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Reports State that Pentax Full Frame Camera Will Have Sony A7r Sensor

The Pentax MX, one of the smallest 35mm film cameras

We all know for sure that a Pentax full frame camera is coming this year, but Sony Alpha Rumors …


Should You Barter a Trade for Your Photography Services?

No–that’s the answer that every photographer will tell you as you read this and think about it. To be more precise, the photographers that do this …


An Exercise to Help Get You Out of a Creative Rut

The next time that you’re in a creative rut of some sort, consider how to get out of it. One thing that we’ve tried involved free word association …


In Remembrance: 10 Quotes by Photographer Mary Ellen Mark

Image by Mary Ellen Mark

Photographer Mary Ellen Mark was born in Philadelphia in 1940 and recently passed leaving behind quite the legacy of images. …


Adobe Lightroom CC to Get a New Dehaze Feature

Screenshot taken from the video

Photographer Terry White recently took to YouTube to show off a brand new feature coming to Adobe Lightroom CC called …


Rui Miguel Pedrosa: Photos of Technology Getting in the Way of Pictures

All images by Rui Miguel Pedrosa. Used with permission.

Photographer Rui Miguel Pedrosa hails from Portugal and has an interesting project called …


Respect For Your Subjects in Street Photography

There was a time when I often felt a quiet rage when a photograph I wanted to make didn’t work out. It was either at myself or at the person (or …

Street Photography

The New Lomography Petzval 58mm Lens has Bokeh Control

Lomography already has a Petzval lens designed specifically for portraiture at 85mm, but this time around they’re designing one with a closer to …


Three Old Photo Technologies That Were Incredible

While the world is all amazed with 50MP full frame sensors and a bajillion autofocus points, you may be pleasantly surprised by some technologies …

Tumblr Creatives Make June 1st 2015 "Protect the Creators" Day

“What would happen if we stop posting anything until Tumblr decides to protect the creators’ rights by making it impossible to erase the credits”

This …


Eric Kim Spends 40 Minutes Talking about Overcoming Photographer's Block

Image by Eric Kim. Used with permission.

Eric Kim is a heck of an inspirational photographer, and he spends lots of time helping other photographers …


Tyler Shield's Historical Fiction and the Social Commentary Behind It

All images by Tyler Shields. Used with permission.

Photographer Tyler Shields has been creating interesting and controversial photography for a couple …

Historical Fiction

Review: Replichrome III Archive for Lightroom

• Color :: Darken Skies / + / ++
• Color :: Orange Skin / – /–
• Color :: Saturation / + / ++ / +++ / – / –
• Contrast / + / ++ / – / –
• Curve :: Curve #1 / #2 / …


Things to Consider Besides Gear

It’s very easy to think that a new camera or a new lens is the answer to a photographic impasse. I have, on many occasions, scrolled through …


Question: Do You Prefer Prime or Zoom Lenses?

We’re curious about what you have to say: do you prefer to use prime or zoom lenses? Why? Let us know in the comments below and please vote in our …

Ivaylo Petrov's Fresh and Inspiring Perspective on Portraits

All images by Ivaylo Petrov. Used with permission.

Ivaylo Petrov is a portrait, editorial and commercial photographer. But he’s not just any portrait …


FLOW: How Photos of Ink Blots in Water Became a Logo

All images concepted by Studio Hands. Used with permission.

When a company approaches you to create a new logo, what are some questions that you’d ask …

Fashion Photography

Editing Skin Tones in Adobe Lightroom

Model: Asta Paredes

We’ve done a couple of tutorials on how to edit skin tones and make them look better in Adobe Lightroom, but today we’re sharing a …


In Regards to Tablets and Cameraphones Getting in the Way of Your Shot

A colleague of mine recently asked a question about wedding photography after talking about his experience of shooting his first one. He ended it …


These Photos Document the Sighting of a Rare Wild Pizza

All images by Jonpaul Douglass. Used with permission.

It’s rumored that before he died, nature specialist and television personality Steve Erwin tried …


ONDU Mk II Pinhole Camera Has Better Build Quality Than the First

ONDU pinhole cameras made their debut a while back, and eventually took off into success. But now, the company is trying to create a newer and more …


Time of War Is a Haunting Ode to Every Day Struggles

All images by Olivier Valsecchi. Used with permission.

Olivier Valsecchi was born in Paris in 1979 and after taking the plunge into photography has …

Valerie Susloparova and Her Playful Illustration Interactions

All images by Valerie Susloparova. Used with permission.

Playing with forced perspective in photography can be fun–and it’s often even better when you …


Review: Tap and Dye Nero Horween CXL Camera Strap

In the past couple of years, Tap and Dye has made some incredible straps that age well and provide lots of durability while adding flair to your …


Review: CineStill 800T film

If you had asked me years ago if I would be reviewing film in the year 2015, I probably would have laughed in your face. There is no way that a …


Review: Sony 28mm f2 (Full Frame E Mount)

Besides the 55mm f1.8 and 35mm f2.8, the only other compact autofocus prime lens that we have for the full frame E-mount is the Sony 28mm f2. It was …


How Professional Photographers Promote Their New Work

The promotion game is tough for so many photographers, and if anything it’s sometimes more work than actual shoots are. Promotion is part of …


Review: CineStill 50D Film

CineStill popped up a couple of years ago as a special company repackaging Kodak movie film into a still film format. They exploded in growth, and …

Got Extra Time This Weekend? Check out Bending the Light

Here in the US, we’ve got an extra long weekend ahead of us. If you’ve got spare time, we recommend checking out the new documentary on Vimeo called …

Shutter Speed