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Illinois to Trial Blockchain Tech in Bid to Track Medical Licenses

The state of Illinois is expanding its work with blockchain, launching a pilot program aimed at applying the tech to the medical licensing process.<p>As …

Yes, Bitcoin Has No Intrinsic Value. Neither Does a $1 Bill

Bitcoin: fad or the future? The question has dogged the digital currency since its inception nearly a decade ago, and recent developments raise it …


How's Bitcoin doing after its big split? Never been better

It's been an intense month for Bitcoin. It's gone through several big changes — an upgrade and a currency split — all of which potentially threaten the integrity of the network as it plods into uncharted territory.<p>The results, so far, have been stellar. Nothing has gone wrong, and sure, bad things …


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Is Blockchain Ready to “Cross the Chasm”? Lessons from the Internet

The IBM study analyzed the responses of the explorers, in an attempt to figure out what’s driving them to embrace blockchain at this early stage. …

The Bitcoin Cash Timeline: What Will Happen When

Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash? Here's the step by step of what's likely about to happen to the bitcoin blockchain.The post The Bitcoin Cash Timeline: What …


Why Are Miners Involved in Bitcoin Code Changes Anyway?

How can miners block bitcoin changes? CoinDesk takes a look at how the network upgrades and the role these parties play.Source


Can Ethereum Overcome Its Immense Technical Problems? [Podcast]

Ethereum is an "unstoppable computational machine" that puts "a lot more power and sovereignty in the individual." That's how ethereum co-founder …


Bitcoin Has Avoided Tearing Itself Apart (for Now) - MIT Technology Review

The world’s most popular cryptocurrency has been facing a challenging problem for several years now: it can only be used to make seven transactions …


Belarus Central Bank Approves Blockchain Use For Bank Guarantees

The central bank of Belarus has cleared the way for domestic banks to use blockchain as part of their processes of transmitting bank guarantees.Source


Between a Rock and a Hard Fork: Jeff Garzik's Plan to Avoid a Bitcoin Split

Perhaps no coder is more at the center of bitcoin's raging scaling debate than Jeff Garzik – here he talks about the network's future.Source


How the technology behind Bitcoin can save our elections

Bitcoin has been dismissed as an anarcho-capitalist fantasy, but its underlying tech could enable secure e-voting<p>You can be forgiven for thinking of Bitcoin, the best-known cryptocurrency, as the realm of thieves, Wall Street bankers and libertarian techies who’ve drunk too much Soylent. Despite …


Details Emerge on Singapore Central Bank's Blockchain R&D

Singapore's "Project Ubin" is being built so that all cross-border payments and securities settlements can occur almost instantly.Source


"The World Wide Ledger of value" @dtapscott @alextapscott #blockchainrevolution

CoinDesk Explainer: How BIP 91 Enacts SegWit While Avoiding a Bitcoin Split

CoinDesk gives a broad overview of BIP 91, a code proposal that could prove integral to bitcoin's upcoming scaling upgrade.Source


London Stock Exchange Group is Using Blockchain to Record Unlisted Securities

The London Stock Exchange Group has partnered with IBM to trial a private securities platform for SMEs.Source


What Could Happen to Bitcoin? A Visual Guide to Scaling Outcomes

With bitcoin poised for a number of possible code changes this summer, CoinDesk offers a visual guide to potential paths forward.Source


Blockchain: A Game-Changer for Asset Managers?

Banks aren't the only ones that stand to benefit from Bitcoin's underlying technology.<p><b>Natixis Asset Management</b> is testing a blockchain-powered fund …


22 Banks Join Swift's Cross-Border Blockchain Trial

Swift's months-long cross border blockchain trial is expanding with the entrance of more than twenty additional financial firms.Source


Former Bain Manager Launches $50 Million Bitcoin and Ethereum Fund

A new fund aims to give wealthier Latin American investors additional exposure to the burgeoning cryptocurrency asset class.Source


Bitcoin Payroll Startup Bitwage Launches UK Services

Bitcoin startup Bitwage, which focuses on the international payroll market, is expanding its European footprint with a launch in the UK.Source


Instant bitcoins — at a price

One of the two ATMs in the Dorchester check cashing shop was just what you’d expect — one of those squat, grimy machines that charges you a fee for …

A Cypherpunk Dream: Blockstream Developer Departs to Build Bitcoin Web

Eric Martindale's new project is a trustless, decentralized exchange with smart contract functionality the developer claims is superior to …


€7 Million: Blockchain Startup Stratumn Completes Series A

Blockchain startup Stratumn has raised €7m in a new Series A round as part of a bid to expand to new markets.Source

Series A Round

THE BLOCKCHAIN IN THE IoT REPORT: How distributed ledgers enhance the IoT through better visibility and create trust

<i>This is a preview of a research report from BI Intelligence, Business Insider's premium research service. To learn more about BI Intelligence, click here.</i><p>Blockchain isn't just for bankers anymore. Most of the buzz around the distributed ledger has focused on its uses in finance, where it …


AT&T Awarded Patent for Bitcoin-Powered Subscriber Server

US telecom giant AT&T has been awarded a patent for a kind of home subscriber server backed up by blockchain tech.Source


Canadian Government Agencies Join Tapscott-Led Blockchain Research Effort

The government of Canada has joined a blockchain research effort launched earlier this year by two prominent industry authors.Source

Canadian Government