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Prince Charles wailed 'I can't go through with it' on eve of marriage to Princess Diana, biography claims

Catherine Mayer's book Charles: Heart of a King says both Prince Charles and Princess Diana contemplated calling off their wedding - but for different reasons<p>The <b>Prince of Wales</b> was racked with such doubts about his doomed marriage to Diana, Princess of Wales that he told an aide on the eve of his …

Royal Family

Fast running is as deadly as sitting on couch, scientists find

Running a few times a week at a moderate pace is the best way to improve health, say scientists, as they warn against overdoing it<p>Too much exercise really can kill you, scientists have discovered, after finding runners who speed along at 7mph or more are doing themselves more harm than good.<p>A study …


堺雅人、天才精神科医に!日テレ連ドラ初主演で「花子とアン」脚本家とタッグ - シネマトゥデイ

ja_JP<p>article<p><p>俳優の堺雅人が、4月スタートの新水曜ドラマ「Dr.倫太郎」(日本テレビ系)で、「花子とアン」「ドクターX ~外科医・大門未知子~」などの脚本を手掛けたヒットメーカー・中園ミホとタッグを組み、天才的 …

Sony kills Music Unlimited, duets with Spotify on new PlayStation Music service

The new service will be available in 41 countries.<p>Sony and Spotify have teamed up for PlayStation Music, which replaces Music Unlimited and will allow gamers to give their button-bashing a soundtrack with their Spotify tunes.<p>Music Unlimited will close on March 29, after which the new service will …