles To Milan Expo

BMW are on a roll with their electric vehicles, particularly their electric scooter, the C-Evolution. First they sold thirty C-Evolutions to the …


Breaking News. Victory Motorcycles To Race Prototype Electric Motorcycle At The Isle Of Man TT On June 10, 2015

Victory Motorcycles is announcing their intention to race at the iconic International Isle of Man Tourist Trophy (TT) event on a prototype Victory …


Zero Motorcycles to Return for Second AIMExpo

Orange County, Florida, Commissioner Scott Boyd (left) gets a feel for one of the Zero Motorcycle models.

Following a successful first year …


"Electric Terry" Hershner Rides 300 Miles On Zero Motorcycle On One Charge

“Electric (rainman) Terry” Hershner on the road to another record

At around 2:30 Pacific time Terry Hershner saddled up for yet another record – a 250 …


2015 Zero S | DOIN' TIME

WRIST: Brian Hatano
MSRP (2015):
$17,840 (as tested)

My first experience with an electric-powered vehicle happened …


Kowitz Wins eMotoRacing Electric Motorcycle Races At Sonoma Raceway


Sonoma CA - Veteran road racer Arthur Kowitz took a pair of wins in the AHRMA-sanctioned eMotoRacing events sponsored by Woodcraft …


Scarlett Johansson + Harley-Davidson Project LiveWire = One Awesome Distraction - Harley Davidson Forums

Pssst… Hey. Hey, you. Yeah, you. I know you’re bored at work. You’re looking for a distraction. No, I’m not talking about Facebook and I know you’re …

Scarlett Johansson

"Electric Powered Odyssey" Attempts Record 12,000 Mile US to Patagonia Trip

Thomas Thomczyk, selfie-stick-stylin’ in NOLA (via Electric Powered Odyssey)

Thomas Thomczyk, an experienced rider, journalist and magazine publisher …


If Batman Owned an Electric Motorcycle, It Would Be the Stealthy Harley Davidson LiveWire

If Batman owned an electric motorcycle, it'd surely be the stealthy-looking Harley Davidson LiveWire. Powered by a 55-kW electric motor that produces …


Meet the Stromer ST2, the best electric bike on the road

Oh. My. Gosh. The Stromer ST2 electric bike is so much fun, it should not be street legal.

Two weeks ago I had zero interest in electric bikes. I’ve ridden traditional bicycles my entire life and I love them. The very idea of an electric bike was repellent — even in a hilly city like San Francisco. …

Electric Vehicles

“Avengers: Age of Ultron” Movie Stunts. The Best One Is Performed Riding A Harley LiveWire.

One scene steals the show in a film that is overloaded with special effects and robotic action.

Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow drops from Iron Man’s …


Law firm sponsors Belgian electric bike for TT races

Manx law firm DQ has announced its principal sponsorship of superbike brand, Saroléa, as tries to smash the TT Zero record in 2015 with its latest …

Electric Bikes

Bultaco Announces Electric Motorcycle Dealers in Spain, Expansion Envisaged

It's been three decades of absence from the motorcycle industry for Spanish makers Bultaco, but the company is back with a bang. An electric bang,


A Vintage Looking E-Bike You May Want In Your Garage

If today young William Harley and Arthur Davidson were working from a garage in the Silicon Valley they could have created this Vintage Electric “E …


This new motorcycle has a unique sound

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The newest high-tech motorcycle has just arrived in Des Moines.

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It's called the Zero SR, and …


Time to Ride

Demo Ride a Zero

No words, pictures or videos can convey the unique and exhilarating experience of riding a Zero. To schedule a demo ride, for more …


Review: New zero-emission electric two-wheelers

Organizers of the 45th annual Earth Day this week set an ambitious goal. They hoped to inspire 1.5 billion “acts of green” in almost 200 countries to …

Electric Bikes

Energica Ego Electric Superbike Beats 2 Teslas, Ferrari In 1/4-Mile

Energica recently released a video that puts its Energica Ego electric superbike in direct competition with a variety of well known high-powered cars …


Placerville police to quietly patrol trails on electric motorcycle

Placerville police will be using a new electric motorcycle to quietly patrol the community’s parks and trails.

The Zero brand electric motorcycle is …

11 motorcycles that will make this summer awesome

Our friend JonB pinged us yesterday — “New job, new season, time for a new bike. What should I buy? HFL should do a buyer’s guide.” Good idea. Here’s …


Captain America's Supercharged Electric Motorcycle


Inside Batteries

For as many benefits as electric motorcycles provide, to date there are still two areas preventing e-bikes from penetrating through to the masses: …


Motorcycling — most-downloaded first

By Paul Fris
Price: $1.99 USD. Words: 33,850. Language: English. Published: January 11, 2012. Category: Nonfiction » Sports & outdoor recreation » …

Zero Motorcycles dials up the torque with the new SR

The new Zero.

You could make a pretty compelling argument that motorcycles are currently much better acceptors of electric power train technology than cars. That's especially true since the development of battery technology is still an on-going process. Bikes are less likely to be driven long …