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Brown Marmorated Stink Bug Trapped in Clarksburg

Sensory studies of wines made from fruit with BMSB indicate that to be below the consumer threshold for perceiving aroma taint, there should be less …


Stink bug killers: Scientists to release Samurai wasps

Discovery of wasps in Ulster County is likely to speed process across New York<p>HIGHLAND - Scientists are getting ready to escalate an unseen war.<p>The …


USDA Announces $12.1 Million to Support Crop Protection and Pest Management

A Career in IPM and Invasive Species

Donna Ellis, a senior extension educator at the UConn Department of Plant Science and Landscape Architecture, and co-chair of the Connecticut …


Free Webinar! The ABC's of Pest Control: Allergens, Baits, and Cockroaches

Register Here.<p>Cockroach infestations can get out of hand quickly in multifamily housing. Best practices and treatments can turn things around to help …


Eco-Label Programs Promote IPM, but Aren't Perfect

<b>By Steve Elliott</b><p><b>Western IPM Center</b><p>Eco Apple. Lodi Rules. SIP Certified. Whole Foods Responsibly Grown. Salmon Safe. Sysco Sustainable. And that’s …


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Improving Health, Environment and Sustainability "" | March 19-22, 2018 | Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Program<p>The call for session proposals is now open until Monday, April 24, 2017.<p>The program committee entertains proposals for symposium sessions. …


Bed-bug-infested furniture: Deface, defile or deconstruct?*

<i>*this article was first published in Pest Management Professional Magazine and was written by Dr. Mark Sheperdigian. It is published here with</i> …


EPA Releases Four Neonicotinoid Risk Assessments for Public Comment

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has published preliminary pollinator-only risk assessments for the neonicotinoid insecticides clothianidin, …


Purdue conference focuses on mosquito concerns

With Zika virus grabbing headlines throughout 2016, many pest management professionals found themselves on the frontline as public health protectors, …


Strange Weather: Fiction and Climate Change - Los Angeles Review of Books

JANUARY 1, 2017<p>ONE HAPPY SUMMER, I devoured a series of Amitav Ghosh’s books back to back. That was the summer when my son was born, and I was caught …


Welcome to the Universe: Neil deGrasse Tyson on space and other unknowns

Can we afford a no-holds-barred approach to scientific research? Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson tells DW why, when it comes to space, or any unknown, we should "just do it all."<p><i>DW: You've just published a new book, "Welcome to the Universe" with co-authors J. Richard Gott and Michael Strauss.</i> …


To Fight Malaria, Scientists Try Genetic Engineering To Wipe Out Mosquitoes

It's a cold, damp fall day in London. But in a windowless basement laboratory, it feels like the tropics. It's hot and humid. That's to keep the mosquitoes happy.<p>"In this cage, we have the adult mosquitoes," says Andrew Hammond, a genetic engineer at Imperial College London, as he picks up a …


The hygge conspiracy

This year’s most overhyped trend is a wholesome Danish concept of cosiness, used to sell everything from fluffy socks to vegan shepherd’s pie. But the version we’re buying is a British invention – and the real thing is less cuddly than it seems<p>Inescapably and suddenly, Britain has been invaded by</i> …


Second Annual Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Online Conference

The second annual IPM Online Conference, hosted by the Northeastern IPM Center (NEIPMC), featured updates from active projects funded by the NEIPMC’s …


Spraying with precision

x<p>As commercial apple growers plant more profitable high-density orchards, those longstanding traditional orchards, with wide rows of stately trees 20 …


Grant to Aid Study of Microbes' Role in Soil Carbon Cycle

<b>November 9, 2016</b><br>By Krishna Ramanujan, Cornell Chronicle<p>Microorganisms in the soil produce about seven times more carbon dioxide (CO2) every year than …

Climate Change

Pest Control: Wicked Weeds May be Agricultural Angels

<b>November 11, 2016</b><br>By Blaine Friedlander, Cornell Chronicle<p>Farmers looking to reduce reliance on pesticides, herbicides, and other pest management …


News Release: USDA Awards $9.4 Million for Safer, More Effective Pest Management

The Future of Evidence-Based Policy Hangs on the Trump-Ryan Relationship

Intra-party tensions within the GOP threaten recent progress.


What Every American Should Know About Zika

In an era that’s witnessed a brief but terrifying Ebola epidemic, the resurgence of yellow fever and dengue, and the emergence of wholly new diseases …

Consumer Reports

New Entry and Beginning Farmers

I recently came across a drugstore newsstand with an issue of a magazine called <i>New Pioneer</i>. The cover photograph showed a family standing in front of …


The $77 billion bug invasion - Institute of the Environment and Sustainability

Ten species of invasive insect account for $77 billion in annual global economic damages, according to the first in-depth study on the subject, …


Fire Blight and Streptomycin Resistance Webinar

Quan Zeng has produced a webinar with the Plant Management Network about fire blight and streptomycin resistance. The work was partially funded by …


The Killer Climbing Plant Eating The South

Kudzu is known as the most serious and aggressive invasive plant in the United States, spreading in the southern states at a rate of 150,000 acres a …

Mosquitoes, Ticks, and Bed Bugs, Oh My!

Three scientists will present on the topic of insects that feed on humans—and in two of the three cases, carry serious diseases. The presentations on …


$1.2M grant to help Cornell eradicate potato pest

A $1.2M state grant announced Oct. 14 will update facilities at the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences as Cornell ramps up efforts to eradicate …