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By clasqm | Observing the evolution of the electric motorcycle

Awesome new electric motorcycle looks like something out of “Akira”‘s Neo Tokyo

Despite working a boring office job and having lived in Tokyo for long enough that not even schoolgirl uniforms, random cosplayers or the neon wash …


Zero SR: An electric motorcycle that flexes muscles without any roughness

It’s finally possible to experience superbike levels of performance while being a tree hugger at the same time.

After test-driving a Tesla Model S …

2015 Brammo Empulse R | FIRST RIDE

They say: The world’s fastest production eBike.We say: It’s fast, but will it get you all the way home?

Dropping a gear and diving into another corner, …


Reader’s Choice Best Electric Motorcycle of 2015: Harley-Davidson LiveWire

When it comes to creating a splash in the moto world, perhaps no one in the past year did it better than Harley-Davidson when it unveiled an electric …


Dutch University Making Electric Motorcycle To Race Around The World In 80 Days - 40,000 km

One of The Netherlands' top universities, Eindhoven University of Technology, will be riding a special made electric motorcycle around the world in …


Gizmag rides the electric Lightning LS-218: The world's fastest production motorcycle

Last May, when Gizmag first featured the "truly, horrifyingly fast" Lightning LS-218, I ended by saying: "If I could take any bike in the world out …


Interview: Richard Hatfield, founder and CEO of Lightning Motorcycles

If you're as fascinated as we are with electric motorcycles, Richard Hatfield is a pretty special individual to sit down with. He's the founder and …


Kawasaki’s electric Ninja plans

KAWASAKI has filed patents for a number of electric sports bike designs, revealing the direction of plans for future Ninja models.

The firm has filed …


MoCycl. The World’s Smallest and Lightest Self Balancing Unicycle

Have you noticed the many varieties of personal electrical vehicles suddenly hitting the street? Yes, Millenials want sustainable transportation and …


Electric Harley sounds killer in new Avengers trailer

The Harley-Davidson Project LiveWire sounds like the future, and this movie is going to be amazing.

The final trailer for Avengers: Age of Ultron has dropped ahead of its theatrical debut next month, and it is flabbergasting in its excellence.

Lots to like for fanboys, like mega comic-booky scenes …


Zero Motorcycles, suddenly dwarfed, responds with some bigger numbers

This time last year, Zero Motorcycles could comfortably claim to be the world's leading electric motorcycle maker.

Then Harley-Davidson unveiled its electric LiveWire concept bike, and Polaris Industries acquired Brammo Motorcycles, positioning itself to match Harley.

The suddenly dwarfed California …


Electric Motorcycles: Nuts and Volts | DRAWING THE LINE

Show a new electric motorcycle, and you’ll immediately raise three questions: range, range, and range. That’s something of an exaggeration, of course, …


More Porsche Than Prius—2015 Zero SR Electric Motorcycle Review

When I first moved to the West Coast I worked at a dealership that sold popular European motorcycles as well as electric bikes—this was my first …


New range of Irish-built electric bikes

A RANGE of new Irish-built electric bikes is due to be unveiled at a motorcycle show in Dublin today, including a sports bike with a claimed range of …


Harley-Davidson's Project LiveWire coming to UK

HARLEY-DAVIDSON will offer UK riders a go on its new electric bike when the firm's 'Project LiveWire' comes to the UK this summer.

Harley has already …

Simpson M30 Bandit Motorcycle Helmet

The Simpson M30 Bandit is the most intimidating helmet you’ll find this side of a Darth Vader costume – and unlike the Darth Vader helmet, the …


Upping the Ante in the Electric Motorcycle World

In 2016 we might witness a first bold move in the electric area of the motorcycle industry. Namely, Polaris could take a firm step in the segment …

A Sign That Electric Motorcycles Are Here To Stay - Sine Cycles

#Electric #Chopper #SineCycles - A sign that electric motorcycle are here to stay is when a custom builder makes an electric chopper from an electric …

Is Victory Motorcycles Working on a Fully-Electric Cruiser?

Harley-Davidson has the LiveWire project traveling the country at the moment. It's the brand's first fully-electric… well anything for that matter. …


Why Are Electric Motorcycles So Damn Expensive?

The question isn't by far something new, but we were expecting something more form the E-industry after all this time.
I mean, yes, all new …

Review: 2015 Zero SR | Zero Motorcycles

Paving a Green Path for Electric Motorcycles Likes: Comfortable seats, placement of handle bars and foot pegs make it an overall comfortable ride …


Brammo Empulse could become Victory Charger

When Polaris recently bought the motorcycle-making business from Brammo, we were left with more than a few questions. Now, at least one of these may have been answered – which brand Polaris will use to market its electric bikes.

It seems the powersports company has recently trademarked the name …


Zero Motorcycles – Breaking Records, Building Better Bikes

Every day, one can see that times are changing. Real-time communication is becoming easier and more convenient, Google put its first self-driven car …


Victory trademarks electric bike name

Brammo's 'eCruiser', revealed in a sketch on a crowd-funding website last year, could give clues to the design of Victory's electric motorcycle


Geeking out on electric motorcycles – a trip to the Zero factory

Regular readers will know I'm a bit of a fan of Zero's electric motorcycles – as the market leader in performance electric two-wheelers, Zero offers …


Mugen confirms McGuinness, Anstey for TT Zero quest

Japanese team Mugen has confirmed that John McGuinness and Bruce Anstey will again compete in the SES TT Zero Race in 2015.

McGuinness won the race …

2015 Zero Electric Motorcycles | FIRST RIDE

They say: It’s just better.We say: The MY15s are definitely improved.

Call it the tipping-point syndrome. Zero Motorcycles has been in business roughly …

France: Excellent Sales Figures Electric Motorcycles 2014

Although very far from the sales figures of their ICE counterparts, the electric motorcycle and scooter sales in France is doing more than well. In …

KTM Freeride E-SM First Ride

Green is good, but it must also be fun!