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Playing The Long Game Inside Tim Cook’s Apple

iPhone sales have slumped, stock is down, and pundits insist Apple is a tech laggard. But the company may be stronger than ever.<p>Eddy Cue doesn’t look like a man in the midst of his toughest year in decades. Sporting an untucked apricot camp shirt and blue jeans over camouflage socks and a pair of …

Pokémon Go madness: $3B value to Apple as players literally wandering into minefields

If you were of the view that the Pokémon Go hype has gotten completely out of hand, the evidence file just got thicker. Nintendo’s value has more than doubled since the game was launched, notes <i>The Verge</i>.<p>Ever since the launch of <i>Pokémon Go</i> earlier this month, Nintendo’s market capitalization has more …

Now You Can Edit Your Flipboard Magazines on iOS

MagMaker tools are now available on iOS. Previously available only on, you can now edit your Flipboard Magazines on the go.<p>In our latest iOS update, visit any of your magazines in-app. Tap on the gear icon to open your magazine settings.<p>From here, you can…<p><b>Effortlessly edit your title</b> …

How to Run a Russian Hacking Ring

It’s not that different from running any other business.<p>A man with intense eyes crouches over a laptop in a darkened room, his face and hands hidden by a black ski mask and gloves. The scene is lit only by the computer screen’s eerie glow.<p>Exaggerated portraits of malicious hackers just like this …

Eastern Europe

Full Exposure

Female impersonators, midgets, hermaphrodites, tattooed (all over) men, an albino sword swallower, a human pincushion, a Jewish giant: “Characters in a Fairy Tale for Grown Ups” is the way Diane Arbus once described her subjects—“people who appear like metaphors somewhere further out than we do,” …

Silicon Valley
Media Industry

Uber Checks Into Foursquare's Massive Location Database

Remember Foursquare, once the fun app best known for its “checking in” feature that bestowed virtual mayorships upon ordinary citizens?<p>Over the last …

If Google’s right about AI, that’s a problem for Apple

Before the iPhone, RIM’s BlackBerry was the king of smartphones. They seemed unstoppable, because by most accounts, they were the best and most …

Big Data

Speaking Truth to Power and the Value of Counterpoints: Madeleine Albright’s Extraordinary Commencement Address

“We should use our opinions to start discussions, not to end them.”<p>As I was preparing to deliver my Annenberg commencement address, restlessness of a very different kind and caliber was taking place on the other side of the country.<p>When Scripps Women’s College announced that former Secretary of …

UX: Infinite Scrolling vs. Pagination

“Should I use Infinite scrolling or Pagination for my content?” Some designers still not sure which method to choose for their project. Each method …

UI Design

Dark 'Game of Thrones' prediction could spell doom for Rickon

<b>Warning: Contains spoilers from Game of Thrones Season 6, episode 4.</b><p>LONDON — Let's be honest, things aren't looking great for Rickon at the moment.<p>If …

TV Series

What fruits and veggies looked like before genetic modification

Next time you pop an ear of juicy sweet corn on the grill, remember this: Your summertime favorite wasn't always so tasty.<p>In fact, its predecessor, a wild grass called teosinte, barely resembles the sweet, crunchy vegetable we're now familiar with. And this was the case for many of our fruits and …

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12 original ways to rock your ramen

Have nauseating memories of college days, when ramen noodles were all you could afford to eat<i> for days</i>, stopped you from buying your ticket on the …


10 Facebook Messenger Tricks You Can't Live Without


Facebook Messenger

Michelle Obama in the Fourth Quarter

The First Lady is speaking out against injustice in increasingly bold terms, as her time in the White House draws to a close.<p>Despite the festive occasion, Michelle Obama was getting worked up. In her commencement speech Saturday at Jackson State University, a historically black school in …

Buenos Aires

Filming Fast & Furious 8 in Havana: Pictures

Vin Diesel

This Is What Happened When Arya Stark Crashed A "Game Of Thrones" Screening Party

"Thanks for the dragon egg cookies, they were THA BOMB."

TV Series

What Take-Out Food Can Teach You About American History

On any given day in the United States, 6% of the entire country will be eating take-out for one meal or another. Whether it’s ordered with a touch on …

New York City

Fireside Talk on Flipboard

Artist snaps hilarious portraits of people after 1, 2 and 3 glasses of wine

Plenty of us let loose a little after a few glasses of wine, and this photographer is proving it.<p>For his new series, Wine Project, Brazilian artist …


See Intimate Portraits of 20th-Century Icons

View Slideshow<p>Photographer Marcel Sternberger aimed to capture unguarded moments: Frida Kahlo’s elegance, tenderness between Indira Gandhi and …

Welcome to the Era of Plant-Based Meat

This burger looks like meat and tastes like meat—but it's made entirely out of plants.<p>Yesterday, chef Traci Des Jardins dropped by the Food & Wine …


Incredible destinations people love on social media that don't actually exist

You might have seen some of the following photographs making the rounds — the bad news is they're totally fake, but the good news is there are places in the real world that are just as beautiful. Luckily for us, we live in a world so magnificent that it sometimes surpasses our imaginations.