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5 of the worst atrocities carried out by the British Empire

A new YouGov poll has found the British public are generally proud of the British Empire and its colonial past.<p>YouGov found 44 per cent were proud of …

British Empire

PAUL STANLEY Declines To Comment On GENE SIMMONS's FOX NEWS Ban: 'We're Not Tied At The Hip'

<b>Paul Stanley</b> has declined to comment on <b>Gene Simmons</b>'s ban from <b>Fox News</b> last year for allegedly mocking and taunting staff members.<p>"I tend to leave</b> …

Sexual Harassment

Mercedes-Benz S500 ABS Control Module Replacement Cost Estimate

• Estimator<br>• /<br>• Mercedes-Benz<br>• /<br>• S500<br>• /<br>• ABS Control Module Replacement Cost<p>ABS Control Module Replacement Cost Estimates<p>The average cost for an ABS Control …


George Knapp Interview With UFO Whistle - Blower Philip J Corso


How to charge a motorcycle battery

Just swipe your credit card, right? No, not that kind of charge. Here's what to do if your battery is dead.

Electric Vehicles

1981 Honda CR and XR Promo Video


Something Powerful Caused the Ocean to Split in Two


North Korea says it will suspend nuclear and missile tests, shut down test site

TOKYO — North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has declared that he will suspend nuclear and missile tests starting Saturday and that he will shut down the site where the previous six nuclear tests were conducted.<p>The surprising announcement comes just six days before Kim is set to meet South Korean …

North Korea

Did The Anunnaki Build This 2,000 Year Old High Tech Cave System In China


Ancient Aliens Oldest Evidence Of All Time – 300 Million Year Old Artifacts


Wells Fargo's $1 Billion Pact Gives U.S. Power to Fire Managers

Wells Fargo & Co.’s $1 billion fine won’t close the book on fallout from its consumer scandals.<p>The nation’s third-largest bank submitted to an …


Greenlee 1802 Pipe Bending Table

SKU: 267716<p>About the Greenlee 1802<p>The Greenlee 1802 Pipe Bending Table is part of Greenlee's premium collection of tools and accessories. This pipe …


IRS gives taxpayers one more day to file after payment site crashes

The IRS will give last-minute filers additional time to file and pay their tax returns after the web page for paying their tax bills using their bank …

Identity Theft

World Changing Device Locked Away by Illuminati


Viña Gonzalez Bastias

Mysterious UFO Caught From Airplane Over South Korea

South Korea

F-16 Shot Down By UFO Over Nellis AFB This Week, April 2018


What is an HMI?


The Entity: True Story About A Woman Who is Attacked by Invisible, Paranormal Forces

The Entity: True Story About A Woman Who is Attacked by Invisible, Paranormal Forces<p>Updated on October 7, 2017<p>Barbara Hershey Stars in The Entity, a …

Santa Monica


Mysterious places, ruins and the unknown

The interesting junk


#ladrones #comchesumadres #Españoles #ladrones viven cagando al #Chileno Este es el Peaje de #Melipilla, que sinverguensura mas Grande. Manejar en Chile se Siente como un lujo !!! Por la que son sinverguenzas. Quien ordena estos aumentos tan altos???🤔 @sebastianpinera

The Next Generation

Political Cartoons

Police: YouTube shooter was calm in interview before attack

MENIFEE, Calif. (AP) — Just hours before she shot and wounded three people at YouTube headquarters, Nasim Aghdam calmly told police who found her sleeping in her car that she was having family problems and had left her home.<p>During the 20-minute interview with officers early Tuesday, she did not …

San Francisco

Center Of The Milky Way Has Thousands Of Black Holes, Study Shows

The supermassive black hole lurking at the center of our galaxy appears to have a lot of company, according to a new study that suggests the monster is surrounded by about 10,000 other black holes.<p>For decades, scientists have thought that black holes should sink to the center of galaxies and …

Black Holes

The Illuminati Dont Want You Watching This Video!