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The Checklist On Determining What Images Go Into Your Portfolio

Don’t put every image that you shoot into your portfolio.

That’s the very first thing that I find myself telling photographers who pitch their work to …


Why No One NEEDS a Full Frame Camera

Almost everyone dreams of getting their hands on a full frame 35mm digital camera, and while people want it, they don’t need it necessarily. So why …


How to Photograph a Person from Below and Create a Flattering Image

Model: Asta Peredes

One of the things that every portrait photographer is taught when starting out is that you should never photograph a person from …


Review: Impossible Project Black and White 2.0 Fim

Film–it’s something that tugs at the hearts of many a photographer. It has a beautiful nostalgic look to it and one that reminds us in a world that …


A Simple Trick to Kill Image Noise in Your Photos

We’re going to start this post off by saying that at this point in the year 2015 and this stage in digital photography, image noise isn’t a major …

National Geographic Photographers Talk About Their Scariest Moment

Iceland © Bob Krist

All images are copyrighted by the photographers, and are being used with permission.

Adventure is the word many people would say …


Nikon Has Two New Big Telephoto Prime Lenses

Today, Nikon is announcing three new lenses–and two of them are monsters. The company will soon be offering the new smaller AF-S DX Nikkor 16-80mm …


First Impressions: Canon 5Ds

The Canon 5Ds, the not-quite-successor-to-the-Mk III-but-a-hint-of-bigger-things-to-come, was announced earlier this year–and whoa did it make …


Independance Day Savings on Cameras and Lenses

Today in Cheap Photo, we’ve found new SanDisk and Lexar deals on top of all these deals that Amazon has currently going on.

Still hot! We’ve found …


Subterranean Kids Follows Skaters into Spain's Underground

All images by Ruben Juan. Used with permission.

Ruben Juan is a 22 year old graphic designed based in Valencia, Spain. He’s spent a big part of his …


A Simple Trick to Getting Better Photos of Fireworks

Want more Useful Photography Tips? Click here.

If you’re in the US (where most of our readers are from) or Canada (where lots of readers come from), …


A Response to the Poor/Rich Photographer Piece

There are apparently different metrics for success in photography. Some would measure success in the size of an audience. Others would measure it in …


Time Slice 1.0 Makes Creating Time Slice Photos Really Simple

Image by Hafiz Ismail. Used with permission

The trend of creating time slice images is starting to become more and more popular amongst photographers. …

Adobe Photoshop

Olympus Air A01 Makes Your Phone Suck Less as a Camera

Though Olympus Air has already been announced in Japan, the little camera that might is finally coming to the US. Very similar to Sony’s QX series of …

First Impressions: Canon 50mm f1.8 STM

It’s been years since Canon updated their 50mm f1.8 lens. The first version had a metal mount, the second version went cheaper on the build, and the …


We've Updated our Fujifilm XT1 Review for Firmware 4.0

With the release of Firmware 4.0 for the Fujifilm XT1, we’ve updated our review to reflect the changes. The new firmware brings with it a large …


Hollywood Characters is a Dark Take on the American Dream

All images by Ken Hermann. Used with permission.

Hollywood has been known to many as a place to go in order to pursue one’s dreams to become a star. …


DigitalTev Tests the Canon 5Ds and 5DsR

Screenshot taken from the video

The Canon 5Ds and 5DsR are two of the hottest cameras on the market right now for the reason that they’ve got lots of …


Firmware 4.0 for the Fujifilm X-T1 Improves the Autofocus

1.New AF System

(1)Zone and Wide/Tracking modes for effortless capture of moving subjects The AF System complements the fast and accurate …


The Phoblographer's Guide to Better Portraits in Natural Light

Model: Asta Paredes

Before we begin this article, let’s make this clear: never call yourself a natural light photographer. But beyond that, know the …

Shutter Speed

Why Does Color Film Look So Terrible in the Dark

For the film photographers amongst us, you may have shot color film in very low lighting or in very dark situations, gotten the roll back and …


Video Tutorial: How to Zone Focus a Lens

We talk very often on the site about zone focusing and hyperfocal length shooting–especially when it comes to street photography. We’ve talked about …


Getting the Look of Window Lighting: a Tutorial Video

The photo above would not have been possible at a lower ISO without the aid of a flash. Additionally, it also gives us that beautiful window light …

Shutter Speed

Review: Asus Zenbook Pro uX501 Laptop

We’re very particular about our laptops: and by us, I’m not just talking about the Phoblographer staff. Photographers in general are very particular …

Computer Hardware

Why Should Someone Pay For Your Images?

Rights grabs, payments, and more have been the talk of the town for the past couple of days. But this all brings up an even bigger question that …


Chuck Miller's Aerochrome Photos Make the World Look Alien

All images by Chuck Miller. Used with permission.

Chuck Miller is a writer and photographer from Albany, N.Y. that’s been experimenting with film and …


Two Mann Studios Spend 45mins Giving Wedding Photo Tips

Photographers Lanny and Erika Mann from Two Mann studios recently sat down with ShotKit to talk about their jobs as wedding photographers. Warning: …


Review: The Moment Lenses (Wide and Tele)

If you had told me a while back that interchangeable lenses for a phone were capable of creating some incredible photos, I would have laughed. But …


ISO 400: Elie Gardner & Oscar Durand Talk About Working Together as a Married Couple

In the backyard of one of South America’s busiest airports about 350 families lived in a humble neighborhood known as El Ayllu. At the beginning of …