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The lost photos of Barcelona

A rare talent, hidden in an envelope<p>In the summer of 2001, American Tom Sponheim was vacationing in Barcelona with his wife. On their way to the cathedral of Sagrada Familia, they wandered through the bustling flea market of Els Encants.<p>Sponheim spotted a stack of photo negatives on a table, and …


Dazed and confused: Joseph Szabo's portraits of adolescence – in pictures

Joseph Szabo was a frustrated high-school teacher in need of inspiration – so he started photographing his students, and captured all the angst and excitement of being caught between childhood and adulthood

Dazed and Confused

Voyeuristic street photography series documents everyday life in Israel

I believe that street photography is one of the best ways of portraying the true collective spirit of a place. After all, people make a place what it …

Street Photography

Night owls: portraits of life on the night bus – in pictures

In an ongoing project, Guardian photographer Sarah Lee immerses herself in the world of London’s buses, capturing candid portraits of people during their night-time journeys


Nine Great Films About Photographers and How Turning the Lens on Ourselves Can Shed the Most Light

Movies exist to tell stories. Through writing, performance, sound, and photography, they share with us worlds and visions that help us interpret the …


Jim Mangan and the Layers of the Utah Desert - Vice

Jim Mangan is an old friend of ours whose work has graced the pages of VICE over the years. While he usually spends his time wandering the dunes of the American desert, he was recently in New York City and stopped by the offices to say hi and give us a copy of his new self-published book, <i>Bastard</i> …


Are Black And White Images Still Important?

This video describes the relevance and importance of black n white films. And all the points can be said for black and white photography. We mostly …


Monochromatic Colors

<b>How To Submit Your Photos</b> – Click on the Disqus comment box and select the <b>“Upload Images”</b> icon from the lower left corner of the comment</b> …


Martin Parr releases new book documenting abandoned old bangers in Ireland

Martin Parr has released a new limited edition book titled <i>Abandoned Morris Minors of the West of Ireland</i>, focused entirely on the dilapidated old …

Martin Parr

French Photographer Fred Canonge Shows How Travel Photography Is Done Gorgeously

French Photographer Fred Canonge shoots the real flavor of travel photography in a very unique style and its definitely inspiring. Very natural …


Magnum photographers' historic shots of New York – in pictures

As part of its 70th anniversary program, Magnum Photos is holding an exhibition of photographs taken in New York City during the early years of the agency, from 1947 to 1960. The show includes classic images from their archive, as well as pictures from their New York office. Early Magnum In & On …


Self-Portrait as a Buffet Table: David Henry Nobody Jr.'s Extreme Food Art

At the 2017 SPRING/ BREAK Art Show, artist David Henry Jr. created a culinary "tableau vivant," using his body and face as a canvas for exploratory …

Food Photography

Bentley Release 57.7 Billion Pixel Interactive Image as Part of their New Campaign

Ahead of the release of Bentley’s Flying Spur, the company have unveiled an interactive image of Dubai – clocking in at 57.7billion megapixels. The …


Beautiful iPhoneography by Tyen How Woon

<b>Tyen How Woon</b> is a talented self-taught photographer from Malaysia who currently lives and works in Sheffield, United Kingdom. He uses his iPhone to …

Creepy Portraits of a Chef Wearing His Menu Ingredients

<i>MENU</i> is a new photo series by photographer Robert Harrison and chef Robbie Postma, a duo who decided to combine food and portrait photography in a …


New Mixed Media Landscapes and Still Lifes That Merge Photography and Impressionism by Stev’nn Hall

Stev’nn Hall (previously) blends photography and painting together in an impressionistic style, often focusing his works on the rural landscapes of …


Stunning London’s Street Instagrams by Nige Levanterman

<b>Nige Levanterman</b> a.k.a. levanterman is a talented photographer, filmmaker and software consultant currently based in London, UK. Nige focuses on …


Alive Again, in Death

As British photographer Nick Brandt traveled through East Africa, he often found himself breathless at the scenes in front of him. It was not, however, the vista that took his breath away, but instead the evidence of what was missing, lost, and destroyed:<p>“So much of the African savannah, once …


Martin Parr's outstanding contribution to photography - in pictures

Martin Parr is the winner of the outstanding contribution to photography prize at the 2017 Sony World Photography awards. Parr is being recognised for the impact he has had over more than 40 years both on photography as a medium, and on photographers. A special presentation of his work will be …

Street Photography

jim jarmusch

Ray K Metzker's Abstractions – in pictures

Metzker was a modernist who experimented with formal techniques to create new ways of seeing. His evocative cityscapes mark him out as one of the great masters of American photography


Benjamin Von Wong: An Eye Opening Interview Part 1

My name is Benjamin von Wong and I’m a conceptual artist. I create content that is simultaneously skills as well as motion. I seek, I teach, I do …


The Riverbed exhibition: photographs of a secret Spanish mountain commune

Photographer Ben Murphy looks back on his 10-year study of a community of British punks, hippies and nomads living in Andalucía<p><b>A photograph and caption was removed in response to a legal complaint.</b><p>In his letters, he described it as “paradise”. Eventually, after months of exchanging hand-written …

March 19

Running Now: David Chancellor's Handle Like Eggs at Francesca Maffeo Gallery

<i>“I once saw a box. Simply a Tupperware container actually, only slightly grander than that. It was indistinguishable from many other boxes of the</i> …


The otherworldly figures chasing evil Bulgarian spirits away

Aron Klein first discovered the mystical <i>Kukeri</i> tradition while deep in the Rhodopes Mountains in the south of Bulgaria. As one Meadows in the …


Your Japan Skiing Adventure Photos

These Photographers Captured Blondie, Joan Jett, and the Women of Punk

With the coolly delivered words “Jesus died for somebody’s sins but not mine,” Patti Smith burst onto the music scene, shattering any pretense that …

Rock & Roll

Pioneering Colour

American photographer William Eggleston’s (b.1939) <i>Los Alamos</i> comes to Foam, Amsterdam, this month. Comprised of more than 2200 images, the series was …