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Why I Can’t Love Brian De Palma (Though I’ve Always Wished I Could)

Back when I was a kid, and a lot more naïve about how the motion picture industry works, I had expectations of filmmakers that were completely …

See Your Favorite Movies Broken Down Into Just Their Color Palettes

Films typically have a cohesive “look”—their scenes all fit together within the same aesthetic guidelines. While there’s a wealth of detail that goes …

Wes Anderson

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Muzzling Mario: Why Nintendo’s Silent Approach To Controversy Can’t Continue In 2016

Nintendo has always been the strong, silent type. Since time immemorial, the company’s response to controversy or even just minor requests for information has been dead air, or a pat “no comment.” In 2016, the approach is no longer working. In fact, it’s having the exact opposite effect Nintendo …

Documentaries for Movie Geeks: Films About Films

Once you’ve watched a beloved movie two or three times, you start to crave a little more information about the film’s conception, production, and …

Blade Runner

Mortal Kombat code: Player unlocks secret menu in arcade game hidden for 20 years

We don't normally condone button-bashing in video games, but sometimes it has its uses. YouTuber YourMKArcadeSource – otherwise known as Mike – …

These secret codes have completely changed how I watch Netflix

We've all been there. You sit down on the couch, turn on Netflix, and the next thing you know, you've spent 20 minutes scrolling through shows and movies without finding a single thing you actually want to watch.<p>You feel like you've seen everything before, the recommended choices don't look …


✨TRIVIA✨ "Barry Lyndon" (1975). 🔸Many of the shots were composed and filmed in order to evoke certain eighteenth century paintings, especially those by Thomas Gainsborough. #barrylyndon #stanleykubrick #kubrick #ryanoneal #thomasgainsborough #cinephilecommunity

What video games get wrong about love and sex

As a medium, games are only really now getting to grips with romance and relationships, but they’re still too goal-orientated<p>Let’s say I want to know what love is ... and I want something to show me. I could listen to pop music. I would discover that love is the greatest thing. It’s a drug. It’s …


Hipster Misogyny: The Betrayal of "The Hateful Eight" | Balder and Dash

I’m in the ladies’ room during the twelve-minute intermission of "The Hateful Eight"; the line of men outside waiting for the bathroom is loud and …

Uncharted’s Nathan Drake Is a Video Game Monster

Naughty Dog's wisecracking character is no hero—he's a harbinger of death and destruction who should probably be stopped.<p><i>$10,000,000,000: the estimated value of The Secret City of Paititi, the real City of Gold which</i> Uncharted: Drake's Fortune<i>'s El Dorado is based on.</i><p><i>The Goonies</i>; Indiana Jones; <i>The</i> …

Step-by-Step: How to Roast a Perfect Prime Rib Using the Reverse Sear Method

GalleryStep-by-Step: How to Roast a Perfect Prime Rib Using the Reverse Sear Method<p>Prime rib is and perhaps always will be the king of holiday roasts. There is nothing so primal, so celebratory, so downright majestic as a hunk of well-marbled beef, served medium rare on the bone, with a crackling, …

Uncharted 4 PSX panel reveals more about Nadine Ross, addresses casting controversy

Uncharted 4 features an ass-kicking South African mercenary.<p>We got a new Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End trailer at The Game Awards 2015, but that doesn’t …

Meet the Girl Who Makes Video Games About Her Sex Life

Meet the Girl Who Makes Video Games About Her Sex LifeA screenshot of Cibele.When Nina Freeman was 16 years old, she met an older guy through Final …


26 Very Important Nonfiction Books You Should Be Reading

As recommended by you.

33 Powerful Books That Can Help With Your Depression

"Harry Potter saved me more than once, and I can’t thank J.K. Rowling enough."<p><i>An earlier version of this post included Kate V.’s last name, but has since been changed.</i>

Kelela - Gomenasai

Cinematographer Roger Deakins Takes Visceral Approach To His Craft

If Roger Deakins were cast in a movie, he might play a big game hunter, or a celebrated explorer — he has that kind of physical presence. He’s a …

Here's What Healthy People Actually Eat All The Time

For when you're trying to eat healthy but you also have zero idea what to make and don't want to be sad.<p>Responses have been edited for length and clarity.

Healthy Eating

Sometimes I get consumed by the smallness of myself and I have to trudge deep, deep into the wilderness to remember that there’s beauty i…

Sometimes I get consumed by the smallness of myself and I have to trudge deep, deep into the wilderness to remember that there’s beauty in insignificance, and that will have to be enough.


21 Easy Things To Do On Sunday That Will Make Mondays Suck Less

Because Mondays really don't have to be so awful.

Warner Bros

Frozen Smoothies Are The Easiest Way To Eat A Healthy Breakfast Without Even Trying

And only wash your blender once.<p>Serves 1<p><i>Recipe by Natalie Brown</i><p><b>INGREDIENTS</b><p>3/4 cup coconut milk<p>1 cup mixed kale and rainbow chard<p>1 banana<p>1 cup pineapple<p>1/4 cup frozen mango<p>1 tablespoon almond butter<p>1 teaspoon vanilla extract<p><b>PREPARATION</b><p>Combine all ingredients in the blender, and blend until smooth.

Let's throw the dice: what video games can learn from board games

The current table-gaming renaissance boasts some of the best designers in the world. Digital games can’t let these inventions slip them by<p>Two years ago, when I left video games criticism to work full-time in table top games, a lot of people, my mum chief among them, were startled.<p>These days, it’s …

World of Warcraft

Forget HDR Software! Start Creating Natural, Clean HDRs With Digital Blending

A few years ago I ran an HDR photography magazine. I regularly tone mapped my images for years, using just about every HDR program out there. Yet, …

Forget the Apple Watch — this timepiece will change everything

Bravado aside, Ive has a point.<p>The Swiss watch industry has to be concerned about what a computer on the wrist means for its business. Even if it doesn't spell the end for the luxury watch, Ive's product makes it clear that we're living in a new era for the timepiece and there's no going back.<p>But …


The Only 15 Things You Need to Build a Working Wardrobe

If you just got out of college or you're switching careers, start out with these essentials and you'll always be ready for the office.<p>1. Start with 5 Shirts...<p>The shirt should have a supporting role in one's outfit. It's a backdrop–utility is paramount. Keep the color simple and it will go with …

Men's Fashion