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Celebrating the Autumn Equinox in England: Pictures


Gorgeous aerial photography by Niaz Uddin

Well cripes, these are just beautiful…click through to Niaz Uddin’s site to see more (some of which are available as prints). Tfw you wish you were a …

Aerial Photography

Aerial Images of Vibrant Landscapes by Photographer Niaz Uddinby on September 19, 2017

Niaz Uddin is a photographer, director, and filmmaker that explores a variety of natural landscapes from high above. His color-saturated photographs …


Are these the greatest travel photographs of all time?



Outsanding Aerial Photography by Niaz Uddin

On his website, the Los Angeles-based photographer Niaz Uddin says he creates <i>“awesome stuff”</i>. Referring to his aerial photographies, the man is not …


Inspiring Interview With Romanian Photographer Marius Cinteză

Marius Cinteză is a 42 years old photographer based in Bucharest, Romania and he is working in telecommunications. He is really passionate …

Street Photography

12 Breathtaking Wildlife Photos from David Yarrow's New London and Paris Exhibitions

Two separate exhibitions in Paris and London will showcase the iconic portraits of wild animals taken by wildlife photographer David Yarrow, globally renowned for capturing the beauty of the planet’s endangered wild animals, remote landscapes and cultures.<p><i>The Untouchables</i> at the Maddox Gallery in …


50 Great Black And White Photographs From The Masters Of Photography – Part 4

Here is the <b>Part 4</b> of amazing black and white photos from masters. Please check our previous articles here:<p>They taught us the meaning of photography, …


Marvin E. Newman’s Spellbinding “City of Lights”

Now in his 89th year, American photographer Marvin E. Newman is receiving his due as one of the finest street photographers of the twentieth century. …


The Architecture of Hong Kong As You’ve Never Seen It Before

Over the last few years, the dense, vertical architecture of Hong Kong has enchanted many photographers. Michael Wolf and Greer Muldowney studied the …

Hong Kong

Photographer Edmund Clark casts light on 'war on terror'

Edmund Clark’s exhibition War of Terror explores the consequences of the "war on terror" by focusing on the hidden processes used by governments to keep citizens safe.<p>His work features imagery from Libya, Guantanamo Bay and the UK and is currently being exhibited at London's Imperial War Museum. …

Power in Simplicity: How This Modern Photographer Mastered His Style

Three weeks ago, I was asked by a couple of friends to name my favorite photographers. Normally, this question makes my palms itch and my mind go absolutely blank. On this occasion, however, I was at an advantage—I had just spent an afternoon at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston speaking with Karen …


Editors’ Preview: Les Rencontres d’Arles 2017

<i>The more we think a country closed, stuck in political and economic crises, the more we find photographers there. They reveal, describe, demonstrate, invent, repair and build—in their own language—that of the image. They decipher the preliminary signs of societies in upheaval.</i><p><i>—</i>Sam Stourdzé, …


How photographer Gregory Crewdson captured the sad heart of Trump's America

In 1979, a power pop band called The Speedies released their biggest hit 'Let Me Take Your Foto'. Playing in the group was a teenage Gregory Crewdson. The track proved prophetic for the American artist, who later gained recognition as one of America’s most important contemporary photographers.<p>Now …


Embodying The Light

PHOTOGRAPHY & TEXT BY DEREK CLARKI shot another album cover (above) for Tommy Smith recently and I just got my hands on a pre-release CD of the …

John Coltrane

Bristol international balloon fiesta takes off – in pictures

More than 130 balloons from all over the world are heading skywards in the four-day event, which is Europe’s largest annual meeting of hot-air balloons

The Arts

Elliott Erwitt’s Lost Views of Pittsburgh

In 1950, Elliott Erwitt was an ambitious 22-year-old photographer with an open-ended assignment to document the city of Pittsburgh. Over the course …

An Exclusive First Look at Martin Parr's New Photo Series On Oxford University

The photographer spent two years documenting life at "the jewel in the crown of the British establishment".<p>Martin Parr's new book both confirms and challenges the many preconceptions about one of Britain's most famous institutions, the University of Oxford. A "training camp" for the nation's …

Martin Parr

Afghanistan, in all its colourful, tragic beauty

Steve McCurry’s famous portrait of an Afghan refugee urged us to let go of our preconceptions – something he continues to do to this day<p>When we think …

Some of the World's Best Photographers On Their 'Closest' Work

Magnum Photos asked their photographers to pick out photos that showed a "closeness".<p>Iconic photo journalist and Magnum Photos co-founder Robert Capa once said, "If your photos aren't good enough, you're not close enough." By that, he could have meant any number of things – close enough physically …

Street Photography

Photographer Cindy Sherman is on Instagram Now

There’s another famous on Instagram now. Cindy Sherman is now sharing her unusual photos on the platform, and her account has already attracted over …

Photographer shoots colorful portraits made entirely of food

What happens when you bring together food and portrait photography, and add 16th-century painter as an inspiration? Polish photographer Anna Tokarska …


Photographer funds a world trip with his camera – in pictures

Freelance photographer Richard Tilney-Bassett has spent a year travelling the world, exchanging his photography skills for accommodation, food and travel. He reveals what he learned along the way


Ride the Bronx subway through graffiti's golden age – in pictures

The 1980s were a thrilling time to be a graffiti artist in New York, with the city’s defining names competing to tag subway cars. Brothers Kenny and Paul Cavalieri captured their work in this new photo book


Photographer Spotlight Interview with Luca Micheli

Photographer Spotlight: Interview with Luca Micheli<p>Rating:<p>4.50 based on 2 Ratings<p>August 2, 2017 By Julian Rad<p>Photographer Spotlight: Interview with …

Experience The Beauty Of Ireland In Photos

“I’ve always loved spending time in the outdoor, so I guess the option for landscape photography instead of any other areas was quite logical.”<p>While …

Gareth Bragdon Shoots Unseen Street Photographs Which Are Clearly Stunning

Gareth Bragdon from Scotland shows us his mind blowing photographs on street photography. In this fine Interview with 121clicks.com, Gareth shares …