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The Phoblographer's Guide to Infrared Flash Triggering

Here, we generally talk about strobism and using a flash with radio transmitters. We prefer radio because of how reliable they are, but they’re not …


How to Get the Best Autofocus Performance From Your Camera

When we test cameras, we always try to gauge how the autofocus performance works in various situations. We’ve learned how to get the best …


Cheap Photo: Canon, Nikon and Sony Rebates End Tomorrow!

We don’t usually do cheap photo alerts twice in a row, but there are really big Canon, Nikon and Sony discounts/rebates in place that end tomorrow: …


New Sony Patent Describes Curved Full Frame Sensor That Soaks Up More Light

A new Sony patent for a Curved Full Frame Sensor seems to let more light in and allows for smaller lenses.


Joey Tichenor Documents the Surfer Lifestyle

All images by Joey Tichenor. Used with permission.

“In 2011, I was getting tired of the work I was shooting in Minneapolis both professionally & …


DigitalRev Compares the Yongnuo 50mm f1.8 and Canon 50mm f1.8 II

For years, the Canon version was regarded as the best amongst the cheap lenses out there. Sometimes it was under $100 though most recently it’s …


3 Reasons Why Spring is the Best Time to Get out and Shoot Film

Here in the NorthEast of the USA, spring is in the air. With spring comes lots of new opportunities to go out there and take photos of everything …

Instant Film

How to Get the Most Pleasing Bokeh in Your Images

While Bokeh is often used as a crutch to create a beautiful image. When used correctly, however, it can do a terrific job to help tell a story …


Last Chance for Canon and Nikon Discounts and Rebates!

In today’s Edition of Cheap Photo, we’ve rounded up your last chance for discounts on Canon and Nikon lenses and cameras. Plus you can get $300 off …


Make Your Own DIY Softbox for $7

DIY projects can be really fun, and filmmaker Dustin McLean has a cool tutorial on YouTube on how to make your own softbox. His is mostly targeted at …


Healing Hands Documents the Hands of Operating Surgeons

All images by Barry Slaven. Used with permission.

Photographer Barry Slaven tells us that he recently got rid of his website, but he’s been working on …


Triggertrap Timelapse Pro Lets You Save Custom Sequences

When it comes to Timelapse work, many cameras have the feature built in but Triggertrap was one of the first modules and apps to make doing them …

Time-lapse Photography

Five Low Profile Camera Bags for the Street Photographer

Street photographers generally need a few things when they go shooting. First and foremost, their camera bag (or bag of any sort) needs to be low …


The Trap of a Big Following

When I reached 100 followers on Instagram, I thought I had arrived. Instagram was largely new to me, and a confusing place at first, too, because …


Gear Avoidance Syndrome: It Might Be Healthy For Your Photography

GAS, also known as Gear Acquisition Syndrome, is very common among photographers. It simply means that you just can’t get enough new lenses, equipment …


Why You Shouldn't Shoot Instant Film in Cold Weather

This post is not about Instax film or most Impossible Film. No, instead it’s about the film that many photographer regard as the higher end stuff. …


New Apple Patent Details a Three Sensor Camera

The folks over at Apple Insider discovered a new Apple patent that details a new camera module. Essentially what it’s doing is transmitting light …


Andreas Ott's Black and White Street Photography Emphasizes Geometry

All images by Andreas Ott. Used with permission.

“I am a street photographer based in Bonn, Germany.” says photographer Andreas Ott in his original …


The Camera Store Parodies the State of the Mirrorless Camera World...Again

The folks over at the Camera Store have updated their Mirrorless Party video, and this time around everyone has changed a bit more. The video …


How to Stay Committed to a Long Term Photography Project

From “No one dies at a Gypsy wedding” by Arjen Zwart

All images are copyrighted and used with permission by the photographers.

In the pantheon of …


Lens Battle: Telephoto Pro Zooms for Mirrorless Cameras

After our standard Pro zoom lens shoot out, we decided to put the telephoto lenses against one another. As mirrorless camera systems have evolved and …


Cheap Photo: Spring Photography Discounts

In today’s Edition of Cheap Photo, we’ve found new rebates and discounts available for the spring. Looking for a new camera, lens, or flash? We’ve …


Preview a Roll of Film Negatives on Your iPad

Film photographers now have a better way to view their negatives without needing a magnifying glass and a light table. Youtube User Adam of Ekenstam …


Capture One Pro 8.2 Gives You More Advanced Control Over White Balance

Today, Phase One updated their Capture One Pro software to give much more advanced controls over white balancing that we haven’t seen previously. The …

White Balance

Reports Hint at a Sony A7r Mk II with Better Autofocus

One of the biggest problems with the Sony A7r is the autofocus. In fact, when it comes to autofocusing this camera has to have been the most …


5 Cameras for the New Parent

“Hey Chris, we were thinking about buying a DSLR.”

“What? Why? No, oh god, why?!”

When it comes to answering the camera-related questions of people who …

Review: Nikon D5500

The Nikon D5500 is a great camera that feels like a very safe move for Nikon. If you're a new parent, this may be one to look at.


Barber Shop Camera Bags Are Made From Classy Italian Leather

New to the classy looking camera bag world is Barber Shop–yes, that’s their actual name. In a press release sent out today, the company states that …


Flash Duration vs High Speed Sync: What's the Difference?

Screenshot taken from the video

Two big terms that strobist photographers and anyone looking to get into flash photography will hear are flash …