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Five Accessories for the Discerning Adventure Photographer

Adventure photographers are ones that trek out into the great outdoors to, well, quite honestly seek adventure and document it as they go along. They …

Fashion Photography

The Point and Shoot Camera is Good Enough for Professional Work

Building on a piece that Managing Editor Julius Motal wrote recently is the idea that the point and shoot market is slowly dying out. Yes, it indeed …


Lindsay Adler Shows You How to Pose a Full Figured Woman

Screenshot taken from the video

Photographer Lindsay Adler is an absolute master at posing people and in one of her recent videos for creativeLive, …


On Taking PhotoWalks to Relieve Stress

“Needless to say, quitting my jobs and putting myself back in school was quite stressful. To cope with the stress I would walk around Manhattan.



PhotoKeeper Can Automatically Save All Years of Photos

There’s this idea that as digital photography progresses, we as photographers won’t have a foolproof way to save and store our images the way that …


Four Accessories for Light Painting Photographers

When it comes to painting with light, what photographers obviously need are tripods, a camera capable of manual operation, lights and a creative …

Shutter Speed

How to Properly Illuminate a Person's Eyes in a Photo

Want more Useful Photography Tips? Click here.

Illuminating someone’s face when using a flash is pretty simple to do and really all about positioning …


A Defense of Bruce Gilden's Faces

(Left: Betty, Right: Terry) © Bruce Gilden/Magnum Photos

All images are copyrighted and used with permission by Bruce Gilden/Magnum Photos.

There has …


Review: The Lightroom Retouching Toolkit

One of the biggest problems with Adobe Lightroom for portrait photographers has been the lack of being able to retouch images. While it’s become …


A New Kickstarter Wants to Create the Holga Digital

You’ve seen Holga around–those multicolored toy cameras are ubiquitous with their ramshackle construction and attention to light leaks that make for …


ISO 400: Ben Moon Talks About Life on the Road

Aerial image shot from a small single engine Cessna plane of professional surfer Peter Mel outrunning a 25 foot plus wave after it broke while …


The Best Mirrorless Camera Lenses for Photojournalists

On the heels of our roundup of best mirrorless cameras for photojournalists, we thought we’d complement that piece with a roundup of the best lenses …

Instagram Unveils New Portrait and Landscape Mode

Say farewell to Instagram being all about square format! It’s not necessarily so anymore since today, the company unveiled an update that lets users …


DxOMark: Sony A7r Mk II is at the Top of the Charts

DXOMark released the results of their tests with the Sony A7r Mk II today–and they’re not really surprising. Why not? We kind of expected the Sony …


Photographing a Model During the Sunset

Model: Bec Fordyce

Sunset, otherwise known as one of the times that we have Golden Hour light, can help you create absolutely beautiful portraits. …


AstroPad Mini Turns Your iPhone into a Photo Editing Tablet (Sort of)

An app called AstroPad is looking to

make photographers strain their eyes while editing on the super small screen on their iPhone instead of an …


Photographer Scott Robert Lim on Creating Better Group Photos

Photographer Scott Robert Lim recently did a video tutorial with creativeLive on posing groups for a photo–and it’s probably one of the best …


Canon 35mm f1.4 L II Features a Blue Refractive Element

Canon originally introduced their 35mm f1.4 L in the late 90s–and today we finally get its replacement. The Canon 35mm f1.4 L II USM is the company’s …


What We'd Love to See on Instagram

There are any number of reasons why Instagram is the most popular online community for photographers. There’s the easy no-frills nature of uploading. …


Reports State a New Digital Leicaflex is Coming Soon

Earlier this year, Leica announced the Leica Q–which is a fixed lens camera with a full frame sensor, electronic viewfinder, and a fixed lens with …


Ron Gessel: Black and White Street Photography in Coney Island

All images by Ron Gessel. Used with permission.

“When I am in New York I always go to Coney Island to shoot there. Especially on a warm summer day; …


Virginia Shooting Kills TV Reporter and Photographer During Live Broadcast

Twenty seven year old Photographer Adam Ward and twenty four year old reporter Alison Parker were killed today during a live TV broadcast in Virginia …


The Idea of the Kit Lens Needs to Change

Throughout much of the history of digital cameras, kit lenses have often been looked down on by more advanced photographers. While they’ve improved …


The Best Wide Angle Full Frame DSLR Zoom Lenses

When it comes to wide angle zoom lenses, some stand out much more than the others. These lenses are sharp, contrasty, have excellent colors, and can …

DSLR Cameras

The Elinchrom Litemotiv Direct Softboxes Have 16 Sides

Today, Elinchrom is announcing a brand new lineup of light modifiers. They’re called the Elinchrom LiteMotiv Direct modifiers–and they have 16 sides. …


Cheap Photo: Last of the Fujifilm and Canon Bundle Deals

Before, we get to the deals, note that the new Olympus OMD EM10 Mk II is available for pre-order.

If you’re a Fujifilm fan, then you’ve got last of …


Reports State Fujifilm X100T Successor Will Have a New Lens

The Fujifilm X100T–what’s arguably considered one of the best point and shoot cameras out there may be getting a revamp soon and that revamp is said …


New Canon Patent Describes Tilt Shift Adapter For All Lenses

Canon hasn’t updated a couple of their tilt-shift lenses in a while, but it now seems like they won’t have to. According to a post found by …


Are You A Photography Monogamist Or Polygamist?

“I think we need to talk,” your “great love” says one day. There is something that’s been worrying me for weeks and I want you to be completely …