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Christopher Milam

Christopher Milam is an Austin, Texas, real estate developer, business leader, investor, and innovator. He is also the founder and owner of many different businesses and real estate developments. Christopher Milam’s business experience extends broadly across the urban planning, transportation, and technology sectors. It also includes the establishment and leadership of three primary companies, including Supernature (Palo Alto, CA), International Development Management (Austin, TX), and Quantum Machines Corporation (Houston, TX). Milam is also the real estate developer behind many successful projects, most notably the Hill Country Galleria and Shops at the Galleria in Bee Cave, TX. He is currently overseeing the development of the Violet Crown Amphitheater and White Rocks Entertainment District in Austin, Texas, as well as multiple projects in Scottsdale, AZ, and across Eastern Europe. In addition to his work in architecture, design and building, Christopher Milam maintains a deep commitment to the resur

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