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By Chris Wright | On Photographers and Photography

Steampunk Weekend Blists Hill

We’ve been working at Blists Hill, Victorian Town in Shropshire on a series of videos and photographic assets for their web site and social media. As …

Alice In Wonderland


How Abstract Photography Has Evolved and Still Continues to Inspire Art

When we think of the abstract in terms of art, great painters like Jackson Pollock or Piet Mondrian come to mind, but painting isn't the only artistic field where abstraction comes into play. Since the world's first photograph in the 19th century, artistic photographers have been experimenting with …


Photographer Felix Hernandez Shoots Epic Scenes Using Miniature Cars

Confession: I love me some Felix Hernandez, and I'm pretty sure the rest of Fstoppers would agree with me. Felix first came onto my radar when we did …


Black and White EmotionArch Photographs Provide Stunning Perspectives

Architect and photographer Alessio Forlano bridges his professional and personal passions with his stunning black and white architecture photography. It's a combination of interests that Forlano tried to keep separate, thinking that his photography would provide a creative refuge away from his work …


Edward Burtynsky - Interview Part One - Luminous Landscape

Throughout the years there is one photographer who I have admired, and that is Edward Burtynsky. He’s a landscape photographer like most of us, but …

Landscape Photography

Happy Birthday Mr Hockney - in pictures

A two-part exhibit at the Getty Museum in Los Angeles celebrates David Hockney’s 80th birthday. They feature self-portraits in his distinctive style and photographs from the 1980s. Happy Birthday Mr Hockney: Self-Portraits, opens on 27 June; Photographs, on 18 July. Both will be on show until 26 …

Fine Art



Street Photography in Munich by Skander Khlif

Photographer Skander Khlif took us to Barcelona, to Vienna or to Tokyo. He offers us stunning street photographs from Munich. He chose walkers and …

Street Photography

Royal Ascot – in pictures

From hats and cold showers, to jumpsuits and singing in the round, Tom Jenkins cast his eye around the first three days of a very hot summer spectacular at the Berkshire racecourse

Horse Racing

Minimal & Architecture Photography by Andreas Levers

We are sharing this cool minimal and architecture photographic series by Andreas Levers. He has definitely a style that I am going for through my …


An Interview with Photographer Joe McNally

Joe McNally is a photographer and a storyteller. The word photography comes from Greek and means to write with light. That, in a nutshell, is what …


Cinematic Cuba: Classic cars, old city streets and Cuban spirit captured by Stijn Hoekstra

After visiting Cuba last year, it will forever hold a special place in my heart. Alongside its beautiful beaches, vibrant music scene and …


The world in pictures: How photography revolutionized the press

Barely a century ago, the invention of photojournalism turned the press landscape upside down. A new exhibition at Berlin's German Historical Museum …


Photographer Reimagines Caravaggio's Paintings

Photographer<p>Posted on June 22, 2017, 21:44 GMT<p><a href="http://Www.curiouszed.com" target="_blank">curiouszed.com</a><p>Being an avid fan of modern fine art, I recently came across the work of a dutch photographer Zdenek Sindelar who calls himself 'CuriousZed.<p>Seeing a couple of his photographs on …


Life in the City: Michael Wolf’s Major Retrospective at Les Rencontres d’Arles 2017

The phrase “street photography” comes loaded with meaning, expectations and, in many ways, limitations. Whether it’s the decisive moment, the magic of light or the importance placed on happenstance, the genre has a rich and celebrated history—but also find itself a bit foreclosed in its capacity …


Mesmerizing vintage photos provide rare glimpse of old Hong Kong

<b>(CNN) —</b> A handsome, well-coiffed man carries a tray of tofu through the streets of Hong Kong. Workers squat on concrete steps picking at their lunches with chopsticks. An old woman walks down an empty alley, rays of sunlight piercing the smoke and dust.<p>These are just some of the scenes, captured by …

Street Photography

Life in New York Tenements During the 1890s

Jacob Riis is a photographer born in Danemark in 1849 and who passed away in New York where he immigrated in order to find the “American Dream”. He …

Weekly Photography News Roundup, May 26th

Cover Photo: “Argus C3“ by James Abbott<p>DJI’s smallest drone ever, Maternity photography on the battlefield, world’s wealthiest people, medium format …

Martin Parr zooms out for new series Beach Therapy

Martin Parr is well-known for his documentation of seaside culture. His new series, being exhibited for the first time next month, shows the …

Martin Parr

Fine Art Fashion Photography by Ilona Veresk

<b>Ilona D.Veresk</b> is a superb talented photographer and art director who was born in Izhevsk and currently lives and wokrs in Moscow, Russia. Ilona …


Opening up: the HD floral erotica of Maisie Cousins – in pictures

Photographer Maisie Cousins brings irreverence and wit to the polite world of floral photography


The Iconic Street Photography Of Joel Meyerowitz Is Coming To London

When you think of street photography, when you scrunch up your eyes and try to conjure up an image that best represents this broad and beautiful art …

Street Photography

10 Ways To Shoot Interesting & Abstract Photography With Your iPhone

Shares<p>After learning the basics of iPhone photography, you may be ready to get more creative with your compositions. Abstract photography techniques …


Croque madame - delicious. magazine

INGREDIENTS<p>150ml whole milk<br>• ¼ onion<br>• 4 black peppercorns<br>• 1 bay leaf<br>• 20g unsalted butter, plus a knob extra<br>• 20g plain flour<br>• Olive oil for frying<br>• 4 thin slices …

Martin Parr and Paul Smith collaborate on product range

Martin Parr and Paul Smith have released a collaborative product range, available from Dover Street Market from 18 May. The collection merges both …

Martin Parr

Jill Freedman's best photograph: the Easter Bunny riding a penny-farthing through Manhattan

‘New York was so alive in the 1970s – I’d hit the streets knowing some quirky character would soon come my way’<p>This was taken in the 1970s, when I was in love with New York. The place was full of soul back then: there was life on the streets, eccentric characters on every corner, millions of people …

Greenwich Village

Writing on the wall: urban political graffiti from Brexit to Trump – in pictures

After Banksy’s Brexit-inspired mural depicting the removal of an EU star recently appeared in Dover, we take a look at the world’s most powerful political street art

Street Art