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Introduction to Malleable VIs in LabVIEW

In my first LabVIEW-related blog post, I wanted to talk about a new feature introduced in LabVIEW 2017 – Malleable VIs. I will give an introduction …

Venue, Sponsorship and Website Updates

Put your products, services and brand in front of our attendees - those who are actively using LabVIEW™ to solve today’s engineering challenges<p>Meet …

Log Any LabVIEW data to CSV File or SQLite DB

Have you ever tried to log your LabVIEW data to CSV or SQLite? While logging your data from LabVIEW to a CSV/SQLite database, have you ever wanted to …


VI Technologies

Blog<p>An irregular appearing blog about random LabVIEW topics.<p>How toolkits can break your deployment<p>A couple of weeks ago I ran into an issue with …

#LabVIEW #DidYouKnow you can use "Matrix Size" to easily fetch both dimension sizes of a 2D array.

#LabVIEW #DidYouKnow - About possibility to quickly apply line and fill color to the entire icon?

JKI State Machine Editor - Quick Search Filter Box

We've made some improvements to the JKI State Machine Editor that we're excited to tell you about.

Splitter Bar Demo

#LabVIEW #DidYouKnow - About possibility to quickly apply line and fill color to the entire icon?

#LabVIEW #DidYouKnow about "Write to System Log"? It is very easy to write logging information to the OS's system event log!

#LabVIEW #DidYouKnow - About multiple concurrent DVR reads in LV2017?

#LabVIEW #DidYouKnow about this LV 2017 hidden gem: Debug Log? There's also a .vim #maleable VI for easy logging of various types of data!

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Fundamentals of Building a Test System

Defining a test strategy is critical to reducing cost and maximizing the efficiency of your product development and manufacturing organizations. In …


#LabVIEW #DidYouKnow - About the 'Swicheroo' tool, and what you can do with it. This is a real time saver!

#LabVIEW #DidYouKnow - About multiple concurrent DVR reads in LV2017?

#LabVIEW #DidYouKnow about "Write to System Log"? It is very easy to write logging information to the OS's system event log!

NIWeek 2017 – Automated Test of LabVIEW FPGA Code: CI and Jenkins 2 Pipelines

At NIWeek 2017 in the Advanced Users track, I delivered a session on developing and executing unit tests for LabVIEW FPGA code. This included …


Announcing Command Line Tools for LabVIEW

I’ve released a set of LabVIEW utilities to make running unit tests and builds easy with Jenkins or other CI/CD system.You can find the source code …

Software Development

New Add-on for VI Tester enables Jenkins Integration

JKI's new add-on for VI Tester integrates with Jenkins continuous integration server to automatically run unit tests code is pushed to source code …

VI Tester Unit Test Framework for LabVIEW is Now on GitHub

JKI is excited to announce that VI Tester is now on GitHub and has been released under the BSD Open Source License.

Software Development

How to Learn or Teach LabVIEW OOP

Last week was the European CLA summit and it was fantastic. If you are an architect in Europe and you didn’t go make sure to get your boss to budget …

High Level

Pane Label Pain

This will be a short post on a minor annoyance with putting together a dynamic UI in LabVIEW. I am currently building a multi-subpanel UI with Stream …

Web Development

Data Visualization with XControls & JavaScript

I recently needed to create a small LabVIEW application that would allow my customers to view and interact with data they had acquired. As much as I …


NI LabVIEW: Building Distributed and Synchronized FPGA Applications with Multiple C Series Chassis

This blog series will take a look at applications requiring multiple C Series FPGA chassis. You might need multiple chassis because of a high-channel …


Actor Systems with Event Streams

I've spent the last few posts talking about decoupling actors using event driven architecture (EDA). Now that we have a common vocabulary I want to …

Software Development

Semantic Decoupling Between Actors

My last post discussed the different types of coupling between actors in a data-centric event-driven application. This post will follow up with a …


JKI REST Client Library for LabVIEW Simplifies Web Service and Cloud Connectivity

Because of its elegant simplicity, <b>REST APIs</b> have become <i>the de facto standard for how software communicates with other software over the network</i>, …

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Decoupling actors with Event-Driven Architectures

In my last post I took a look at data-centric and message-centric communication and their effects on software systems. This post will take that …

Software Development

Message Centric vs. Data Centric Communication

I recently gave a presentation at a local user group on message transport abstraction and how it can be used to abstract communication between actors …

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