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Periscope vs. Meerkat: Which has the edge?

It's human nature to want to declare a winner quickly in any battle. VHS defeated Betamax in the videotape format war of the 1980s. More recently, Blu-ray beat HD DVD for supreme high-definition optical disc format.

Now in the world of live-streaming apps and platforms, we have Periscope and …

No selfie stick, no problem: Tips for better social media selfies

Big theme parks have banned them. Museums too. So how's a person supposed to take a good selfie without a selfie stick?

That's easy, actually. And you don't even have to spend any money. Here are some tips for great social media selfies.

Exercise your rights (or your lefts)

You might not be able to …

How to backup photos, videos on your phone

Few things are worse than running out of space for photos and videos on your phone. And I'm not just talking about running low on space, I'm talking being so out of space that pressing the camera shutter button does nothing.

I use an iPhone, and many people I know think they're covered because they …


It's more than a resume — how to make the most of LinkedIn

LinkedIn may not be the most fun social network, but it's important. And while everyone has heard of it, I think it's underrated and underutilized. Here at #SoSocial, we like to treat all social media with dignity and respect, so let's talk about how you can make the most of your place on LinkedIn …

Better social media in 15 minutes or less

Fast is in. Fast Internet, fast lunches, fast cars. But what can you do fast to make your social media stronger than ever? I'm glad you asked. Here are a few tweaks and changes you can make quickly that will pay off immediately.

DO: On Twitter, treat a tweet like a sentence.

DON'T: Start a tweet with …

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5 things I have learned about being social with an Apple Watch

In the months and weeks leading up to the Apple Watch launch, I was very excited about the prospect of a quick, new way to be social. I'm always plugged in, and the prospect of not having to unlock my phone every minute was a very intriguing selling point. I couldn't wait to order one.

Now that I'm …

Social Media

Engage like a pro: Social media sharing tips

Back in February, I wrote a column about 5 engaging ways to share social media content. I provided examples with a straightforward way, an alternative way and a bit of reasoning to tie it all together. I ended it with the promise of more in a future column.

The future is here. Here are 5 more ways …

Social Media

Social media first steps: What to do after you sign up

I'm often asked for the best place to start after signing up for a social media account. It's a good question, and I have some suggestions for four of the biggest platforms to put you on the road toward success, whether you are signing up for business or pleasure. Keep in mind that these are far …

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Twitter changes direct messages: Now you can message anyone

Twitter made a big change today to direct messaging, one of its core features. Also known as DMs, now you can opt in to receive direct — or private — messages from anyone. Previously, you needed to establish a mutual connection with the account you wanted to message in order to converse …


How to pitch using social media

Hitting a home run with your pitches takes practice, but you have to start somewhere. Here are my best tips for pitching journalists, myself included.

Don't send what's called Twitter spam. Some people are unfamiliar with the term and take great offense to being lumped in with spammers. When you …

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“Published caption from 1985: "He's only 18 years old, but John Cusack is poised for stardom. Richard Christiansen (Tribune critic) talks…”

“Henry Ives Cobb's Federal Building, built between 1895 and 1905, under demolition in 1965. The new Federal Building is in the background.…”

“Phyllis Jones enjoys the sun, music and roller skating with her dog, Lugur Ali, near Ohio Street and Lake Michigan in April 1982. Photo by…”

“More Maxwell Street for you bargain shoppers: A springtime crowd shops at Maxwell and Halsted streets at the market, early 1920s. Note the…”

“Pedestrians struggle against heavy winds on Chestnut Street in April 1983. Photo by Carl Hugare #chicagoweather #bracing #windycity #1980s”

Live streaming: The next big thing in social media

Just when you got used to all that tweeting, liking, +1ing, Instagramming, and pinning, now there's a new thing you should look into: Live streaming.

Let me clarify. Live streaming, which means broadcasting in real time, isn't new. In fact, it has been around since the '90s. But only very recently …

“Workers at the Pullman-Standard Car Manufacturing Co. in 1942. #pullman #americanindustry #forgeahead #1940s”

“Mod Squad? Pedestrians with purpose at Madison and Wacker April 16, 1976. Photo by Carl Hugare #wacker #1970s #spring #walkingthewalk”

“The John Hancock building below the fog in March 1979. The Downtown Records building, 921 N. Rush St., was a vinyl enthusiast's dream--open…”

“Sha Na Na performs at a 2-day rock festival called Chicago Jam, held at Comiskey Park in August 1979. Photo by Armando Villa #comiskey…”

“A young man take a leap of faith over a large puddle at Dearborn and Division streets in March 1978. Photo by Carl Hugare #puddlejumper…”

“Original caption from March 1929: "The Cubs emerge from their hibernation and go into spring training at Avalon on Catalina Island (Ca.).…”

“Joseph Glassman outside Esquire Joe's Jacket Shop, his Maxwell Street establishment, in May 1970. #maxwellmemories #esquirejoe…”

“Opening Day of the 1966 Chicago White Sox season at Comiskey Park. #chisox #southside #comiskey #1960s #openingday”

“The John Hancock building stands head and shoulders above the rest of the fog-shrouded skyline in May 1969. Photo by Ray Foster #hancock…”

“White Sox fans set up for an overnight wait outside Comiskey Park bleacher gates, waiting for World Series ticket windows to open at 8 a.m.…”

“Chicago Cubs owner William Wrigley Jr. throws out the first ball for Cubs' opening day at Wrigley Field, April 22, 1930. #wrigley…”

“Halloween Martin, radio broadcaster at the mic, circa April 1932. Martin, a DePaul alumna, was regarded at Chicago's first disc jockey.…”

“The charred lead car of a four-car "L" train after flames flashed through it as it traveled south past Howard Street station on Dec. 7,…”

“Jean Kennedy flies the repeal flag in June 1932. #morebeerlesstaxes #prohibition #volsteadact #1930s #chicagobeer #beerhistory @chibeergeeks”