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By Rick Willey | Finding the path to God is frought with misinformation misunderstandings and just plain human foolishness But within ALL OF THAT lies a hidden Truth in plain sight if one learns how to see it. This Magazine aims at techniques and teachings to stop believing in God and experiencing God directly!

5 Minutes of Meditation Can Change Your Entire Day

Meditation has recently becoming a very significant part of my life and I could not have discovered a better spiritual, emotional, mental or physical outlet for my own well being. I tend to do, feel and think a million things at any given moment and I always just told myself that I functioned …


I gave it to the Holy Spirit… Now what??

The course emphasizes that we only need a tiny bit of willingness for that miracle – that shift in perception – to occur. And this is true! We’re …


Rick Willey

Paper 123 - The Early Childhood of Jesus

Red Jesus Text: On | Off Paragraph Numbers: On | Off <br>Printer-friendly versionSend by email<p>The Urantia Book<p>Paper 123<p>The Early Childhood of …


Miracles News

April-June, 2015<p>Me, Myself and I<p>A clock that ticks is one of my tricks<br>and shells of flesh and bone.<br>That’s just the start of my plan to win<br>I also have …



If Only The Strong Survive, then I pray for strengthening the idea of Love! Strengthen my courage to share that idea with the world!<p>Strengthen the …

Martin Luther King, Jr.

What’s the most we can remember?

People with extraordinary memory talents suggest that your mind may be capable of retaining more than you think, says Adam Hadhazy.<p>Unlike digital cameras with full memory cards that cannot snap any more pictures, our brains never seem to run out of room. Yet it defies logic that one adult human …

The Brain

Get Involved with Never Not Here | Never Not Here

In one way I already give to everyone, all the insight into what inspires me, which is this whole site and its contents. I do that because I can do …


The Forgiveness Boost

Making amends with those who trespass against us yields a number of physical and mental benefits. Sometimes even victims of the worst crimes can find solace in letting go.<p>On New Year’s Eve in 1995, Frances McNeill, a 78-year-old woman who lived alone in Knoxville, Tennessee, went to bed early. …


With Two Simple Words, Make a Difference

<b>With Two Simple Words, Make a Difference</b><p>Daily random acts of kindness can begin with two words: "Good Morning!" It's amazing how two words conveyed from the heart can change the outcome of a day, any day for that matter.<p>Case in point. During my daily sabbatical to a local convenience store, I've …


6 Qualities That Lead to Living a Meaningful Life

Now that science is showing that meditation is valuable to our sense of well being, more and more people are beginning to practice it. Meditation can be just one more thing on our todo list, or it has the potential to totally transform our lives. It all depends on how much prominence we give it in …


A Course In Miracles Christmas Carol


The Akashic Field

Deepak Chopra discusses the Akashic field as the field of all possibilities from which time and space emerge and in which information is stored and …


Finding Your Life's Purpose - Pick the Brain | Motivation and Self Improvement

“When you see what you’re here for, the world begins to mirror your purpose in a magical way. It’s almost as if you suddenly find yourself on a stage …


Everyone We Meet Is Simply a Mirror

I recently watched a lecture by Gabrielle Bernstein called, "Meaning is the New Money." It was a fabulous panel discussion about how to make money doing good in the world. While she talked about many inspiring and important elements, the thing that stood out to me the most was this:<p><i>The outside</i> …


How to be a miracle worker: Gabrielle Bernstein at TEDxFiDiWomen


You can't even photograph your true self because it is light itself! But this is a helpful tool.

Sacred Geometry

A great study to find the connection to all things!! Http://Spiritualdiscussions.com

The Self Illusion - Susan Blackmore

Gangaji Spiritual Traps 5/10 "Non-Duality"

Science and Nonduality Conference

What is Non-Duality?

Live Webinar

Date<p>Thursday 20th November 8:30am to 10:30am PST<p>Address<p>Online<p>Description<p>The webinar begins with a meditation led by Rupert, after which there is an …