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First Impressions: Fujifilm X70

Put an APS-C sensor inside of a small point and shoot and give it a nice prime lens, and you’ve got a camera that Nikon and Ricoh created years ago. …


Stefano Santucci: Wedding Photography Inspired by Romance

All images by Stefano Santucci. Used with permission.

Stefano Santucci lives in the middle of Tuscany in Florence. He’s a destination wedding and …

Portrait Photography

Don’t Look Now: A Darker Look at Venice

Jez Sullivan's "Don't Look Now" envisions a darker, more foreboding side of Venice.


Four Canvas Camera Bags For the Serious Photographer

Camera bags are even more numerous than cameras and lenses–and each one has its own specific target. Everyone has the camera bag that is just right …


Zun Lee: On Photographing A Father's Love

“They’re not perfect, none of the fathers are.” says photographer Zun Lee in the latest episode of InFrame, a video collaboration between Bas …


The TechArt Pro Lens Adapter Promises Autofocus for Leica M Mount Glass

TechArt is announcing today the availability of a new adapter that promises to give Leica M mount lenses autofocus when connected to a Sony EE mount …


Ryan Wilson: Lifestyle Portraiture and Evoking Emotion

All images by Ryan Wilson. Used with permission.

Photographer Ryan Wilson lives in the east bay of California. “I’ve been taking photos now for a …


When Developer Fluid Makes Happy Accidents

All images by Mélanie-Jane Frey. Used with permission.

Photographer Mélanie-Jane Frey shoots portraits using the wet plate collodion process. “After …


The Inspiring Winners of the 2015 Mobile Photography Awards

The winners of the Mobile Photography Awards are really, really good.


On a Budget: Portrait Lenses for Your DSLR

Photography, one way or another, is an expensive hobby. But you don’t need to rob a bank to get really incredible photos. No matter what, that starts …

Roy Savoy: NYC Through an iPhone Camera

All images by Roy Savoy. Used with permission.

Roy Savoy was born and raised in New York, and he continues to love its energy. He’s one of those …


Louis Draper: On Street Photography and People

All images by Louis Draper. Used with permission from the Steven Kasher Gallery.

Photographer Louis Draper is a famous street photographer, or at …

Variant of the Next iPhone Camera May Offer Aperture Settings

The iPhone is of course the world’s most popular camera, but it’s also been used for professional applications when it comes to photography. …


Eric Kim Releases New Henri Camera Straps

Street Photographer Eric Kim recently announced his own brand of camera straps. They’re called “Henri” probably inspired after Henri Cartier-Bresson. …

Henri Cartier-Bresson

Adobe Bridge CC Receives Big Updates

Photographers tend to have one of two workflows: use Adobe Bridge and Photoshop or just use Adobe Lightroom. If you’ve ever used Bridge, you know …


Kilian Schönberger's Brothers Grimm Portrays Enchanting Landscapes

All images by Kilian Schönberger. Used with permission.

Photographer Kilian Schönberger started the Brothers Grimm project with Brothers Grimm …

Fairy Tales

Xavier D. Buendia: Careful Use of Color in Food Photography

Xavier D. Buendia: always wears neutral colors when photographing food to avoid odd color casts.


The History of Photography in 5 Minutes

The folks over at COOPH have a brand new short video on the history of photography. It details important moments like the beginnings of camera …

Historical Photography

Eric Kim Offers Excellent Composition Lesson for Street Photography

Photographer Eric Kim has been delivering advice, workshops and lots more to the street photography community for years now. One of his latest videos …

Street Photography

And the Winner of the Youth of Today Contest is...

First off, thank you to everyone for entering the Youth of Today contest between the Phoblographer and EyeEm.

So who won? Well Vladimir Gheorghiu, who …

Hey Wedding Photographers: Let's Feature You!

Hey wedding photographers,

The Phoblographer is looking to feature wedding photographers on the site. You’ll be interviewed and we’ll talk about your …


Tim Cook Shows off How Terrible the Apple iPhone's Camera Can Be

The iPhone surely is the most popular camera in the world, but Apple CEO TIm Cook just proved that it’s very capable of taking a terrible photo. …

Tim Cook

Liquid Lunch


Hey folks,

The Phoblographer and EyeEm are teaming up for a brand new mission. This one is centered around not really food photography, but …


The Cats of Islamic Cairo: A Photo Essay

All images by Walter Rothwell. Used with permission.

Photographer Walter Rothwell is a very interesting one. He’s a street photographer–and a damned …

Michal Zahornacky's Telling and Surreal Portraits (NSFW)

All images by Michal Zahornacky. Used with permission.

When most folks think about surreal portraiture, they’re often thinking about lots of Photoshop …

Portrait Photography

New Panasonic Sensor Claims 100X Wider Dynamic Range

Earlier this month, Panasonic announced a new sensor that is extremely capable. In fact, their press release claims it to have 100 times of a wider …

HDR Photography

CineStill Funding Campaign Now Includes Large Format Emulsion

CineStill has been looking for funding to jumpstart the production of 120 film, but very recently they updated their IndieGoGo campaign to also …

35 mm Film

Imagining the Modern Kodak Instamatic Camera

All images by Daniel Kim. Used with permission.

Daniel Kim has been an industrial designer for many years now. Born in South Korea, he studied …


Street Photography vs Public Views of the Art Form

“I think it’s different with you, Chris.” said one of the models that I shoot the other day when we went out for sushi after collaborating. “This guy …

Street Photography