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Record-setting Hurricane Patricia slams Mexico's Pacific Coast

The Western Hemisphere's most powerful hurricane on record roared into Mexico on Friday, knocking down trees and light posts, closing schools and airports, and sending people fleeing the popular resorts and small fishing villages that dot the country's central Pacific coastline.<p>There were reports …


Turning cancer back into healthy tissue

<b>Scientists believe they may have found a way to turn cancerous cells back into healthy tissue.</b><p>Their lab-based work suggests there is a biological step that can restore normality and stop cells replicating out of control.<p>When the US researchers added molecules called microRNAs, it put the brakes on …

Mayo Clinic

Prehistoric Fossil Found in Spain May Be Mythical 'First Flower'

A prehistoric aquatic plant may be the oldest flowering planet ever found, reshaping scientists' understanding of what the earliest ancestors of flowers might have looked like. <i>Monsechia vidalii</i> was a leafy freshwater plant that was likely to have been munched on by brachiosaurs and iguanodons more …

Indiana University

Verizon abandons contracts: Everything you need to know (FAQ)

Verizon has made some big changes to how it sells wireless service. But that has also left a lot of questions.<p>On Friday, Verizon said it would eliminate its long-standing practice of signing customers up for long-term service contracts and offering subsidies to blunt the high cost of smartphones. …

This Dog Reunited with His Family After 9 Years and His Reaction Is Everything

Sometimes the road home is a long and confusing one.<p>On Saturday, after nine years away from home, Boozer the boxer was reunited with his family at …

Lenovo's latest pro laptops pack 4K and Xeon processors

There are plenty of workstation laptops that claim to deliver on the promise of heavy-duty computing on the road, but they're not usually <i>that</i> much different on the inside than a garden variety portable. You can't say that about Lenovo's monster new ThinkPad P50 and P70 systems, though. The two not …

The wearable tech market could reach 385 million people and change how we 'consume and use information'

In a note to clients on Monday — alongside initiation of Fitbit coverage— Piper Jaffray's Erinn Murphy and Christof Fischer stated that "wearable technology will be the next generation of devices to transform how individuals consume and use information."<p>Murphy and Fischer estimate the wearable tech …

Wearable Tech

There is a new problem for US shale

To be sure, there would have been more drilling companies going belly up if it had not been for the generous credit offered by bond and equity markets, and large financial institutions. Private equity has also jumped into the fray. The financial lifeline has kept the doors open for a lot of …

Breathtaking images of Saturn, the farthest planet we can see with the naked eye

Saturn flaunts the most majestic planetary rings in the solar system, but those are not the only things that make this beautiful gas giant unique. It's also the farthest planet from Earth that we can see with the naked eye.<p>From 746 million miles away, however, we can't observe Saturn like NASA's …