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12 All-Natural Hair Moisturizers That You Can DIY

An extreme seasonal shift not only cues a drastic change in your wardrobe, it also means that it’s time to adjust your beauty routine. During the winter, it’s all about moisturizing (after you exfoliate with face and lip scrubs, of course!).<p>While we all know that the brisk bite of cold weather does …

Hair Care

23 “Sweet” Must-Haves for Your Holiday Pantry

There are so many things we love about the holidays. We love the sparkle of a sidewalk covered with a fresh dusting of snow, cozying up in our favorite sweaters, hats, and scarves, and the enticing smell of cinnamon that seems to come out of everyone’s kitchen all November and December long. With …

Hot Chocolate

32 Irresistible Caramel Recipes You Have to Try

This time of year calls for caramelized foods of all sorts — whether savory , sweet or a little bit of both, there’s just something about toasted sugars that’s, well, oh-so-toasty and warm. Today we present you with 32 irresistible recipes from around the web that have a sweet caramel element front …


Ho Ho Holiday Nail Art! These are the 25 Classiest Designs Around

We really let our silly side come out this week with strange Santa hats and the tackiest Christmas sweaters on the planet, but you’ll be happy to know we’re back on form (for now!) with what might be the most stylish look of the holiday season: elegant nail art. Of course you’ll see this season’s …

Art Deco

40 Creative Candy Cane Recipes to Make All of December

We’re keeping things traditional around here with creative recipes that put the classic peppermint candy cane to use. Of course, you can use this peppermint inspiration everywhere in your home, from cooking to decor — candy cane cups and votive holders will have your pad looking festive in no time. …


15 Natural Beauty DIYs for Under $15

How much money have you shelled out on facial masks, bubble bath, trips to the spa, and “miracle skin rejuvenation” products? Too much? It’s okay, we’re here to curb that spending habit and help you ramp up your inner kitchen witch. We’ve rounded up collection of 15 natural beauty tutorials that …

Skin Care

25 Creative Christmas Cookie Recipes

Now that you’ve perfected making the ultimate pumpkin pie (high five!) it’s time to start wow-ing with another sweet seasonal delight: Christmas cookies! To us, it’s a tradition as significant as a holiday tree, so we made sure to round up 25 amazing unique Christmas cookie recipes for you to make …

3 Sweet Homemade Holiday Butters

Who doesn’t love a rich, creamy butter? Especially the kind that’s made from a spicy gingerbread cookie, or one filled with rich chocolate? Maybe that’s too heavy for you, and you prefer something lighter. That’s where pumpkin butter comes in. No matter your taste preferences, we have a butter …


“I’ve had a lot of magic in my life.” “Tell me something magic.” “When they were young, my parents met an American couple in a sunday school in Shanghai. Over the years, they kept running into this same couple, as they traveled through different parts of the world. So they jokingly made a pact that their firstborn children would be married. Then my parents had me, and the other couple had a son. I didn’t meet the man until late in life, when I was already deeply in love with another man. But I fell in love with him and we got married.” “Wow, that is cool.” “That’s not even the craziest part. Want to hear the craziest part?” “Absolutely.” “My husband had three previous engagements. And the morning we met, he was cooking three eggs, and each of them had double yolks.”


getting caught smoking weed under a parachute<p>I WAS NOT EXPECTING THAT MANY PEOPLE TO RUN OUT OF THE PARACHUTE<p>THAT GUY’S LAUGH

Mall Santa Charged with Groping Female Teen Elf Worker

A man who played Santa Claus at a Massachusetts mall has been barred from the shopping center after he was charged with groping an 18-year-old woman …

What’s Better Than a Cup of Hot Cocoa? Hot Cocoa Cookies!

The holidays are in high gear here at Brit HQ. From festive garlands to yuletide cocktails, we’re getting into the holly jolly spirit in a big way… and it’s not even Thanksgiving! Up next? We’re getting a head start on our holiday baking. Since nothing says winter like a warm cup of hot cocoa, we …


“I feel like it’s easy for individualism to turn into pretentiousness. I see that a lot in film school. I’m hoping to find a way to carve out my own identity, while remaining approachable.”


These are my favorite parents in any movie ever.

Watch a Man Be Surprised by a Room Full of People He Rescued During the Holocaust

Sir Nicholas Winton is one of the lesser-known figures of World War II. He organized the rescue of over 650 children (mostly Jewish Czechoslovakians) …


A glimpse into the journal of a (quite intelligent) 16 year old girl. Photographed, with permission, in Central Park.

“Us Bengalis are expected to keep in touch with all of our family members, no matter how distantly related. So pretty much every day we are skyping with a new relative. Then at the end of the month, we start over again.”

“My wife and I have been married 16 years.” “Children?” “Nope.” “Any particular reason?” “I was just never sure I wanted to have a child. And I always thought that with a decision that big, it was better not to guess and be wrong. I’ve just always had this anxiety about fulfilling myself and accomplishing my dreams. I love kids, and I love my friends’ kids, but I just didn’t think there’d be room in my life for a child. Some of the parents I know think that not having a child is a selfish decision to make. But then again, a lot of those same people, after two or three beers, have told me that they envy my freedom.”

“We got married at a protest. We think alike. And we party alike.”

“Don’t spend it all in one place. If I hadn’t spent it all in one place, I wouldn’t be here right now.” “And what place did you spend it?” “Fast women and slow horses.”

I struck up a conversation with him, and he casually mentioned that he was having trouble adjusting to Columbia, due to his “previous situation.” So I asked him to elaborate. “I was born in Egypt,” he said. “I worked on a farm until 3rd grade with no education. I came to the US for one year, started 4th grade, but was pulled out because my father couldn’t find work and returned to Egypt for a year. The first time I went to an actual school was middle school, but the whole school was in one classroom, and I was working as a delivery boy to help the family. It was illegal for me to be working that young, but I did. When I finally got into high school, my house burned down. We moved into a Red Cross Shelter, and the only way we could live there is if we all worked as volunteers. I got through high school by watching every single video on Khan Academy, and teaching myself everything that I had missed during the last nine years. Eventually I got into Queens College. I went there for two years and I just now transferred to Columbia on a scholarship provided by the New York Housing Association for people who live in the projects. It’s intimidating, because everyone else who goes to Columbia went to the best schools, and have had the best education their entire lives.”

I was riding in a van with a television crew who was doing a piece on HONY. The cameraman, Duane, was behind the wheel. At one point he casually remarked on how bad the traffic was in Ethiopia. “Ethiopia?” I asked. “What story were you working on there?” “It wasn’t a story,” he replied. “We were picking up our daughter. He then told me the most amazing story. He told me that he and his wife were not able to conceive. “But I’d always resisted the idea of adoption,” he said. “My wife wanted to adopt right away, but I was just never sure if I’d be able to fully love a child that wasn’t my blood.” So time went on, and they remained childless. Then one evening Duane was watching a television show with his wife. The show was about aid work in Ethiopia. “They were showing before-and-after photos,” he explained. “I remember this one girl. She was skin and bones. But she still had this amazing smile and spirit in her eyes. The aid workers rehabilitated her, and six months later, she looked like a normal little girl. Right then, I turned to my wife, and said: ‘I’m ready to adopt.’” But it wasn’t as easy as he’d hoped. “At first I thought we needed an infant,” Duane explained. i just couldn’t imagine missing out on all those early moments of our child’s life.” but for healthy infants, the waiting list was years. “so then we went we moved up to three or four year olds.” but still, the waiting list was one to two years. “the only children you could get immediately were seven and up, and who had physical handicaps of some sort. i just didn’t think i was ready for it.” but then duane and his wife went on vacation. and toward the end of the trip, “after a few drinks,” duane’s wife brought out a brochure from the adoption agency. one of the pictures showed an unsmiling seven year old girl, standing against the pink wall of an orphanage. she had been blinded in one eye. “that’s our daughter,” duane said.  three years later after the watkins adopted her, chaltu has blossomed. she has grown over one foot, is fluent in english, and although blind in one eye, plays soccer, gymnastics, and basketball. she’s doing great at school, and has tons of friends. “she is the greatest daughter in the world,” duane said. “that’s an unbelievable story,” i told duane. “can i share it on hony?” “that’s fine with me,” he answered. then he sort of stared at the ground for a second, shuffled his feet, and asked: “would there be any possibility that you could help us raise the adoption fees to get her a brother? we’ve already found him, but aren’t financially ready yet.” let’s bring richard home:  click here to

“My first memory was when I was three years old. My dad set me up on the dresser, and said: ‘Jump to daddy!’ Then he let me fall and said, 'Don’t trust anyone.’ He was twisted like that. I’m pretty sure that’s why I’m a loner.”

“What was the saddest moment of your life?” “Probably when I got arrested after a bar fight in Vegas.” “What was the fight about?” “I don’t even remember.” “Do you remember the most frightened you’ve ever been?” “Probably when I had a gun pulled on me in Canada.” “What happened?” “I think it started with us trying to pull a tree out of the ground, and ended in us chanting "USA! USA! Then somebody pulled out a gun.” “I’m noticing a pattern.” “Yeah, same group of guys.”

Inventor of world wide web criticises NSA over privacy breaches

Sir Tim Berners-Lee says NSA has weakened online security<p>The inventor of the world wide web has criticised America's National Security Agency and its British counterpart GCHQ for weakening online security by breaking the encryptions that guard data privacy for millions of computer users around the …

“I’m trying to grow old with dignity, but it’s difficult.” “What’s difficult about it?” “I don’t want to be a burden to anyone. But I spent the 45 most vigorous years of my life paying no heed to retirement, and now I’m running out of ‘working years,’ and I’m way behind.”