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The 5 Biggest Mental Mistakes Golfers Make

Eliminate these and you'll find yourself "in the zone" more often when you're on the golf course<p>Everyone wants to be "in the zone" more often. We've all experienced it before -- nothing could deter our play -- and we crave the ability to find that place once more. But when we try to get in the …

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How to strengthen your core for more golf power

Your core is one of the biggest power generators in your golf swing. Annabel Rolley brings in swiss ball to share a fitness tip that will get …

穩定擊球系列-找到揮桿手部穩定的關鍵 你的揮桿有穩定支點嗎?-欣高球-揮出高爾夫新視野-欣傳媒運動頻道

擊球更穩系列-利用水平轉動 體會轉身上桿正確動作-欣高球-揮出高爾夫新視野-欣傳媒運動頻道

教學 下桿肩膀該不該用力 原來揮桿肩膀是這樣轉動!

擊球更穩系列-紮實擊球正確動作 向下擊球用傾角使球穩定-欣高球-揮出高爾夫新視野-欣傳媒運動頻道


Dana Rader: Bottle Up Your Slice

Golf Channel Academy Lead Coach Dana Rader explains how a water bottle and a change to your grip and alignment can eliminate your slice for good.

Guidelines for Proper Weight Transfer (Shift) in the Golf Swing


Tom Watson Shows How To Handle Your Chip Shots | Golf Tips | Golf Digest

How To Cover The Ball With Your Chest Brandt Snedeker

The Golf Fix's Michael Breed talks about some of the things Brandt Snedeker and his coach Butch Harmon have been working on leading up to his win at …

擊球更遠系列-更寬廣的揮桿圓弧 手部正確動作方向-欣高球-揮出高爾夫新視野-欣傳媒運動頻道

揮桿寬度是加速擊球距離的條件,可是很多球友在上桿初期就將球桿向上急拉,無法產生揮桿加速所需要的距離(如影片說明;若希望球往前飛,必須透過往後方向的上桿產生加速距離,必非急拉向上),由於手部動作與用力方式錯誤,同時造成身體無法正確轉動,因此,在環環相扣的動作過程中一開始就必須要掌握正確的動作與方向性。 …

「殺手級」英文履歷怎麼寫?這23個「Power Words」你一定要會

文:Leah Han<p>履歷實質內容重要,怎麼呈現你的履歷同樣重要。準備畢業、準備轉職的你,正為英文履歷發愁嗎?<p>快來用這些power words讓履歷強而有力:<p>我們都知道寫履歷跟寫一般文章不一樣,那麼多不一樣呢?以下先舉出NG的英文履歷寫法:<p>X 花太多心思在寫出華美文字、變幻莫測的句型<br>X 使用華麗的形容詞來描述自己的成就、得到的領悟、成為什麼樣的人<p>要看你履歷的主管還有幾十份至幾千份的履歷要看,他們沒有那個美國時間細細品味你的才情。「是多棒的人」可以從他的經歷看出來的,根本不用多說。<p>一般而言,好英文履歷的寫法是這樣的:<p>O 直接以動詞的過去式開頭<br>(要把"I……"都去掉,你的主管已經知道你履歷上的東西是 …

Tuck The Trail Elbow In The Downswing For Golf Distance

The trail elbow is an important part of the downswing and something that is often overlooked. Michael Breed shares how you can gain power and …


Blair O’Neal Shows You How to Hit a Low Stinger Shot

Blair O’Neal shows you how to keep it in the fairway all day long by mastering one of the sexiest shots out there: the low stinger.

Rickie Fowler-Pre-Warm Up at The GolfGym Academy



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Me and My Golf

In this weeks Impact Show Piers and Andy show you a great drill to help fix that "Over The Top" move. Click the link to view full video and Tag a …

1. Tee the Ball in the Center of the Clubface

My swing can top 120 mph. While you probably can’t reach that number, you can always grab a bit more speed. Sure, simply swinging harder is one way …


Fix Your Improper Grip

Watch: How to grip the golf club correctly<p>You can't make a good golf swing with a bad grip. PGA Professional Eric Hogge demonstrates how you should …

One Move to Better Impact

Push off with your back foot to start down<p>The snapshots I get on Twitter don't show dynamic motion, but the comments tell the story. People want to hit it farther and straighter. The main way to do that is to improve your impact. Good footwork is a place to start.<p>You want your upper body to be …

[數位觀點] 股權式群募平台立意良好,但金管會你解決了誰的問題?|數位時代

20 examples of exceptional hotel towel art

Let’s all take a moment to celebrated the underappreciated craft of towel art.<p>It’s a fact of life that the only thing better than staying in a fancy …



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擊球更遠系列-下肢動力教學 明確掌握啟動重心轉移的動力來源