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2017 KTM Freeride E

<b>KTM</b> is bringing its <b>Freeride E-XC</b> electric motorcycle to the U.S. in an initial pilot program. The E-XC enduro, along with its off-road-only <b>X-SX</b> …

Motorcycle industry welcomes news of 2040 ban on new petrol vehicles as “tremendous trigger” for electric bikes

Image: “A tremendous stimulus for the motorcycle industry” says MCIA chief Steve Kenward

HardRider Motorcycle Magazine - Electric Motorcycles March 2017

Braaap unveils first Aussie electric bike

Tasmanian motorcycle company Braaap believes it is the first company to make an electric motorcycle in Australia and is giving early adopters a …

Electric Bikes

2017 Zero DSR Review - Test Ride. Completely ELECTRIC Motorcycle!

Electric Vehicles

Zero SR vs Ford Mustang 5.0

Ford Mustang

Zero SR electric motorcycle SMOKES Ninja H2!!!

Electric Vehicles

2017 Zero Motorcycles go up to 200 miles per charge

Zero Motorcycles has been selling electric motorcycles for years now and has unveiled its 2017 lineup. The 2017 models have as much as 19% more …

2014 Zero SR review notes

<b>WEST COAST EDITOR MARK VAUGHN:</b> As long as you don’t have to ride to Las Vegas and back in one day, or more accurately in three or four days, this …

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New Signs Honda Positioning Itself to be Leader in Development of Electric, Hybrid and Fuel Cell Vehicles (News)

An announcement by Honda earlier this week of a joint venture underscores a dramatic shift by Honda toward the development, and sale, of electric …

Interview: Zero Motorcycles CEO explains why transformative electric bikes are fundamentally different

Sam Paschel, the still relatively new CEO of California-based electric bikemaker Zero Motorcycles, has been riding conventional motorbikes for most of his life. Which helps explain why, after spending more than 20 years in various leadership positions at consumer brands like Skullcandy, Burton …


Three epic electric motorbikes you'll see cruising down your street soon

Motorbikes are often considered to be the epitome of ‘cool’ and now fans of these speed machines have options if they want to go green.<p>Here are three …

Electric motorcycles: Evangelical BS, or the future incarnate?

Are electric bikes just an early adopter pipe dream? Are they decades away from dominance?

Lightning Motorcycles Tests 400-Mile Range

According to Lightning Motorcycles, the company intends to test an eMoto capable of traveling from Los Angeles to San Francisco without a recharge. …

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Honda Says It Will Introduce an Electric Scooter in 2018

Talking at the company's annual press conference and meeting, Honda Motor Company President & CEO Takahiro Hachigo said that the Japanese brand would …

TT: Anstey wins electric TT Zero

Mugen Shinden take both top spots with an Anstey/Martin one-two. New Zealander Bruce Anstey took the TT Zero from start to finish with a commanding …

The retro-styled Munro Motor 2.0 blurs the line between e-bike & motorcycle

<b>This electric bike offers a little taste of yesteryear's classic motorcycle design on the outside, but has a high-tech heart.</b><p>When is an electric bike …

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Alta Motors secures $27 million to boost electric bike production

Californian based motorcycle maker Alta Motors has secured $27 million of preferred stock as part of its finance strategies to boost production of …

Zero FX 2016 Full Review

Zero’s DS 6.5 motorcycle was built for urban commuters

For other riders, an electric motorcycle is a two-wheeled invitation to talk. It's the lack of sound that initially tips them off. They always ask about range and speed. But mostly range. How far can they ride before they would have to plug in? With the new Zero Motorcycles DS 6.5, it's a …

AAMAHB Ep 12 Zero SR First ride and impressions (Electric Motorbike)

The 9 best electric motorcycles you can buy

You don't have to settle on power when it comes to buying an electric motorcycle.<p>For those looking to go the environmentally-friendly route, there are plenty of appealing options on the market.<p>Scroll down for the 9 best electric motorcycle options out there:


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Is an Electric Bike Perfect For Courier Duty?

Sometimes story ideas originate from the strangest of places. Back in November, 2016, Robert Abbasi, president of RTI Properties in Gardena, …

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Vigo superbike electric: with 640 km of autonomy, 120 hp and from 9,300 €.

The Best ELECTRIC MOTORCYCLE: 400 miles range | 3.2 seconds to 60 mph

Lightning Motorcycles to Test 644 Km Range Electric Bike

Lightning Motorcycles will test its electric bike from Los Angeles to San Francisco without a recharge; test to take place during late this …

Electric boogaloo

The future is electric. It's a statement often trotted out as we search for evergreener solutions to our increasingly finite resources of black gold …

Electric Motorcycles. How Should They Sound?

All major brands have spent the last decade focused on bridging the generation gap between loyal boomer customers and new millennial fans by offering …