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Who we are - Data61

We're creating Australia's data-driven future<p>CSIRO’s Data61 is Australia’s leading data innovation group which was officially formed in 2016 from the …

Big Data


Australian Universities

The Australian Curriculum


Scratch is a graphical programming language which allows children to drag and combine code blocks to make a range of programs.<p>HTML and CSS are …


CSER Digital Technologies - Next Steps, Years 7 & 8

This course will help you take your next steps within the Australian Digital Technologies learning area! Building upon the CSER Foundations-6 MOOC, …

Facts & Myths about Computational Thinking in Classrooms

Whenever I speak to teachers about computational thinking it seems to place a layer of tension and confusion upon their shoulders, as most have …

Computer Science


The NXT STEP Blog brings together news and information related to the LEGO® MINDSTORMS® NXT & EV3 systems.


EV3 lessons

Today we have a guest blog by the founders of<br>"We are members of a FIRST LEGO League (FLL) team and the founders of, a …


BBC Make It Digital

by Seshan Brothers

<b>Toutes les leçons ne sont pas ici, car elles n'ont pas encore été traduites. Pour voir toutes les leçons (en anglais), cliquez sur le drapeau</b> …


Mindstorms Lego Robotics - Mr. Huselid

Charge batteries for robots<p>Charge and plug in computers when finished (period 3)<p><b>Trouble with your ladder challenge?</b> <i>Remember to shorten the distance</i> …


Online Version: Introduction to Programming LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3



Carnegie Mellon’s Robotics Academy studies how teachers use robots in classrooms to teach Computer Science, Science, Technology Engineering, and …


How to dress when traveling to Italy (Italian dress code)

One of the questions that comes up often in the messages we receive from our visitors is: "How should I dress while traveling in Italy ?" There is no …


Italian food, italian foods, fresh food in italy, italian food recipes, mediterranean diet

"The trouble with eating Italian food is that five or six days later you're hungry again."<b><br>George Miller</b><p>In this part of the website we feature …



Getting Started can sometimes be daunting. These tutorials are designed, not to give the *best* solution to a challenge, but instead introduce you to …


Minecraft in Education


What Is The Best Plyometrics Workout?

The Question:<p>Plyometrics are a great way to increase leg strength, stamina, jumping, etc. Plyometrics can also be one of the most killer workouts of …

a letter to my 24 year old self

Stop trying to be an elite athlete again - it’s over. Those discs you popped, those ops you endured? Listen up, your body is saying NO. There’s no …


Creative Computing with Scratch

Italy Trip Planner | Italy Tour Guide

Amalfi Coast Towns: where to stay<p>If you drove along Italy’s Amalfi Coast from the city of Sorrento to the city of Salerno, it would take at least a …


How to Actually Get Sh!t Done With a To-Do List

Between work (or homework), working out, hanging out with friends, and other real-life obligations, achieving our goals and making deadlines is …

Time Management

Hummingbird Robotics in Australia

Using this Hummingbird Microbit Adapter you can use the micro:bit to control your Hummingbird Robotics projects and activities!<p>Hummingbird Duo base …


Hummingbird Robotics Kit

The <b>Hummingbird Robotics Kit</b> is a spin-off product of Carnegie Mellon's CREATE lab. Hummingbird is designed to enable engineering and robotics …

Sicily Travel Guide 2018 - Best of Sicily Tours, Vacations, Holidays, Hotels, Dining, Tourism, Culture, Books. Tablet-friendly for iPad and other devices.

<b>Come to Sicily!</b><br>It's more than an is­land! Dis­cover Si­cily and dis­cover the world. The world's first multi­cul­tur­al soci­ety, our is­land is …

How long to spend in Italy

How long should I spend in...<p>The minimum amount of time takes to see Italy's major cities and destinations<p>The chart below to the right gives you an …