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Pope Francis invokes the notorious Borgias amid Vatican scandal over sex and spying

Fresh from his triumphant six-day trip to Africa, Pope finds a Vatican mired in scandal over leaking of confidential documents to journalists

Pope Francis invoked the memory of the notorious Borgia family as he returned from his African trip to a Vatican that is mired in scandalous allegations of …

Pope Francis

You'll Never Guess The Most Charitable Nation In The World

And the winner for most charitable nation in the world is ... Myanmar. Coming in second: the United States.

If you're scratching your head, one reason may be that the ranking confounds the common perception "that generosity and wealth are connected to one another," says Adam Pickering. He's the …


Suzukis SV650 scrambler

The scrambler-fied SV650 The other SV650 'concept'SUZUKI ensured its new SV650 drew attention at Motorcycle Live yesterday by giving it a sprinkle of …


One Up Neo Vintage CB600

Neo-vintage is the unusual term Taylor Henschell of One Up Moto Garage uses to refer to their custom creations. Along with fellow One Up builder …


The Boxer Twins: A fine pair of BMWs from K-Speed

Why are boxer BMWs so popular in the custom world? Availability is often cited as a reason: they’re tough and plentiful. But this is only true in some countries. In Thailand, for example, old airheads are very hard to come by.

Customized examples are even rarer in mainland SE Asia, since most owners …


The antidote to Islamic State: School for refugee children

Most of the 2 million Syrian children exiles are on the streets – theirs is a lost generation.

Islamic State (ISIS)

Mormon views on evolution are evolving, says biologist - Flunking Sainthood

Steve Peck is one of those renaissance people that make me sit back in wonder. His day job is as a scientist—he’s an associate professor of biology


British sex abuse inquiry to focus on churches, politicians

CANTERBURY, England (RNS) The inquiry will consist of 12 different investigations, including whether the Church of England and Roman Catholic Church …

Church of England

What We Fear When We Fear Terrorism

In addition to the inevitable abortion politicking, the murderous rampage of Robert Dear at a Planned Parenthood facility in Colorado has inspired a number of writers to contrast the stiff upper lip with which many Americans seem to handle the general prevalence of gun violence on our shores with …


How secular France is giving faith a voice in the planet's future

THE political masters of the world are gathering in a Paris traumatised by terror to consider another sort of emergency, climate change; and they are …


Take a look at the Muslim-majority city of Hamtramck


Take a look at the Muslim-majority city of Hamtramck in Michigan





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UK News

Palestinian Authority limits Christmas celebrations in West Bank

This image is available for web and print publication. For questions, contact Sally Morrow.

BETHLEHEM, West Bank (RNS) The Palestinian Authority has …

Palestinian Authority

Why Republicans can slam Islam with little political cost (+video)

American Muslims are a small voting bloc, so the 2016 presidential candidates see limited fallout from what they are saying, and get a boost from …


The black clergy endorsements for Trump that never came

Republican front-runner Donald Trump often boasts about his relationship with “the blacks,” and he planned to provide proof of their support at a Monday news conference with more than 100 African American religious leaders who want him to be president.

But it never happened.

Instead, Trump met …

African Americans

Pope Francis: World headed toward 'suicide' if no climate agreement is reached

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(Reuters) The U.N. climate conference in Paris is most …


The #PopeinAfrica talking points: Fox News blunders and sugary corruption

The “Pope of hope” is on the final leg of his inaugural six-day holy tour around three African countries: Kenya, Uganda and the Central African Republic.

Crowds turned out in their thousands, the Vatican’s security were on high alert and journalists tweeted pictures of almost every handshake.

For …


Donald Trump cancels event with black pastors, stands by his 9/11 Muslim remarks

WASHINGTON — Trump came under fire last week after saying at a rally and on television that he had seen thousands of people in Jersey City cheer the …

African Americans

Meeting the Muslim in Japan -With English Subtitle

Does Violence Always Win?: Learning From René Girard (1923-2015)

Last August, a photo of a grieving father holding a child who had not survived the dangerous passage from Syria to Europe elicited widespread …


Why battling climate change requires a spiritual rebirth (COMMENTARY)

(RNS) Solutions must come from the Paris conference but they also must come from rapid education and change of values, from what the gospels call …

Climate Change

Pope Francis visits besieged mosque in Central African Republic

Pope Francis has taken the biggest security risk of his papacy to visit a mosque under siege from armed Christian militias in Bangui, the capital of Central African Republic, delivering a message of peace and reconciliation in a show of solidarity.

Under heavy UN and Vatican protection, Francis …


Pope wraps up Africa visit with warning about religious conflicts

KAMPALA, Uganda — Pope Francis wrapped up his six-day trip to Africa in the war-torn Central Africa Republic on Monday by warning that religious …

African Studies

The demand for Islamic Reformation is just another brand of Islamophobia

On the topic of Parisian massacres, consider this. On 24 August 1572, Charles IX of France ordered the assassination of prominent Huguenot Protestants who were in Paris for the wedding of their leader, Henry of Navarre, to the king’s own sister. Under the tutelage of his mother, Catherine …


Pope Francis: 'Christians And Muslims Are Brothers And Sisters'

The pope took his message of peace to the Central African Republic, where thousands have died in clashes that have split the country along religious lines.

Pope Francis ventured into one of the world's most dangerous neighborhoods on Monday to implore Christians and Muslims to end a spiral of hate, …

Pope Francis

Lord’s Prayer advert should offend no one

So apparently it’s not politically appropriate to preface mainstream films with the Lord’s Prayer (Report, 23 November). What about all those ear-threatening prayers to the capitalist marketplace that we are obliged to endure? What, exactly, counts as politically motivated advertising when all this …


Is the Colorado Planned Parenthood shooting terrorism, a hate crime, or what? - Corner of Church and State

Suspect in Planned Parenthood shooting Robert L. Dear. Source: Colorado Springs, CO police department.

Warning/apology: This is an explanation of the


Religious Kids Are More Selfish: The Stickers Don't Lie

Are kids from more religious families are more or less altruistic than their peers from less-religious families?

That’s what a high-profile new study …


End ban on women reading Torah at Western Wall, group petitions

JERUSALEM (RNS) An Israeli women’s rights organization says the administrator of the Western Wall lacks the legal authority to withhold Torah scrolls …

Western Wall

People more likely to report suspected violent extremists 'if they trust police'

Family members or friends of suspected violent extremists are more likely to come forward if they know and trust how police will treat their disclosures, a world-first study has found.

The implication is that government and law enforcement should publicise the process involved in reporting someone …


Anti-Abortion Groups Condemn Planned Parenthood Shooting

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (RNS) Colorado Springs, known as “the Vatican of evangelical Christianity," is headquarters of dozens of conservative …

Planned Parenthood